Marlins To Keep An Eye On Lowell

The idea of a reunion between the Marlins and Mike Lowell has been in the air since the Miami Herald reported the team sent scouts to watch the 36-year-old's Grapefruit League debut on March 15. This morning, Jorge Ebro at the Nuevo Herald (link in Spanish) provided a more specific picture of the team's interest level and what situations could bring Lowell back to Florida after talking with a source inside the organization.

"We've talked about that subject, and everyone within the organization is aware of the significance of bringing back Lowell from all points of view," explains Ebro's source. He adds that much remains "unclear" about Lowell for the team's scouts, particularly the status of his hip and "the lateral movement that made him one of the best defenders of his time." Reports on Lowell's mobility haven't been glowing, and he started the spring at first base for the first time since he was in the Yankees minor league system. But even with the potential of changing positions on occasion, Lowell's role would likely be much clearer outside of Boston, where he is currently either the first option off of the Red Sox's bench, especially in the case of another slow start by David Ortiz, or a $12MM odd man out in the race for starts at the infield corners and DH.

If Lowell were to join the Marlins, the source says, he would fill the same corner-to-corner role currently held by Jorge Cantu: a potential starter at third base who occasionally spells the starting first baseman. That starter increasingly looks like Gaby Sanchez, who has hit .387 this spring and looked "more relaxed" at the plate and in the field, according the source. "But having a veteran like Lowell in the bank never hurts," he adds. "It's a long season, injuries happen. If the price is good, a return by Lowell would not be unreasonable." As Ebro notes, the Marlins' idea of a good price—or that of the Twins, or White Sox, or whatever team looks seriously at Lowell—would likely include the Red Sox picking up most of the cost.

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  1. FishFan03 5 years ago

    fingers crossed this happens… (again if hes healthy enough)

  2. MisterMarlin 5 years ago

    If the price is right, he’d make an incredible bench option a la Ross Gload last year. It would be so nice to see Lowell back in teal!!! Dear Larry Beinfest, make this happen!

  3. Steve_in_MA 5 years ago

    Basically, with Ortiz showing very little ability at the plate this Spring, Lowell is most likely a keeper without a huge carrot from anyone who wants him. I don’t know if other teams are willing to pay that kind of price for him, given his lack of mobility. We have no incentive to part with him if we’ve gotta pay most of the freight on his salary. I suspect that Theo is looking to keep Lowell, unless he gets an overwhelming offer. From the Marlins, I think it would take Matt Dominguez and picking up $4MM of Lowell’s salary, or Mike Stanton, and we pick up the whole $12MM. Short of something like that, I think we keep Lowell as a DH/1B and occasional 3B fill-in.

    • Yankees420 5 years ago

      You want the Marlins top prospect for MIKE LOWELL??? This is sarcasm right?

      • Steve_in_MA 5 years ago

        Its not sarcasm. I want to keep Lowell and initially platoon him at DH with Ortiz. But if someone is willing to make us a silly good offer, then I’d move him. Please note that the “top prospect” was in return for us paying ALL of Lowell’s salary. I went after their 3rd prospect if they picked up $4MM of his salary. Judging by average signing bonuses for top level draftees and international free agents, $4MM cash and a team’s top prospect are about equal. What would you want from the Marlins if they asked you to deliver to them Posada for 2011, with the Yanks paying all his salary? I’m sure you’re not suggesting you’d just hand over a useful player like Jorge and carry his $13MM salary without some big return in terms of prospects.

        • Yankees420 5 years ago

          Except that Posada is our STARTING catcher right now and in 2011 he will be the STARTING DH, while Mike Lowell is a bench player with limited mobility, I get that you’d want someone useful if the Sox picked up most or all of the salary but they were willing to take Max Ramirez from Texas while paying most of his salary. I do agree that if the Marlins offered Stanton it would be insanely good, but I definitely wouldn’t hold my breath for anyone that good in return for Mike Lowell.

          • Steve_in_MA 5 years ago

            Well, I suggested Posada for 2011 for 2 reasons: (i) it would be the final year of his contract, and (ii) he most likely won’t be your starting catcher then. Those knees are tenuous. He’d probably have to move to DH/1B, kinda like Lowell, especially if you’re gonna make room for Montero (assuming he’s fully developed by then). But my point would be that Posada hits .300+ and shows some power. Bad knees aside, in 2011, you ain’t dishing Jorge for less than a team’s top prospect if you are still going to be carrying the full freight on his $13MM salary. Let’s face it. .300+ hitters with some power, like Jorge and Mike, are generally-speaking worth very good money or a very top prospect.

            Personally, I thought the deal with the Rangers was a bad sell on Theo’s part. The $3MM in salary was ok, but Ramirez has been consistently poor on D and has had a nagging wrist injury that he just can’t seem to shake. It is why he is a concensus C+ prospect (#126 on the BA top 140). For me, a B-/B would be a baseline demand in return, if they picked up salary; someone ranked in the A’s if we carry all the financial burden. We don’t have to do a deal. There’s absolutely no pressure, despite the fact that some in the Boston press have been trying to machinate pressure to move him.

            I’m not holding my breath on a Lowell trade, because I don’t want it to happen. I’d prefer to keep him for the year, unless someone wants him so bad they cough up youth and magic, or youth with promise and cash. I’m betting Mike is still in our line up in September.

    • Yankees420 5 years ago

      You want the Marlins top prospect for MIKE LOWELL??? This is sarcasm right?

  4. johnsilver 5 years ago

    Don’t really think it’s a question of how much Boston will pick up, they seem to be more than willing to pay 8,9M, maybe even another million or two of his contract. Boston just seems to be looking for a team that is actually going to give them back a useful young prospect in return, such as Max Ramirez in the negated Texas swap before lowell’s thumb injury came up.

    I still can’t see them giving a very productive bat, team leader away and paying 8M plus for another teams discard like they did with Lugo. this is a 100% entirely different situation where Lugo could not play one bit of defense, could not hit and was becoming a distraction in the clubhouse, something that most doubt Lowell will become.

    Lowell as a RH compliment to Ortiz and insurance to a possible 2009 season beginning makes far more sense than giving him away.

    Twins, Marlins, Cardinals, or somebody with a injury early in the season will come calling and probably give up the type of prospect that they want eventually.

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