Indians Notes: Brantley, Grudzielanek, Peralta's Anthony Castrovince has a terrific Inbox column that addresses a number of Cleveland issues raised by fans, present and future.

Among the goodness:

  • Castrovince notes that it will be unlikely the Indians call up Michael Brantley for the majority of the season. The less that Brantley plays in 2010, the less likely he is to qualify for arbitration after the 2012 season. Less time in 2010 should stretch non-arb years to 2013.
  • Mark Grudzielanek has really impressed Castrovince, and he believes the 39-year-old has a very good chance of making the roster.
  • Though he's often mentioned as a trade candidate, Castrovince isn't at all certain Jhonny Peralta will be traded this summer. Also uncertain: if Cleveland will pick up Peralta's $7MM option after the season.

The whole piece is worth a read.

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2 Comments on "Indians Notes: Brantley, Grudzielanek, Peralta"

5 years 5 months ago

Well obviously if the Indians aren’t going to compete, there isn’t any need to rush Brantley, but if they bring him up and lock him up to a team-friendly contract soon then I think he should be the Big League Club.

5 years 5 months ago

I’m not an Indians fan but Castrovince makes reading about them worthwhile and he made a nice call on Ohio University in that mail bag tonight.