Dodgers Shopping Stults, Repko, Hu

WEDNESDAY, 10:01pm:'s Ken Gurnick reports that the Dodgers aren't trying to deal Hu, since they need him in case something happens to Rafael Furcal.  Gurnick also notes that L.A. is shopping Jason Repko, who has nowhere to play in the crowded Dodger outfield.

TUESDAY, 5:25pm: The Dodgers are looking to move pitcher Eric Stults and shortstop Chin-lung Hu, baseball officials from the NL and AL tell Dylan Hernandez of the Los Angeles Times (via Twitter).

Los Angeles may feel that Stults is now expendable as they have multiple candidates for the final spot in their rotation.  Ed Price of AOL Fanhouse tweets that Ramon Ortiz is the top candidate, even though some within the organization feel that Josh Lindblom should be the fifth starter.  Yesterday, Ken Gurnick of wrote that the aforementioned Ramon Ortiz, Rule 5 selection Carlos Monasterios, Charlie Haeger, Russ Ortiz, and Josh Towers were all in the mix for the job.  Mike Axisa recently summed up this proverbial game of musical chairs in one handy post.

Meanwhile, if the Dodgers are unable to find a taker in the majors for Stults, they could find a suitor overseas.  The 30-year-old hurler has previously been linked to the Chiba Lotta Marines and earlier this week, he was named as a possible target of the Hanshin Tigers.

Hu, who recently turned 26, made a few appearances for Los Angeles in 2009 as a September call-up.  For the team's Triple-A affiliate, he turned in .294/.332/.393 with 6 HRs in 544 plate appearances.

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  1. AndreTheGiantKiller 5 years ago

    Looks like no more Hu’s on first jokes

    • BlueSkyLA 5 years ago

      I don’t see why not. He’s going to get that no matter where he plays. Probably he doesn’t understand why Americans find it so funny.

      • flumesalot 5 years ago

        Sure he finds it funny, Hu (amazingly) speaks better English than most of the players in the game…

        • BlueSkyLA 5 years ago

          I hadn’t heard that. Still, it probably helps to be American to see the humor in Abbott and Costello.

  2. Ian_Smell 5 years ago

    I remember when there were rumors that Jack Wilson could be traded for Hu. Damn glad that didn’t happen.

    • Guest 5 years ago

      Why not? Hu has potential. He was involved in the possible Aaron Harang trade way back when.

      To me, if any teams call the Dodgers about a shortstop not named Dee Gordon, I’d go for DeJesus Jr..

  3. ivdown 5 years ago

    Hmmm, I guess they like Nick Green more than Hu, which sucks, but oh well. I think Stults could be a nice addition to a team not really in contention that will give them solid start after solid start. The Dodgers just have better options for the 5th spot (though they sent them to AAA, ughhh).

  4. lakersdodgersyankees4life 5 years ago

    I really dont understand why the Dodgers dont like Hu. He was an amazing +23 runs/150 at SS last year according to UZR. 23 RUNS! And he is a career 298 hitter in the minors. I know he has struggled in the majors, but he has been given just one shot, when Raffy was hurt a few years ago.

    Whoever get Hu could have a very nice surprise very soon..

    • ivdown 5 years ago

      I would choose Hu to be the AAA starting SS or the MLB backup, because he’s shown some really good potential as far as a SS goes.

      • lakersdodgersyankees4life 5 years ago

        exactly. Something better than giving him to someone for next to nothing. There is a chance that we will need a stopgap at SS until Gordon is ready, why not have Hu v DeJesus?

  5. bleedinblue 5 years ago

    This has nothing to do with whether the Dodgers like Hu or Stults. This is all about Roster management. They like Hu, but want to get him regular at-bats. He wont get very much being furcals backup, they’d have to send him to the minors. Green will be Furcals backup, but he’s here on a minor league deal. THey have to add him to the 40 man roster. If they try to take Hu off, and outright him to AAA, He gets picked up off waivers. The dodgers know they will lose him, and are trying to get something in return for his loss. Its as simple as that. Same with Stults. There are too many clubs needing a 5th starter. He’ll be claimed off waivers. The dodgers still need to add whomever makes the team as 5th starter/long reliever. if stults does it, then no need. But the dodgers are clearly looking to go with someone else as the 5th. Since he cant pitch out of the bullpen, theres no spot for him.

    The dodgers would love to keep these guys stashed away in AAA, but cant due to the 40man roster situation. Its a daily fact of baseball, they have to make decisions that they would rather not, but for the better of the team, they must.

    • lakersdodgersyankees4life 5 years ago

      But we do not have to lose Hu. Hu has value. Any team will look at his defense and drool. Why trade him for a bag of balls, when he could be helpful in a trade at the deadline?

      Right now, we have 40 men on the roster(its full, basically). Assume that 3 NRs make the team, for arguments sake. Stults is off, he will be traded or sold. Belisario will be on the restricted list and wont count on the 40 man. Wade will be on the 60 day DL and wont count against the 40 man. There are your 3 spots, with Hu still there.

      You are right, they want to get him regular ABs. And, while id rather have Hu be the MLB backup, i know it wont happen. BUt, if Furcal gets hurt again(your back is one place that can get re injured very easily after surgery), do you want Green starting 50, 60, 70+ games? HELL NO! Cut Stults, and put Wade/Belisario on the respective lists that dont count against the 40 man and keep the trade chip, either to help the MLB team or to actually trade him for value.

      And why cant Stults pitch out of the pen?

      • But when Bellisario is ready they’ll have to make this deal anyway. Why not package them and try to get a useful prospect or improve the bench? Maybe they package them with DeWitt and get a proven 2B, although no team trades their starters before the season starts.

        • lakersdodgersyankees4life 5 years ago

          who knows when Belisario is ready? And who knows what the roster will look like by then. Also, there are less useful people on the 40 man than Hu. Travis Schlichting, for example. Why get rid of depth at a very hard position to get depth? Just for the hell of it? It makes no sense. We just released Berroa, and have Green and Hu in camp for the backup role. Why make it so you have one guy, when you dont need to.

          And anyone you are trading for at 2B will be 10x worse than DeWitt. DeWitt has an amazing bat and is learning 2b. He is a wiz at 3b, where he will probably be long term. But, lets trade him, Hu and a 5th starter for a marginal-at-best upgrade? Ever heard of not making move just to make one?

          If we lose Stults, who cares. He is average at best. A BOR guy. Let him walk, sell him Japan, trade him, whatever. But dont lose the useful piece because you fear you have to make a move in a month..

          • bleedinblue 5 years ago

            I dont disagree with you at all. But trying to look at it from a managment point of view. Ballclubs will always take pitchers over position players. THey’ll keep them just because of what happens through a season, like wade or belisario, or last year with Kuo and Kuroda. But if the dodgers want a backup SS from the minors, THey’re more likely to go with Ivan DeJesus Jr. Hes on the 40, has above average speed, and was farther up the organizational depth chart than hu. THIS NEXT SPOT IS PURE SPECULATION ON MY PART (As if the rest of this wasnt..)

            I think Torre wants someone with a bat who can replace furcals production. Hu is a Defensive SS. with furky at the top of the lineup, he wants someone who can be put there. You dont want that in Hu. Dejesus and even Green are better (albeit, slightly) I personally love hu, and would love to see him stay with us. Just not going to happen.

          • lakersdodgersyankees4life 5 years ago

            I never meant to make it sound like I thought they would release Belisario or Wade. No, that wont happen. Too much talent. Same with Kuo and Kuroda last season. However, they will take them off the 40 man(and put them on the DL/restricted list). If a player is on the 60 day DL, they do not count as part of the 40 man roster, dont gain service time, but is still under control of the team. For the restricted list, they dont count against the 40 man roster, dont get paid, dont get service time but are still under team control. if we place Wade on the 60 day DL with the surgery or Belisario on the restricted list because he isnt ready, we open up 2 40 man spots without losing anyone.

            With the DeJesus comment, they arent going to him. One, they already sent him down. Even more so, they feel that he has a starters future with them and they want to get him everyday ABs.

            So you know, Hu is on the 40 man roster. To keep him, we do not have to get rid of someone.

            40 man roster link: link to

            With your final point, Hu has always been a question mark with the bat. He has done great in the minors, but in limited chances in the majors, has scuffled. Given his 294 career MiLB average, I dont see why they feel his bat is a failure after a couple VERY small sample size appearances.

            DeJesus wont be up unless we need a starter long term and they decide that Hu isnt ready. Green… shouldnt be in the majors. He is 10x worse than Hu in every category.

  6. ThinkBlue10 5 years ago

    if us getting rid of stults means ortiz or towers get the spot then dont trade him! those other guys are trash. if guys like monestarios, lindblom, maybe withrow then awesome but i doubt that will happen. maybe this could lead to a haufman for gaudin or mitre trade. or maybe we sign washburn.

  7. killacam04 5 years ago

    I guess the Dodgers missed on Hu’s trading potential in 07-08. The simple fact is they have absolutely no room on the 40 man since Hoffman was returned. You can count on three NR invitees maybe 4 making the roster so they need to clear three spots. Gordon should and probably will be ready in 2012. Not only that Hu is out of options next year so you will be in the same situation. Stults will most likely be sold to a Japanese or Chinese team.

    • In 2012 we’ll hopefully see Gordon at the 6 and we’ll also stop paying Andruw and Manny. Maybe by then we can get us an owner with a free $100 mil? Wishful thinking. $85 million for this team is frustrating.

      Here’s to going back a year and trading Martin MacDonald and Loney for Bell and Gonzalez. Sigh.

      • killacam04 5 years ago

        Why are people so intent on trading a guy who plays solid defensively, constant 90 rbi guy with 100+ potential, a guy who is never hurt, and a guy who has 20+ hr potential. Plus he will be affordable enough to keep especially since the Dodger have to have to extend Kemp,Either,Bills,Brox,Kuo in 2012. Notice how Martin was not mentioned. He is going to be overpaid for what he brings plus all the innings he catches will bring wear n tear. Plus if Gordon or Baez are not redy Blake and Furcal have an option for 2012

        • killacam04 5 years ago

          plus we pay jones until 2014..we dont start paying his salary off till 2011

        • thegrayrace 5 years ago

          Because he was basically the 2nd worst regular offensive 1B in the NL behind Daniel Murphy last season? At least in terms of SLG and OPS. RBIs are not a valid measurement of production as they are entirely dependent on opportunities created by other teammates. The Dodgers had great overall OBP and Loney was often batting 5th or 6th giving him tons of opportunities. He did well wRISP, but his overall numbers for a NL 1B were really mediocre.

          • killacam04 5 years ago

            Well lets be real here Manny is batting fourth with Ethier third so Loney is slotted 5th. I understand the facts about his slg and ops percentages. When your are 3-6 your job is to drive in yours you are not expected to be a table setter. RBis can be entirely dependent but the fact is he cashed them in. Look the guy is just a flat baseball player. they is not a need for the Dodgers to raid there farm for a 1b we have a pretty damn good one. The need is in the rotation.

          • lakersdodgersyankees4life 5 years ago

            Um… Kemp? He is 5th…

          • lakersdodgersyankees4life 5 years ago

            Um… Kemp? He is 5th…

  8. KC_KID_22 5 years ago

    Dear Kansas City Royals,

    Please make a trade for Hu. It would be beneficial to the eyes of all our fans if we are not subjected to Yuni Betancourt and that thing he calls defense and plate discipline. Thank you.

    But on a serious note, I think the Royals would be a great fit for Hu to get some regular ABs. I know Betancourt and Aviles are here, but both have issues. Betancourt simply is not good, and Aviles is coming of TJ surgery so who knows how he can/will hold up at short for a full season. It gives the Royals a slightly younger SS and drastically improves one of the worst defenses in the AL. Greinke might win a couple of the games he gave up only 1 run that way.

    • Guest 5 years ago

      You are absolutley right. Although if I’m Dayton Moore, I’d try to get Ivan DeJesus Jr.. He has a lot more potential then Hu and will not be that hard to get. You said it, Betancourt is a horrible defensive shortstop. Aviles will be ready soon, but DeJesus Jr. and Hu can also play 2nd. If Getz struggles and Callaspo continues to be Callaspo, they can take over. Maybe Callaspo for DeJesus Jr.?

      • Guest 5 years ago

        “Maybe Callaspo for DeJesus Jr.?”


        • Guest 5 years ago

          So you are satisfied with Carroll and Belliard?

          • Guest 5 years ago

            I think Dewitt will start. Oh by the way, that trade makes no sense for the Dodgers.

          • Guest 5 years ago

            Not a chance does DeWitt start. It makes sense for the Dodgers because Callaspo is a good offensive middle infielder. Belliard has his weight problem and James Carroll isn’t a starting second baseman at this point in his career. DeWitt is too raw.

          • i think that dewitt will start at second base once the season starts. he is probably the best option the dodgers have and he is not really raw. he played great at third base a year ago, even though his success really only lasted for a month. but still he proved that he can hit at the major league level and i have always thought that he was a fine defensive player as well…

          • Guest 5 years ago

            -74.0 UZR/150.


          • lakersdodgersyankees4life 5 years ago

            You realize he has been playing 2b for a total ~15 months, right? Do you expect a GG from the get-go?

            Even so, he spent most of the offseason with the Dodgers infield coach working on positioning and footwork at the bag. Except for the occasional mistake, he will be fine

          • ivdown 5 years ago

            That is in a VERY small sample size. We had Jeff Kent playing 2B for us for 4 years, Dewitt is a big upgrade defensively over him because he actually cares about getting to balls hit up the middle or in the hole and will actually dive for them. Dewitt would be no worse than Belliard defensively.

          • killacam04 5 years ago

            DeWitt has shown he can hit at a mjor league level. Plus you are getting the same type of player in which you are giving away in DeWitt. DeWitt can put up the same type of offensive production Callaspo can. Start him and if he cant handle it send him down.
            117 368ab 45r 97h 9hr 52rbi 45bb 68k .264 aver
            155 576ab 79r 173h 11hr 73rbi 52bb 51k .300 aver
            Callaspo is not that great defensively either

          • killacam04 5 years ago

            -74 uzr/150…here is an example of hownumbers can be construed to fit a point trying to be made. You forget to mention the fact that sample size was two game.

          • lakersdodgersyankees4life 5 years ago

            wait, are you serious!?! 2 games, and he uses that in an argument? Oh god..

          • ivdown 5 years ago

            Wow, he could have easily used the 2008 27 game sample and made his point, yet he decides to use the 2 game sample in 2009? Jesus.

          • lakersdodgersyankees4life 5 years ago

            Have you read the Joe Torre comments about him? Torre is drooling over DeWitt’s bat and attitude. DeWitt came in trying to win the job and barring any major thing(like an injury) he is the opening day 2B

          • ivdown 5 years ago

            You don’t even know what the situation is, why are you acting like you know? Jamey Carroll was NEVER an option to be more than a backup and start every so often. It’s been between Belliard and Dewitt, and Dewitt has take a firm grasp and isn’t letting go.

          • ivdown 5 years ago

            There’s a guy you might know by the name of Blake Dewitt. He’s essentially won the 2B job with his hot spring, and he’s shown he has good MLB patience in 2008 and can put up league average numbers.

        • KC_KID_22 5 years ago

          Callaspo would not be a bad option for the Dodgers. He will hit around .300 and showed last year that given the ABs he has some pop. He’s perfect for a park like Dodgers Stadium. That said, even Aviles has the ability to play 2nd. It was his natural position before the Royals moved him to short because of the crisis that we have there. So either one would make sense for LA. And given that Gordon is on his way up in a couple years, they don’t have a need for both Hu and DeJesus Jr. so why not move on of them for an area that would really upgrade the team? DeWitt is a much better bench utility guy in case they need help around the infield. He is not an everyday 2B. Carroll is not either and Belliard, well…at this point that is all you need to say. I think if your LA you consider it. Hell we will take Stuts and one of the SS from you for Callaspo or Aviles and maybe one of our younger pitching prospects. Just it makes sense for both sides I think.

          • killacam04 5 years ago

            There is no need for the Dodgers to give away a young pitching prospect. DeWitt may not be an eveyday 2nd baseman but he has value in that he can be a productive 3b. Carroll or belliard may not be an everyday 2b but can platoon. To give Hu to the Royals may make sense but the dodgers dont have a need for Aviles or Callaspo if it means giving away a young pitching prospect. Miller,Withrow,Martin,Eovaldi, and Gould should at this point be restricted to an Ace trade bait. Plus DeJesus starts out in AA or AAA and is suited defensively for 2b. If those three cant handle it by midseason you can always call up DeJesus or trade for a defensive minded 2b for cheap.

          • Guest 5 years ago

            Stults, Hu/Dejesus, and a pitching prospect for something we don’t need? Count me in.

          • KC_KID_22 5 years ago

            I was talking about the Royals giving up one of their young pitchers and one of those guys for DeJesus and Stults. Not the Dodgers giving up something else too. I’m not dumb enough to think that would work. I think with the depth the Royals have on the farm pitching wise it would make sense. I mean seeing that all the Dodgers pitching is out of options or nearing out of options, why not add a young arm for a player who is going to be blocked?

          • ivdown 5 years ago

            Nobody is blocked right now. Dejesus is not MLB ready. Maybe if he played 2009, but he didn’t. Gordon has only played LoA ball. Dewitt has played a year of MLB ball and a year of AAA ball. Dewitt is the one who would be blocked by a 2b trade.

          • thegrayrace 5 years ago

            Seriously. Aside from a power hitting 1B (not going to happen) or a shortstop that doesn’t stink (not going to happen considering Furcal’s contract and Gordon rapidly ascending to the majors), the Dodgers don’t really need anything. If they’re going to trade Stults or Hu it should be for prospects.

      • ivdown 5 years ago

        Why would he be “not that hard to get”? He was one of our very top prospects a season ago, and is still in our top 10 prospects now after missing an entire season with a broken leg. As it stands he is in line to be the 2B of the future, because he will inevitably move there. The 2B situation is sorted out for the most part, and there is no need to trade for one who isn’t game changing because Dewitt should be at least league average and same with Belliard.

        Honestly there is no one on the Royals that I would want that would make sense for the Dodgers. I mean I’d love to have Greinke, Butler, and Gordon, but a trade for any of them is out of the question or would make no sense.

  9. baseballz 5 years ago

    “Maybe Callaspo for DeJesus Jr.?”

    If thats the case then the Jays should be all over that, David Purcey anyone ? You can also have Kevin Ahrens, he was a first rounder !

  10. killacam04 5 years ago

    I probably misunderstood your statement. Stults though will be sold to a team overseas. Hu is expandable so he can be trade for A rk league player or A player. But Dodgers need DeWitt especially if Baez is not ready by 2012 and if DeWitt can prove he can hit with pop. The infield for dodgers could look like Loney,DeJesus,Gordon,DeWitt.

  11. statnut 5 years ago

    Hu would be a great fit on the Royals, and the A’s for that matter. His defense is rumored to be so exceptional that it could carry his bat. I like Cliff Pennington, but think he would be better served as a 400 at-bat utility player.

    I do wonder if Hu could transition to 2B, which might help his trade value.

  12. msr71 5 years ago

    How bout Hu for Brandon Moss!!!!! LOL

  13. bbxxj 5 years ago

    Like others have astutely pointed out here, Hu would be a fantastic fit on the Royals. Other than the obvious reason that he would be an instant upgrade at shortstop over Yuni, I would like to dig deeper into how a series of these perhaps ‘smaller’ moves could benefit the Royals some this year and perhaps much more in years to come.

    First on the list would be to acquire Hu. I’m not sure what level of talent it will take to get Hu but given the situation it would seem that the Dodgers would want a certain amount/value of prospect(s) at the lower levels so they wouldn’t have to be shielded on the 40 man. Chin-Lung Hu would be a fair bet to best Yuni’s .245/.274/.351/.625 6-HR 3-SB and -23.9 UZR/150. Looking at minor league numbers and scouting reports you could project Hu to have a line of .260/.310/.375/.685 5-HR 15-SB with about a +5-to-15 UZR/150 which isn’t outstanding but is still productive and a massive upgrade over Betancourt.

    With a fine young defensive and speed minded combo of Hu and Getz up the middle you can start to build a team with an identity that works around the talent you have. What the Royals have as a strength in their system is young impact pitching prospects who could along with Greinke bring a winning team back to KC. The best friend of a young and talented pitching staff is a good defense. I think it would be extremely hard for a team like the Royals to field at team full of defensive players who are also power bats as not even the big guys can do this regularly. I would focus on having a couple of middle of the order bats at the corners and DH (Butler, Gordon, Moustakas, Hosmer, Ka’aihue come to mind for the present and future at 1B, 3B, DH) and then supplement these RBI men with speedy defensive minded ‘gnats’ to drive in and support the pitching staff with their defense.

    For just an example of how this could get started I’ll run through a how I would approach things: First I would shop Callaspo around and trade him for the most value possible at any position/level outside of MLB ready talent as they aren’t needed at the bigs at this time. Bloomquist would have to go via trade (Texas maybe) or released as Aviles on the bench and Hu starting makes him redundant. I might also try and give the Braves an amount of compensation for Osuna so they can send him to AAA as a starter instead of keeping him on the big league club as a reliever. I would hold onto all of my pitching until midseason when teams start really demanding starters, where I would make Davies and Bannister available and trade them for more minor league talent at any level. Also depending on his performance I would cut or trade Guillen to open up the DH as well as trade Ankiel to the highest bidder.

    So by the end of the season you would have:
    1. Podsednik LF
    2. Getz/Aviles 2B
    3. Gordon 3B
    4. Butler 1B
    5. Ka’aihue DH
    6. DeJesus LF
    7. Maier CF
    8. Kendall C
    9. Hu SS

    Lopez (or other prospect)
    Osuna (or other prospect)

    Then next offseason all that would be on the docket would be to find another good fielding outfielder or two and just let your good young talent develop with the mold you already have at the major league level.

    Wow, that was really long, sorry…

  14. markjsunz 5 years ago

    Hu has been passed up on the minor league depth chart, he could not hit his weight in the majors. He is a slick fielding shortstop but there are tons of all glove no stick guys around. I would trade all the other canidates and take a shot with Lindblom in the 5th spot. The Dodgers could sure use a solid veteran to anchor the staff. It turns out McCourt has plenty of money he just did not want to resign Randy Wolf so we will see.

  15. BradyAndersonsSideburns 5 years ago

    Hu to the Orioles, come on MacPhail…make it happen

  16. dire straits 5 years ago

    Buster Olney writes that the Dodgers have had internal discussions of a Hu-for-Verlander swap.

    • bleedinblue 5 years ago

      HAHAHAHA. I would LOVE that!!!! But again, its ONLY the Dodgers whove had it. That would never happen. Remember, the Tigers just signed him in JAn to a 5 yr 80 million extension. Makes no sense for either side.

    • BradyAndersonsSideburns 5 years ago

      I hear Scherzer will be involved as well

  17. Maybe the phillies will get Repko and he’ll turn into a superstar.

  18. Maybe the phillies will get Repko and he’ll turn into a superstar.

  19. EdinsonPickle 5 years ago

    I like Lindblom for the last spot in the rotation. None of the other options look to be too noteworthy. Maybe if someone is looking for another starter they might be able to get something for Stults, but I ultimately see him being picked up by a Japanese team. As for the rest of the candidates they’ll all be DFA’ed and released, with the exception of McDonald who they may be able to fit in the pen or option to AAA, since I believe he still has options.

  20. Guest 5 years ago

    Yes he actually was. Proof?

  21. ThinkBlue10 5 years ago

    because it takes A prospects to get harang who lost how many, 16 games last year?

  22. Guest 5 years ago

    Click “Archives” then click “Aaron Harang” and look at the most recent and third most recent Aaron Harang rumor. Thank you.

  23. Guest 5 years ago

    Dude, it said the Reds backed off. Come on man, the 3rd one!

  24. Guest 5 years ago

    How about our good friend Marc Sheldon?

  25. Guest 5 years ago

    “10:58am:’s Mark Sheldon reports (via Twitter) that there are no new talks between the Reds and Dodgers. The Reds were not receptive to the Dodgers’ offer.”

    Thats the 7th time now I’ve gone to that archive. Are we trying for 8?

  26. Guest 5 years ago

    OOOOOOHHH! Thats what you wer saying!!!!!! I thought you were denying the Harang rumors in general!! I’m so sorry my man that was one hec of a misunderstanding.

  27. Guest 5 years ago

    Brandon Phillips is the man. Hope he has another good season.

    And gotcha. Glad to know the details.

  28. Guest 5 years ago

    I just don’t know why they signed Belliard or Carroll though.

  29. Guest 5 years ago

    I do. John May and Hal McCoy are great!

  30. Guest 5 years ago

    John Fay rather.

  31. Guest 5 years ago

    Yeah. But Bianchi will be out for the season, Giavotella is still progressing, Bloomquist can also play the outfield, and Alex Gordon has his problems. So you can really never have enough depth but yeah, if the Royals can turn some of their surplus of position players into a decent pitcher even if it is for another Ramon Ramirez or Leo Nunez type pitcher the Royals will be okay:

    The one thing about the Royals though is they have to be excited for the future. 6 of their top 10 prospects are pitchers and Arguelles is in BA’s top 100. Osuna is the other guy who I really like.

    The Royals will hopefully have a breakout from Luke Hochevar and hopefully Chris Getz can play to his potential.

  32. Guest 5 years ago


    Are all bright young pitchers in this organization. 8 of them were drafted by the Royals. If they can keep Greinke past 2012 they can be one of the best teams in Baseball starting in 2011. If only they can get some young hitters in the draft. Myers looks great. Moustakas is okay. Robinson and Giavotella look good. Hosmer looks so so.

    They have passed up on top 10 picks such as Ryan Braun, Prince Fielder, Matt Weiters, Evan Longoria, and trust me, plenty more! I really love the Royals. Hopefully this will be a good season for my Royals. Better defense better offense, a better bullpen, Let’s go Royals!

  33. rottengazebo 5 years ago

    Hu to the Tigers. He can hit better than Everett.

  34. ivdown 5 years ago

    The Carroll signing was idiotic, everyone knows that. The Belliard signing was great for only 850 K. No one knew if Dewitt would be ready to take on an MLB role again, so taking on Belliard was a great choice because he’s got a bit of power from the 2b spot and he can still be an MLB starter. I like the decision to sign Belliard and pit he and Dewitt against each other, so to speak, for the 2B role. Competition really brings out the best in a player.

  35. thegrayrace 5 years ago

    Heck, he might even hit better than Furcal… maybe the Dodgers should keep him.

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