Cafardo’s Latest: Oswalt, Bruney, Pedro

Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe examines the state of the designated hitter in his latest column, wondering if the game is better off with or without it. He also shares a few hot stove notes:

  • Roy Oswalt would want to play for the Cardinals, but the Astros are unlikely to trade their ace to a division rival.
  • Members of the Astros organization feel like Oswalt would prefer not to be dealt to an American League club, though he may be open to playing with his friend Jake Peavy in Chicago.
  • There are a few clubs interested in Brian Bruney, who was released by the Nationals last week.
  • Pedro Martinez is still mulling whether or not to make a comeback, and is staying in shape in the meantime. Cafardo says that the right-hander enjoyed pitching for the Phillies last year, but that it appears Pedro "has one foot under the mango tree."

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