Glavine To Retire, Takes Job With Braves

Tom Glavine is expected to retire and take a job as a special assistant to Braves president John Schuerholz, writes's Mark Bowman. The future-Hall of Famer will help his former team with baseball and business projects and contribute to radio and TV broadcasts.

Glavine will retire with a pair of Cy Young Awards and a 3.54 ERA in over 4400 innings of work. The ten-time All Star and 1995 World Series champion won a total of 305 games, thanks in part to five 20-win seasons. Glavine didn't pitch in the majors last year, so he will likely enter the Hall of Fame in the same class as longtime rotation-mate Greg Maddux.

The Braves signed Glavine to an incentive-laden deal last year, one that would have paid the lefty $1MM for making the team. The Braves released Glavine instead and the pitcher contemplated a grievance before taking the rest of the year off in spite of interest from other clubs.

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  1. start_wearing_purple
    start_wearing_purple 5 years ago

    Good. I was afraid he’d taint his legacy even further by attempting another comeback.

    • Tribe_of_Nationals 5 years ago

      Taint his legacy? Hardly. If the can contribute (which he obviously decided he couldn’t) then let him play. I don’t think it taints a player’s legacy one iota to play as long as they can.

      • start_wearing_purple
        start_wearing_purple 5 years ago

        When a former great who really can’t contribute any more is trotted out to the mound, is your first impression “awesome, I get to see this guy in action.” Or is it “great, we have someone hittable pitching today”? Personally I prefer it when hall of famers go out on their terms rather than because they’re ineffectual. Call it wanting to see the hero go out as a hero.

        • Tribe_of_Nationals 5 years ago

          I understand your point. I didn’t get a chance to see Michael Jordan live until he came back for the 3rd time and played for the Wizards, but you know, it was still pretty cool to see MJ play, even if it wasn’t in his prime.

    • coolstorybro222 5 years ago

      he can have his worse season ever and it would barely put a dent in his legacy.

  2. counciltucky 5 years ago

    There goes another all-time great LHP. Tom Glavine, I salute you!

  3. Philip Marlowe 5 years ago

    Best of luck to him – I always liked Glavine. Maddux takes a job with the Cubs, Glavine takes a job with the Braves. Smoltz, it’s your turn – get a job, ya bum!

  4. Subrational 5 years ago

    Is Smoltz a HOFer? What do you think?

    • Tribe_of_Nationals 5 years ago

      First ballot.

      • 0vercast 5 years ago

        Agreed. His years as a closer puts him in on the 1st instead of being a later induction.

        • Subrational 5 years ago

          You mean his years as a closer combined with as a starter? Like an Eckersley type.

  5. rockiesfan_303 5 years ago

    Tom Glavine is one of the greats!

  6. redsandyanksfan 5 years ago

    randy johnson takes a job with the mariners now? lol since we got maddux with cubs and tommy with braves

  7. Brad426 5 years ago

    Class act Tom. You ACTUALLY got wronged by the organization (even if it was the right decision to start Tommy Hanson over you) and let bygones be bygones. Smoltz on the other hand told everyone who would listen how the Braves had dissed him… until he got cut by the Red Sox because he sucked, that is.

  8. phoenix88 5 years ago

    best wishes to Glavine. A HOF-er for sure in 2013 or 2014, whenever his first year of eligibility is.

    • redsandyanksfan 5 years ago

      if im right it will either be 2014 but im pretty sure 2015 since he offically retired

      • Tribe_of_Nationals 5 years ago

        Is it 5 years from when they officially retire or when they last played?

        • RanceMulliniks 5 years ago

          5 years from when they last play in MLB (which the Hall deems as retirement). “Official” declaration of retirement doesn’t really matter.

          Since Glavine las played in 08, he’ll be eligible in 2013 (along with Maddux, as the original article states). It would be cool for him and Maddux to enter the Hall together.

  9. Infield Fly 5 years ago

    See you in Cooperstown Tommy-boy…and tell your friend Smoltzie not to wait too long!

  10. huisj 5 years ago

    Darn it. I guess this means Dennis from Peoria can’t bring him to the White Sox to be the closer based on potential.

  11. FineHamAbounds 5 years ago

    Thanks for all the years, Tommy.

  12. Alldaybaseball 5 years ago

    Good luck in the future Glavine. I saw you in a Pelicans rehab game which was obviously sold out. First Ballot HOF!

  13. aeqr 5 years ago

    Good luck on this new endeavor. Truly one of the greats.

  14. NateRego 5 years ago


  15. patburn 5 years ago

    Smoltz should follow in his old teammates shoes and call it quits too.

    • coolstorybro222 5 years ago

      I think he has some left in him still. if a team signed him, he could be a long reliver.

      • He needs to retire then. A guy that was once one of the premiere pitchers in baseball, even in his 40’s, shouldn’t hang on to be the last guy in the bullpen.

  16. coolstorybro222 5 years ago

    I am glad he didn’t go to the mets or something because we did not give him the best send off last year.

  17. Ricky Bones 5 years ago

    This makes Smoltz the longest running player in the game. None have been around longer or even close to as long.

  18. Ricky Bones 5 years ago

    This makes Smoltz the longest running player in the game. None have been around longer or even close to as long.

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