Reds Sign Orlando Cabrera

Shortstop Orlando Cabrera officially signed a one-year, $3.02MM deal with the Reds today.  The contract pays $2.02MM in 2010.  There's also a $4MM mutual option for '11 with a $500K buyout if Cabrera declines and a $1MM buyout if the Reds decline.  Yahoo's Tim Brown first tweeted news of the agreement, with's Mark Sheldon adding the contract details.

Cabrera, 35, hit .284/.316/.389 in 708 plate appearances for the Athletics and Twins last year.  1400 innings may not be enough to draw a defensive conclusion, but Cabrera's UZR/150 was below average in 2009 after above average ratings the previous two years.  For Cabrera to represent an upgrade for the Reds over Paul Janish, the veteran's glovework will need to bounce back.

The Rockies and Nationals also expressed late interest in Cabrera.  Last year, he signed with the A's on March 2nd.

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  1. Guest 6 years ago

    just an incredible signing!

  2. pdfish 6 years ago

    Tim, not too familiar with the UZR/150, but does it take into account the ballparks played in? do you have splits for his time spent in oakland and minnesota last year?
    i like the signing; it’s been a while since the reds had a shortstop approach 170 hits a year (barry larkin)

  3. pdfish 6 years ago

    Tim, not too familiar with UZR/150; what all is factored in? do you have his splits for oakland and minnesota?
    i like the signing; cabrera seems to be on winning teams;
    it’s been awhile since the reds had a shortstop approach 170 hits in a year (barry larkin)

  4. Reds2010 6 years ago

    Does anyone else see another deal happening in the next few days? Possibly a play for Damon?

  5. Reds2010 6 years ago

    Does anyone else see another deal coming in the next few days? Possibly a play for Damon?

  6. RedbirdRuffian 6 years ago

    Good signing, Ocab along with Rolen and Phillips will give these young guys some much needed veteran leadership. If the pitching and young guys continue to develop this team will compete this year. Votto has to show he is not a fluke. Bruce and Stubbs have to get better than last year. Alonzo in left? could be the next Votto. Cards, Brewers and Cubs all have holes.

  7. rzepczynski 6 years ago

    stop posting twice, and stop randomly logging me out all the time with out a remember me option…. now reds good infield terrible outfield althought got better today dumping taveras

    • bjsguess 6 years ago

      I think you are confused. Using UZR/150 we see that in 2009 Cabrera is a significantly below average defender (-13.7). Taveras was significantly above average as a defender (+14.1).

  8. bjsguess,

    The worst part of your take on zrep’s lapse in understanding…Is not knowing that Taveras’ piss poor FB routes & lack of wall awreness still represented a +14.1 uzr/150…
    It’s knowing that losing Janish and his 24.6uzr/150 at SS; will ultimately cost the Reds more games than the amount of offensive upgrade, that Cabrera brings to the table, can help the Reds win!!!

    IMO, there is absolutely no way Cabrera can be UPGRADE at the position if he plays sub-par SS D, anything close to as bad as he did in 2009. He will have to have to rebound year…And when “36” is knocking on the door…That’s probably not going to happen for a 15yr SS.

  9. bigyearforbigmachine 6 years ago

    Strikeout and flyball pitchers boys – harang, bailey, and cueto as well as volquez and chapman when they are ready; when arroyo is on the mound janish and hannigan will play just like last year and for those of u ready to throw leake in the convo he won’t be there this year so forget
    plus if i remember correctly good pitching and great defense didn’t bring home the division last year, i think offense in a lil more important right now and don’t be fold, while he’s no janish, cabrear is at least an average defender – his weakness has always been his range and when u’ve got phillips and rolen closing that range down he will end up being an above average defender
    divison champs here we come

  10. Good pick up. I see them as a 3rd place team still behind the Cubs and Cards but their future looks good. Votto, Phillips, Bruce, Stubbs, Chapman, Volquez, Cuteo, Bailey, Dickerson, Juan Francisco, Todd Frazier and Mike Leake, Brad Boxberger

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