Indians Not Expected To Lock Up Choo This Season

The Indians are not expected to sign Shin-Soo Choo to a multi-year deal this season, tweets Paul Hoynes of The Plain Dealer.  Choo will be arbitration-eligible for the first time after this season.

Last week we learned that talks between Choo and the Tribe were at an impasse.  Cleveland would reportedly like to sign the 27-year-old to a five-year pact with a team option for a sixth year.  One can assume that Choo and his agent Scott Boras, were less than eager to sacrifice years of arbitration and free agency.

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  1. Ferrariman 5 years ago

    When was the last time a boras client actually gave up some free agent years to stay with their current team at a fair price?

    I’m drawing a blank here

    • Guest 5 years ago

      Well, Matt Holliday did resign with the Cards, but under different circumstances than what you are implying.

      Jason Varitek?

      • johnsilver 5 years ago

        Only because Varitek basically forced Boras to after the 2004 season and am pretty sure it had nothing to do with anything that Boras himself wanted and went against every single principle that he stands for, being greed, greed and did I mention.. Greed?

      • alphabet_soup5 5 years ago

        You think Matt Holliday stayed with the Cards at a fair price?

  2. BIGPELF 5 years ago


    the braves should lock up heyward before boras recruit him

  3. ZeroZeroZero 5 years ago

    Didnt I read somewhere where Choo is due to report back to Korea to serve in the military? Something about how all South Korean men have to serve 2 years before they are 30?

    • redsandyanksfan 5 years ago

      Yes you are very correct, There trying to get a deal where he can serve after his baseball career because the koreans would look very very bad if they force one of there only star baseball player from mlb and serve in the military , that would make them look very bad. I said baseball stars are well physicall fit so if he retires around like 34-37 he could still serve and be in good shape

      • Either serve his country later or he might have to defect from
        Korea which may ruin his fanbase over there

        • redsandyanksfan 5 years ago

          I dont think it would ruin his fan base for him as much of it would for the korean fan base

      • Rich_in_NJ 5 years ago

        Choo probably furthers South Korea’s national interest more by playing MLB than he would by serving in the military.

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