Odds & Ends: AL East, Mauer, D’Backs, Sheets

Some links to read with Opening Day just a month away…

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  1. jdub220 5 years ago

    Ah, the first Harper hype story of the year. A sign that baseball is coming fast.

    • it is great knowing that baseball is around the corner and considering i am philly sports fan, these phillies are the only sports worth paying to go see. its a great day for philly sports fan

    • mattinglyfan 5 years ago

      I thought it was a good article, he came off a lot better in this one than the SI article, where he seemed very cocky.

  2. DarthVader87 5 years ago

    In the beginning of the off season, I thought it would be the Nationals getting Harper, but the more moves and everything that is happening. It seems the Astros will more than likely have the number 1 overall pick.

    • vtadave 5 years ago

      Harper is a National if they want him, as he’s eligible for the 2010 draft.

      The Astros can just hope to grab that 2011 #1 slot.

      • Ferrariman 5 years ago

        the first team to get a first overall pick with a payroll above 100million. now that would be pretty sad.

        but i think its gonna be the padres or royals..maybe indians getting mr.#1 in 2011.

  3. Ricky 5 years ago

    Are we still talking about Molina?

  4. fulky 5 years ago

    arguably the most hyped amateur baseball player since Ken Griffey Jr., , the hard-hitting kid, … a nationally-known player Bryce Harper,of LAS VEGAS should be an example to all young players and a guide to older performers in showing what persistence will do. His game has been the talk of the “ball-park” since his 9 and under tournament travel ball days. “BRYCE HARPER” is the real deal!!

  5. sonofkenny 5 years ago

    Dan Cole “Common Man” at KFAN (1130 AM) in Mpls. is reporting Mauer will sign by Sunday. 8 years 22 mil…two option years…

    • jdub220 5 years ago

      Are you missing a zero somewhere in there?

      • Triteon 5 years ago

        That’s gotta be $22MM per year, right? Because $220MM/8 yrs is an ARod-like contract.

  6. EdinsonPickle 5 years ago

    I’m pretty sure Washburn is going to end up retiring. He just doesn’t seem to have an offer that he likes. As for Looper he is going to come off of his demands soon enough and take a minor league deal as Spring Training progresses.

  7. Guest 5 years ago

    Wishful thinking on the part of Peter Gammons’ pal.

  8. Gammons is right (sarcasm). Actually lets just make it so the rays go to the al central. Then if the yankees go to the NL East, It will be the Redsox Jays and Orioles. Then when their prospects get good, they can be moved to! IT”S PERFECT THE REDSOX WILL WIN THE DIVISION EVERY YEAR!

    • Guest 5 years ago

      After reading what you just wrote I really hope that the Orioles and Blue Jays dominate the Red Sox this season.

  9. icedrake523 5 years ago

    Yeah, put the Red Sox with the weakest (financially) of those 3 teams. /sarcasm

  10. elclashcombo 5 years ago

    As Red Sox fan who would love to come in 1st every year, Peter Gammons suggestion has to be the most absurd thing I ever heard in my life.

    • philpbarnes 5 years ago

      Yep.. amazing some of the stuff he comes out with. Break up the Sox and Yanks? Good god.

  11. BentoBox 5 years ago

    Peter Gammons … *facepalm*

  12. ELPinchy 5 years ago

    Gammons just never has been right after getting that brain aneurysm.

  13. BaseballFan0707 5 years ago

    Yes, Peter Gammons. Keep shamelessly showing your favoritism/homer-ism for the Red Sox. It makes so much sense to put them with two teams that could never keep up with the Sox financially, as well as the fact that the Sox can also develop their own talent. There is absolutely nothing unfair about that at all.

    Breaking up the 18 games that the Sox and Yanks play vs. one another is pretty much a great way to utterly destroy a great source of publicity, revenue, and general interest in the game of baseball. No, the Sox/Yanks aren’t all baseball is about. But you’d be hard pressed to convince me that the intensity of The Rivalry doesn’t boost baseball’s interest level drastically.

  14. DarthVader87 5 years ago

    Ah, Peter Gammons. You never cease to amaze me with your ability to make the most ludicrous statements, yet somehow earn a paycheck doing so. I’m still not sure if you are some form of genius or just a lucky moron. I’ll take the latter though.

  15. MadmanTX 5 years ago

    Peter Gammons…ugh. Anything to advance the cause of his precious Red Sox. How about suggesting that every AL team, except the Red Sox, be moved to the NL? That way the Red Sox can just be handed the AL championship on opening day?

  16. wakefield4life 5 years ago

    re: gammons – I’m not saying this is a good idea in any form. That kind of split would be bad for the red sox, the yankees, and baseball in general (typical “no the baseball world doesn’t revolve around the rivalry” disclaimer inserted here). I love the idea because it’s something that we as baseball fans wouldn’t even begin to consider. It’s one of those ideas that could never have been thought up, at least not in today’s baseball universe. Gammons did something unique here. He posed a hypothetical situation knowing all of the baseball world would reject it right out. Yet, before he posed it, I couldn’t conceive a world where the yanks and the sox don’t compete in the same division. It was something completely out of left field (pardon the pun). For that reason only, the sheer novelty of the proposition, I praise Gammons and his courage to write such a blasphemous piece. The only problem that exists now is whether Selig will catch wind of this idea and think it’s a good one…..

  17. I think that he just meant that Morrison is A Marlins top prospect, rather than THE Marlins’ top prospect. Stanton is absolutely No. 1 in that system.

  18. baseball33 5 years ago

    This is the first time I have ever heard this idea. I think putting a floor on team salaries is something that needs to be considered. If you can’t afford to put a competitive team on the field maybe it might be time to find new owners or new cities that can, in stead of having teams drag down the level of competition for the rest of the league year in and year out. Even certain teams that can afford to raise their payroll still say they can’t and cry poverty.

  19. johnsilver 5 years ago

    I agree with the idea of a florr and a hard cap as well, only make the floor stiff, like 80M range to start and work it to 90M and stop there for a couple years until the dead weight teams are weeded out and baseball is back to where it used to be, with top talent at the MLB level, GM’s that know what they are doing running the 20-22 teams that are left and 4 divisions.

    then we can all enjoy baseball again, with no more gimmicks. *MAYBE* keep the DH as one cookie left for the Union, but then they are not doing much for their members the last few years anyway. the game needs to get strong again and every year now we are hearing of both owners and franchises in trouble. That needs to stop.

  20. Triteon 5 years ago

    Do you actually follow baseball? A salary floor is so ridiculous it’s laughable. Just last year the Nationals (59-103) spent $23MM more than the Marlins (87-75). Florida had a competitive team with a roster under $37MM. The Twins won 87 games and the AL Central (by one game over Detroit) and spent $65MM; Detroit spent $113MM. (Granted, Mauer is getting paid this year, but not $48MM.) The Mets spent $135MM to lose 92 games.
    If a GM is able to build from within with young guys and win games on a smaller payroll you would punish them by moving the team? Idiot. Now, a salary cap would better distribute the talent in the league by limiting teams’ ability to…well, spend like the Yankees.
    I admire NYY’s ability and aggressiveness to spend and build, though I’m not sure it’s good for the game. But on the other hand, I would never have considered suggesting that the Yankees leave NYC following their horrible, uncompetitive seasons in the late 80’s/early 90’s. Or suggest the Red Sox leave Boston in the mid-90’s or pre-Clemens era. Or the Cubs to leave Chicago over most of the last century.

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