Johnny Damon Rumors: Monday

There is now only a "very small" difference of opinion between the Tigers and Johnny Damon on salary, a major league source tells Jon Paul Morosi of FOX Sports.  Though the sides have exchanged proposals, a deal is not yet imminent.

A one-year, $7MM remains possible; as does a two-year, $14MM pact.  However, the source downplayed the chances of a one-year deal with a player option for 2011.

A different source tells Morosi that the Braves have not ratcheted up their chase of the 36-year-old in the last week, leaving the White Sox as the strongest known challenger to the Tigers.

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  1. Ferrariman 5 years ago

    just get it over with.

    2/14 with 4MM deffered without interest per year.

  2. steven42 5 years ago

    I bet he goes to the Chunichi Dragons

    • Ferrariman 5 years ago

      if boras pulls that off, il jump off my apartment balcony butt naked.

      hideki matsui was the highest paid japanese player back in his day, and he tallied up just under 6million a year.

    • Guest 5 years ago

      I was thinking the Hiroshima Karp.

    • strikethree 5 years ago

      Watch him come out and say how he loves sushi and the movie “Godzilla”.

      This guy has no shame.

  3. Rich_in_NJ 5 years ago

    Beyond tedium. Any way Boras wants to spin it, he and Damon messed up.

    • Guest 5 years ago

      Absolutley. If Damon was with any other agent, he would be a Yankee. Boras was looking for the Money and Damon wanted to be a winner.

      Damon should have pulled a Felipe Lopez.

      • jwsox 5 years ago

        AGAIN THE DEAL TO DAMON FROM THE YANKEES WAS DEPENDENT ON IF THEY SIGNED NICK JOHNSON. If Johnson signed there was no contract for damon, if Johnson didnt sign then there would officially be a contract tendered to damon

        • hrbomber1113 5 years ago

          The only reason that happened was Boras and Damon told the Yankees to not even bother making an offer if it was going to be a pay cut and less than 3 years. And on top of that, when Damon came back a week or so ago and said he still wanted to be a Yankee so Cashman offered 1 year 6 million with some deferred, and he rejected that. Both of those offers were the largest 1 and 2 year deals he had received at the time. Their ridiculous posturing cost them a lot. The difference between playing at Yankee Stadium and that lineup compared to Atlanta or Detroit could cost him come HOF time.

        • dskirsa 5 years ago

          This article posted the other day indicates otherwise…
          link to
          “Cashman confirmed he made a two-year, $14 million offer that Damon’s agent, Scott Boras, turned down.”

  4. Guest 5 years ago

    I wonder if now that spring training is nearing, the Yankees will hop back in and offer 1 year 1 dollar.

    Honestly, the White Sox would be a better fit than the Tigers. Getting Carlos Quentin out of the OF and in to the DH role would be better for him.

    • soxluv 5 years ago

      Why? If healthy, Quentin is a better choice in RF, which is his natural position. In 08 he was a slightly above average LFer, with a plus arm according to John Dewan. Plus he’s only 27 – not DH bound yet.

  5. rockiesfan_303 5 years ago

    Yeah just make it official. Gotta feel bad for Raburn, who had a pretty good year. Guess this means Guillen to DH


    • Detroitchik 5 years ago

      Bah, i am sick to death of ALL the Damon hype. Sign or move on. Don’t count Raburn out for anything yet. He played too good in ’09 not to at least make the 25 man roster. And if Damon is the new guy in left, you can count on Carlos whining about it, before he ends up on the DL, that is.

      • rockiesfan_303 5 years ago

        The bench will have Raburn, Santiago, and Clete Thomas at least, and no one else whos a real threat. Raburn should still get at bats but he probably deserves a good shot at a starting job.

  6. I don’t understand what Damon wants considering the Tigers have offered him much more than any other team has offered, for a one and two year deal. Does this mean Damon wants even more than the 7 million a season? The Tigers are already outbidding themselves so I don’t know what Damon wants. As a Tigers fan, I am curious of what Felipe Lopez is asking for, as he is a switch hitter, who can bat leadoff, and play third,short, and second. I don’t dislike Inge, but he is coming off both his knees being operated on, and I am little concerned about him needing more time off.

    • holytoledo 5 years ago

      F-Lop could be a cheap pickup and let Sizemore sizzle a bit in AAA and still get Damon.

    • Only two things. Tigers haven’t offered 1/7mm or he really wants to play for the White Sox.

      I think it is that simple and to be honest I don’t know which one it is.

      • firealyellon 5 years ago

        i’m sure he feels the Sox have a much better chance of winning in 2010. that said, Kenny Williams won’t deal with Boras…unless, of course, Damon would take less than Det. has offered (4-5M, one yr)

  7. Triteon 5 years ago

    Damon’s nuts for not signing this offer, and the Tigers are nuts for making it. In this respect the two sides could not be closer.

  8. Yankees10 5 years ago

    This has become the most annoying story of the offseason.

    • rootman1010 5 years ago


    • danks50 5 years ago

      Exactly and I thought the Manny Ramirez saga took the cake last year but this is just ridiculous and pathetic. Sign and finish all this nonsense already. As spring training starts in about a week I have no idea how Boras expected to extort additional millions as he has drawn this out for way too long already but the guy is gonna way for the last possible moment to milk every last dime out of the Tigers.

  9. the_show 5 years ago

    This doesn’t make much sense, you would have thought that the Tigers would have already had him if they are really offering a 2 year 14 million dollar deal.

  10. tigers22 5 years ago

    Absolutely ridiculous. This shouldn’t even happen at all. DD– don’t let Damon and his rat Boras try to demand ANYTHING from you. Next time they ask for anything, I hope we just say thanks but no thanks, and hang up. Give Raburn a full season of AB’s and I guarantee he puts up as good if not better numbers this year than Damon.

    • Detroitchik 5 years ago

      I think the organization is being smirked at, it’s kind of like a slap in the face. DD looks like a fool now, imo. Honestly, I wish they would pull the offer and let Damon move on. We don’t need him that bad.

      • tigers22 5 years ago

        I agree. It’s just so unnecessary. The dude isn’t in the position to be demanding anything. If we give in, we will look SO weak. I could see if this was a few years ago when we were a perennial losing team, but not now. Let’s have a backbone and say no. I agree with you, I don’t think we need him as badly as everyone seems to be thinking

  11. peavyisaplayer 5 years ago

    I thought the White Sox won’t deal with Boras anymore?

    • Detroitchik 5 years ago

      That was my understanding too. Also I keep hearing about “all these teams going after Damon” I count exactly 3… oooohhh that’s a lot. //heavy sarcasm

    • the_show 5 years ago

      more conjecture than anything else, if Boras represents a player you need they really have no choice but to deal with him.

  12. richphillies 5 years ago

    Damon isn’t even that good anymore. He’s coming off a good year, sure, but that dopey HR park he played in last year sure helped.

  13. Hoosierdaddy92 5 years ago

    Unlike most Tiger fans, I have had a change of heart. If the Tigers nab Damon for 7MM and I hope Felipe Lopez for 4MM, I will be thrilled. They STILL will have saved money this offseason. With Sheffields 13.5MM, E. Jackson’s 2.5MM, and Granderson’s 5.5 (what he was guaranteed to make), Polanco’s 4.5MM, Rodney and Lyon’s combined (8MM), and Magglio’s salary decrease in 3MM, they had about 37MM to spend. Given the contracts that demanded salary raises to Laird, Willis, Robertson Carlos Guillen, Verlander, Cabrera, and Everett, that cut it to about 22MM. With that 22MM, they were able to acquire Valverde at a good price (7MM) and Damon (7MM) and maybe Lopez (4MM) while still managing to cut payroll by about 4MM and still left nearly all the money they have next year to spend.
    In summary, not only would they have acquired a second-baseman that outplayed Polanco defensively and offensively last year, but a better leadoff hitter than what Granderson was in Damon. They also acquired an elite closer that was still one of the top 7 closers in the league in a hitter’s park last season with a lousy team. They replaced two over-expensive players in Rodney and Lyon with younger, cheaper, and more talented arms in Schelereth and Coke. They grabbed a cheaper pitcher with more upside than Jackson and cheaper for the forseeable future. And they grabbed a baseball top 50 prospect that was Centerfielder who could easily blossom into the leadoff hitter granderson has not been since 2007.
    Based on last year’s numbers numbers, Damon and Lopez would represent an offensive upgrade over Granderson, Polanco, and the released Sheffield. Lopez would also be a defensive upgrade over Polanco. Damon, albeit not a great fielder, would still be a better left-fielder than Guillen at least (not saying much), so that would represent an upgrade as well defensively. The real question-marks are
    A) how quickly will A-Jax adjust? by adding top-of-the-lineup guys like lopez and damon, Detroit takes some of the pressure off A-Jax.
    B) how will max scherzer fulfill E. Jackson’s role? everyone thinks that switching leagues will deplete scherzer’s numbers. consider this, half his games will be at pitcher’s paradise Comerica, and there really only is one scary AL Central lineup, the Twins.

    • Hoosierdaddy92 5 years ago

      Detroit lineup
      LF) Damon
      2b/SS) Lopez
      RF/DH) Magglio
      1b) Cabrera
      DH) Guillen
      3b) Inge
      CF) A-Jax
      C) Laird
      SS/2b) Everett/Sizemore

    • tigers22 5 years ago

      Not going to happen with Lopez man. If they were going to hand anyone a contract to play 2nd this year it would have been Polanco. They were willing to let him walk to get Sizemore in there. And Damon still doesnt make sense, not at that price tag.

      And of course it’s going to take Ajax some time to adjust… we’re just going to have to put up with the growing pains. He’ll hafta learn on the fly, so it will be what it is. On the other hand, I’m not worried about Scherzer at all. He’s already got some nasty stuff and he should only continue to grow as a pitcher

      • Hoosierdaddy92 5 years ago

        for the record, I am a big scherzer fan as well. but about the lopez thing, the circumstances changed. Sizemore was healthy then, now apparently he’s had some health concerns with his elbow. Additionally, Polanco was much more expensive than what Lopez is going to be now that the market has shifted. Detroit may be one of the few places that can offer Lopez a starting job and a chance to prove that last year was no fluke. I think there is a distinct possibility Lopez winds up on the Tigers. 4MM was a HIGH bid for me actually, they could get him for less. And they WERE looking at Orlando Hudson as well.

        • tigers22 5 years ago

          I’m sorry, I just disagree. And that’s cool though I just don’t see it happening. If it does, great call by you but I dunno. If they REALLY felt they needed someone they wouldve done Odog for 5M instead of Lopez at 4M. I’d really like to let them see what Sizemore has this year. Won’t cost them anymore money and youve gotta do it with your top prospects sooner or later

          • Hoosierdaddy92 5 years ago

            that’s a fair assesment. I, too, would like to see Sizemore in action. However, the last thing I want is for the Tigers to rush him into the job, and let the pressure stunt his potential growth. The nice thing about an addition like lopez is it gives their infield flexibility and they don’t have to give Adam Everett 500 ABs considering Lopez can play short as well. I am not saying sign Lopez and never play Sizemore. I am just big on the idea of slowly transitioning potential stars into everyday players.

          • Detroitchik 5 years ago

            Right now we have a gap straight up the middle. I like the idea of giving the rookie a chance, but I would like to see a back up option for the infield as opposed to the outfield. We look pretty weak in the IF now with Polly gone. Who knows what will happen with Inge, I hope he comes back 100% but he’s aging. Everett is not that solid at SS, too many bobbled balls last year. I like the idea of Ramon being there to fill in if needed at both second and SS. (he played excellent in the Caribbean Series, .315 BA and definite solid plays at short). Even with that being said I think our IF could use help, not the OF. We have good defensive options out there who are already Tigers.

    • Joey 5 years ago

      Do you really think the Tigers went through this whole offseason of subtractions and additions to save $4M. Mike Illitch can piss on $4M and then do it again when the camera is rolling. The tigers were making moves to cut payroll by a significant amount. Like you said they cut $37M from their books, comes out to $22M after escalating in house contracts. So they spent $7M on Valverde, they have now cut $15M from their books and that seems like a number that would represent a payroll cut. When the sox cut their payroll last year they dropped about $15M. I wouldnt even use the word payroll cut if they only shed $4M.

  14. billmelton 5 years ago

    Damon in 2010=Favre in 2009

  15. cheez13 5 years ago

    FutureGM…sure they saved money..mostly because of Sheffield’s contract coming off the books. Why would they trade Granderson (5.5 mil) and then sign Damon (7mil). Who would you rather have? Its obvious who the Yanks would rather have! Why let Polanco go (4.5 mil) and then sign Lopez (4mil as you proposed). This is not saving money. You can argue which guys are better but seems like if they were gonna spend the money that Granderson is the choice over Damon. Right now, they are bidding against themselves and it makes no sense. I certiainly don’t see Lpoez signing with the Tigers.

    • Hoosierdaddy92 5 years ago

      i said Lopez at 4MM as a high bid. personally, I think he will go for about 3 or 2.5MM. Honestly, read what I said before. They overvalued Polanco and thought he would be too expensive. Now looking at how the market has shifted, they could fit a 2b in their budget. Also, Scott Sizemore, the assumed prospect to take over the job, has dealt with health concerns this offseason. Lopez would not only serve as a solid transitional 2b for Sizemore to adjust, but he could spell some AB’s from Everett at SS, which is great considering he hits .300 over Everett’s .200. its just a theory and even if they don’t sign lopez, i still think they can easily compete in the AL Central this season. Outside of the Twins, none of the other teams are that scary looking.

    • Hoosierdaddy92 5 years ago

      i’m more for them signing lopez if anything. that way they save the 7MM damon would make on top of the 4MM

  16. One could make the argument that the Tigers want to rebuild while staying at least competitive ala the White Sox the past couple years.

    Sure they traded away Granderson and Jackson but they got plenty in return and they can basically replace Granderson for the virtually the same money with close numbers offensively.

    So now they can have a little less offense and pitching, still be competitive, about the same payroll, and a lot more prospects.

    • Hoosierdaddy92 5 years ago

      the tiger’s are not in all-out rebuild mode. they can’t be with verlander and cabrera’s contracts. they are simply tweaking a couple things this season, and then putting together and great team for 2011 with all the money they will have to spend.

  17. boog47mlb 5 years ago

    I’ve heard from a reliable source that Damon and Boras are waiting to see if the Braves can work out some of the deferred money in their offer. It is rumored that Chipper Jones is restructuring his contract to allow the Braves to offer 1 yr at 7 mill.

  18. If the Tigers sign Damon for 1 year and ~$6-7MM then I think that makes sense. Get similar offensive production as Grandy while saving some money and getting prospects. If they give him 2 years I would not like it at all. Raburn has been mentioned and that would hurt him, it would also hurt C Thomas, W Ramirez and C Wells who should all be ready soon. I agree you never know what your going to get from prospects, but you never know what your going to get from a 38 yr old outfielder who played his last season in the greatest home run park ever and would be coming to a pitchers park either! Plus his defense is well below average already and who’s to say he won’t be relegated to DH by next year.

    I would be ecstatic if they signed F Lopez (and have said that since November). He won’t necessarily hold Sizemore back. If Sizemore is ready Lopez can platoon at 2B (help the youngster), SS (so we can actually get some offense if we fall behind in games), 3B (when Inge gets hurt or when he falls under a .200 average – whichever comes first) or the OF (where we have a mix of old/young, good fielders/horrible fielders, etc.). He is cheaper, more versatile and younger than Damon – win, win, win!

    • Hoosierdaddy92 5 years ago

      i recommended a felipe lopez signing as well and a bunch of people shot me down. i think at this point he makes more sense than Damon. On the other hand, Damon makes perfect sense for the White Sox for one year. They can still do their “rotating DH” thing, by playing Quentin at DH and Damon in RF for some games. Or Quentin at first and Konerko DHing and Damon in RF. I think he’s a perfect vet to have in the clubhouse. and a perfect two-hole hitter for that club. He sure as hell beats an Andruw Jones/Kotsay platoon at DH. As for 25 man roster, someone can be sent down. There’s always somebody.

  19. disgustedcubfan 5 years ago

    Damon to the White Sox is a long shot because:
    – there is no room, as of now, on the 25 man roster
    – Kenny is smart enough not to pay 6 or 7 mill a year for a player on the decline
    -Kenny and Ozzie are looking to make the team younger
    – White Sox are trying to improve the defense. Damon throws the ball like a girl throwing a shotput.
    – White Sox need some $$$ available for a mid-season deal
    – his 330 foot back-handed flip that is gone at Yankee Stadium is a routine fly ball, even at U.S. Cellular

    • the_show 5 years ago

      You make good points, but if you can ink him to only a one year deal he may be worth the money.

    • Joey 5 years ago

      Impatientcubsfan – I agree with all of what you say, especially having the financial flexibility for a mid season acquisition. Most people believe this team will at least be in the race due to their pitching staff, therefore it makes sense to assume that at some point during the season they would look to make an addition to put them over the top. The one problem is that in thinking of raw production does Johnny Damon at DH make this team better. They would never play Damon in the OF over Qunetin. When helthy Quentin will be an an average to slightly above average UZR outfielder. So does adding Damon to the everyday lineup at DH, and subtracting the Jones/Kotsay platoon make us better. Well it probably gives the sox a perfect number two hitter and allows to keep alexi and Beckham down further in the order where they can hit for more power and RBI. I can see why the sox would make a play for Damon as no one is really excited about Andruw Jones/Mark Kotsay, but as you were saying earlier KW would be crazy to bid 7 Mil for him.

  20. Some solid Brett Favrery in action.

  21. petedicks 5 years ago

    I think the biggest thing to note is that Damon (and his wife especially) don’t want to live in Detroit. That’s why they’re looking everywhere else to see what other teams are offering.

  22. boog47mlb 5 years ago

    After the restructering of Chipper Jone’s contract, it appears that the Johnny Damon bidding will officially be closed. The Braves are set to announce the signing of their new lead off man and left fielder at a press conference at noon tomorrow.

    • Hoosierdaddy92 5 years ago

      pretty much everyone agrees that the Braves are out.

  23. What he wants is the Sox to come up with a better offer so that he can sign with them, have a better year because of the park and more DH time so he can have a bigger contract next year.

    The worry I imagine is the fact that is he takes a two year deal in that park and his numbers go way down nobody will want to sign him at age 38 and there goes his HOF chances.

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