Marlins Sign Doug Mientkiewicz

The Marlins signed first baseman Doug Mientkiewicz to a minor league deal, according to Baseball America's Matt Eddy.  Mientkiewicz didn't play much in '09, as he went down for shoulder surgery in April.

The Dodgers re-signed Mientkiewicz to a minor league deal in December of last year.  He sought his release after being told he wouldn't make the team, and the Dodgers waited a week before granting it.  Mientkiewicz declined a chance to coach for Joe Torre, and later passed on Bret Boone's recruiting efforts for his independent league club.

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  1. wintwins 5 years ago

    good to see this he deserves it hopefully he can prove he is still MLB worthy and doesn’t spend too much time in AAA

  2. Janet Coats 5 years ago

    Congrats to Doug and his family..what a CLASS ACT!!! He played for the Pirates and we loved him and he loved the team and city as well. He wanted to stay here, a rarity for us, and the Pirates screwed him over BIG TIME!!! He is such a force in the clubhouse as he is such a great mentor for the young players and this may be the missing piece to the puzzle that gets the Marlins to the Series. I sure hope so…kudos to the Marlins for seeing someone that can really be a wonderful addition to the team both on and off the field. He is one athelete that WON’T embarrass the team like some of “OUR” atheletes today. I only hope they don’t bury him at AAA and that he gets to come up and do what he does best…add knowledge, leadership and a great addition to the bench!! Good luck Doug…never got to meet you while you were here in “The Burgh” but wish I had. My husband and I both enjoyed watching you play and the fact that you were one of those intangibles on a team wasn’t lost on us!

    • wintwins 5 years ago

      you really should have gone and met him haha he’s as great a guy as you will meet and you can tell he appreciates the fans he just hung out and talked with us for like 10 minutes before a game

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