Heyman’s Latest: Crawford, Yankees, Werth, Twins

Jon Heyman has a new column up at SI.com, so let's dive on in…

  • The Rays tried hard to sign Carl Crawford to a contract extension this offseason, but they got nowhere."That's something we spent a good amount of time on this winter and, obviously, wasn't something that came together quickly or easily," said GM Andrew Friedman.  Owner Stuart Sternberg added "We're going to do everything we can within our means to keep him a Ray," referring of course to his leftfielder.
  • The Yankees "absolutely love" Crawford according to a rival executive, and they also like Jayson Werth, who is set to become a free agent after the season. Heyman mentions that they didn't want to re-sign Johnny Damon to a two-year deal this past offseason to potentially keep a spot open for Crawford.
  • Heyman thinks the Twins will probably go out and acquire a bona fide closer since, as he puts it, it would be the smart thing to do with close to a $100MM payroll. Minnesota has inquired about Heath Bell and Jason Frasor within the last week or two.

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  1. bomberj11 5 years ago

    Don’t think they’d let him stay in the division. They’ll trade him, but I doubt to the Yankees. That team though should be able to negotiate with him prior to the trade though.

  2. East Coast Bias 5 years ago

    I like CC better than Werth for that line up. There’s already enough power. CC adds a whole new layer with his ridonkulous speed!

    • Yankees420 5 years ago

      I like Crawford as well but honestly if they get either guy I will be very happy.

      • Guest 5 years ago

        The real question is, what number will Carl Crawford wear. Not 13, maybe 47 or 53? 11 if Gardner will give it up.

        I really think now that Mauer is locked up, The Twins will trade Ramos and Perkins for Heath Bell. I certainly hope so!!!!!!!!!

        • Padres would win that deal but the twins need a closer. They could also trade Jose Morales instead of Ramos or perhaps tap some of that blue-chip outfield depth. They have a deep enough system to get something done, no doubt about it.

          Regarding Crawford, I think the yankees would be so incredibly lucky to have him on their team as he would add an entirely new dynamic to that lineup, a legitimate base-stealing, defensive outfielder. Rays do have desmond jennings waiting in the wings, so crawford may be a trade candidate if the rays are out of the mix.

          • Guest 5 years ago

            First of all, Heath Bell is a closer last time I checked.

            Second of all, Jose Morales doesn’t have much trade value. Plus, I’m sure the Padres would rather have Ramos, Revere, Morales, or some of the young pitching that the Twins have.

            The Yankees will spend big again after they take care of Jeter, Mo, and Girardi.

            I completely agree about Jennings. Maybe the Rays can include one of their starters or Soriano in a July 31st trade as well as Carl Crawford to get Romine or McAllister as well.

            I still see the Yankees not trading for Carl but signing him to a 5yr/$90MM deal when he hits the market. I could also see them signing either Cliff Lee, a possible healthy Brandon Webb, or Javier Vazquez.

            The thing about the Rays is they have Hellickson also waiting in the wing with no spot in the rotation for him. Interesting stuff.

  3. Yankees10 5 years ago

    Crawford > Werth

    • Cosmo3 5 years ago

      Is he really though? His big feature is stolen bases, but he got caught over 25% of the time last season.

      • Yankees10 5 years ago

        I’m not trying to argue who is better, I just would rather have Crawford.

        • Drew 5 years ago

          Haha, that’s such a copout response.

          “10 > 15″
          “No it’s not…”
          “Well…sure. I would just rather have 10″

      • CosaOne 5 years ago

        Werth has a better bat(more power) but taking into account defense, age and injury concerns Id rather give a 4 year deal to Crawford then Werth.

    • You are correct about Crawford being better than Werth. He is two years younger and has a 17% better WAR. There is simply no comparison on defense where Crawford was a 19.1 and Werth a 3.2 and the difference in wOBA was .382-.367.

      • Ferrariman 5 years ago

        left field vs right field. i wouldnt look to much into the defense metrics. still think crawford is better, but not nearly by that margin.

        • Piccamo 5 years ago

          That’s what everyone says whenever the metrics don’t agree with their perception of a player. That’s like defending Yuniesky Betancourt by saying “I wouldn’t look too much into offense metrics” like it’s a legitimate argument. What sort of alternative would you propose to defining a player’s defense?

  4. diesel2410 5 years ago

    Hate to break it to the Yanks, but Carl will take a smaller salary to stay with the Rays. He loves it in Tampa and would almost do anything to stay there. Tampa also wants him to stay as much as anyone, so as a Rays fan, I see Pena leaving and Carl staying.

    • Yankees10 5 years ago

      Yeah it wouldnt suprise me if he stayed. If so the Yankees would just sign Werth who is almost guarenteed to leave Philly if everything works out with Domonic Brown.

      • diesel2410 5 years ago

        Werth would be a huge steal for the Yanks because he won’t be much more than $10 million if that

        • Based on what? I’m willing to bet Jayson Werth gets a lot more than $10M annually.

        • Ferrariman 5 years ago

          he won’t be worth more than 10million?

          if he has another 35+HR season with 20+ stolen bases, you can almost gurantee he is gonna set the benchmark at jason bay money.

          oh yeah, he can’ actually play defense at an above average rate, so id bet he sets a benchmark higher than bays

    • Yankees420 5 years ago

      I think he has a chance to stay but it’s just not like the Rays to pay premium for a player when they have a prospect ready to take over, can’t say I’d be very upset if the Rays locked him up though, I like it when premier players stay with their orginzation.

    • John 5 years ago

      Why do people post crap like this, pretending to know what a player actually thinks about a city and state based on what they’ve heard on tv. You really think that they’re gonna say “Well, I hate this city…” so they can be boo’ed every game? “The fans suck here…” yeah, that’s exactly what I’m gonna say if I’m a professional athlete, and people who think that players are always going to take smaller salaries to stay with teams… Get a grip, that happens every once in a blue moon. This is a business just as much as it is a sport. The only reason Mauer didn’t get nearly 30 million was because he didn’t hit the free agent market.

      I got news for you, for the past year and a half or so, Ilya Kovalchuk of the Atlanta Thrashers praised the city of Atlanta and it’s fans, saying how he loved the life there to the media. Now he plays for the New Jersey Devils. You think he loved Atlanta so much that he didn’t care about winning? He must have wanted to stay in Atlanta and play for less so badly, because he didn’t block the trade at all.

  5. fitz 5 years ago

    I see the Marlins signing Crawford and the Padres signing Werth!

  6. bochybacker4 5 years ago

    Ramos and a low A pitching prospect for Bell should get it done and soon. What is Ramos’ ceiling? I’ve heard people compare him to a young pudge…now I’m sure this is exagerrating but how good is this kid?

    • Ferrariman 5 years ago

      for me, i think he’s overrated. he did put up a nice .317 BA in AA/RK with slightly-below average power last season. but he only had a .347 obp which means he doesn’t take a lot of walks. of course, catcher is a defense orientated position so take his offensive numbers for what you want. i wouldn’t trade a allstar closer like bell for ramos and a midlevel prospect, but thats just me.

  7. $1574266 5 years ago

    Mark it down, Crawford stays in Tampa.

  8. InvalidUserID 5 years ago

    Yankees would be better off with Crawford than Werth although either one fits nicely in NY.

    The Yankees could move Jeter back to the #2 slot (even though Jeets loves the DP) although the Yankees could use a beefier bat behind A-Rod.

  9. Threat_Level_RedSox 5 years ago

    As for value Crawford is better. he will get more years and money, but he’s 2 years younger and has a larger margine for value when skills start diminishing around 34, which he will most likely be signed through. If werths bat speed, speed or power deminish 10-20% over the next 3 years he is essentially a slower mike cameron were crawford could still lose 15-25% over the next 5 years and be a kenny lofton type.

  10. Yankees are in a bit of a financial pickle…the development of Hughes and Joba this year will be very instrumental in how they approach the free-agent market

  11. Guest 5 years ago

    I have some inside info regarding Jason Werth and apparently he is dead set on playing out west (California). I asked this person whom apparently is close with Werth if he could see him playing on the Yanks. He said probably not. Now I understand money talks and we’ll all see how that plays out in the next off season, but I bet $10 Werth winds up playing for the Giants or the Angels. I’m a Yank fan fyi.

    • East Coast Bias 5 years ago

      Ten bucks? Sure I’ll take that bet. Always take the field!

  12. If Joba succeeds in the rotation this year, that means they’ll give hughes the chance next year. Which would mean they would have one spot in the rotation open assuming Pettite retires. Webb, Vazquez, and Lee would all be fantastic.

    1. CC
    2. AJ
    3. Pettite/FA

    That’s how i see it.

    As for Werth and Crawford, Crawford has significantly more value. He steals, hits, 15 home run power maybe 20 with the short porch, and great defense.

    Werth has good eye, 35+ power, 100 rbi in the yankee lineup, above average speed.

    When you look at it, i go with Crawford because of the great defense.

  13. aap212 5 years ago

    I’d prefer neither if I’m the Yankees. Crawford doesn’t play a premium defensive position, has marginal plate discipline, has marginal power, and will be signed well into his thirties. So when the foot speed and bat speed take even a teensy step back, you’re paying eight figures a year for a guy who’s a solid regular at best. Considering his career high OPS+ is 117, I don’t think I’d pay him that kind of money in the first place.

    Meanwhile, Werth turns 31 this year, developed late, and has a serious injury history. He’ll walk next offseason, and you can rest assured the Phillies will have gotten the best years of his career.

    The Rays and Phillies will both be smart enough to cry crocodile tears to the press as they save money, promote blue chippers from within, and collect their draft picks.

    • mrjedsnyder 5 years ago

      I completely agree with everything you’ve said here. I’d actually like to simply see Gardner make it and play solid D and contribute as a worthwhile 8/9 hitter. I don’t know why we need another 15-20 mill player who has the types of skills that diminish with age.

  14. twins33 5 years ago

    It would be a smart thing to do because the Twins payroll is near 100 million? I think I get what he meant to say, but he didn’t say it well.

    What I think he was saying was, that since it looks like the Twins are actually trying to win it all, or at least make it further in the playoffs, it would be smart to go out and get a more experienced closer.

    My opinion is, for what the Pads seem to want for Bell (we don’t know for sure), it’s way too high of a price. I like the in-house options. It’s too early to panic.

    If Neshek hadn’t had his own surgery, I’d say throw him in there right away. My choice hands down is Guerrier though. I think he can put up 30 saves. He doesn’t have the K ability but there are relievers in this league who are closers and I don’t think they’re as good as Guerrier. Somehow they get it done, why can’t Guerrier?

    I don’t like trading top prospects, especially everyday prospects for relievers. I wouldn’t trade Ramos for a younger Rivera/Nathan (if he wasn’t on the team). Am I stupid? Many would probably say yes, especially since the prospect hasn’t proven anything yet. Still, closers pitch about 70 innings. I don’t want to give up too much for a guy who isn’t out there every day.

  15. CodyG 5 years ago

    does minnesota know they can trade for F. Cordero for a bag of chips if they ate all his salary?, well maybe more on the lines of their #4 or 5 prospect but still he should be available.

  16. djlee1999 5 years ago

    Any other thoughts on trading for Bell to Twins? I can see an internal option, for now. But for post season I would want Nathan like stuff, Bell seems to be the most logical trade. Who would you give him up for? Me Perkins and some AA, or AAA prospect

    • aap212 5 years ago

      With Mauer extended, Ramos is the obvious trade chip.

  17. Guest 5 years ago

    I can see Werth in pinstripes for sure.

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