White Sox Sign Alan Embree

The White Sox signed lefty Alan Embree to a minor league deal and assigned him to Triple A Charlotte, tweets MLB.com's Scott Merkin.  Embree was designated for assignment by the Red Sox earlier this month, and elected free agency after he cleared waivers.  Embree has been in the White Sox organization before, tossing 34 innings for them in '01 back when Kenny Williams was basically a rookie GM.

Embree, 40, tossed 7.3 innings for Boston's Triple A club this year.  In 2009, he posted a 5.84 ERA in 24.6 innings for the Rockies before a July line drive from Martin Prado fractured his tibia.  Chicago's pen currently has Matt Thornton and Randy Williams coming from the left side.  It's only a seven-inning sample, but Williams has struggled against left-handed hitters this year.

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  1. whitesoxfan424 5 years ago

    Oh Carl… Kenny traded for him twice… and gave away Frank Francisco, Josh Rupe, Anthony Webster, Gary Majewski and Jon Rauch.

    I wouldn’t mind having Francisco or Rauch… but I don’t mind the ’05 WS either.

    This move means nothing, unless Kenny has drugged some GM to take Bobby.

    • jwsox 5 years ago

      this move has nothing to do with jenks, I guarantee it has to do with randy williams…I bet the randy williams experiment is over and at the very least embree offers a guy who has had actual success in the majors unlike randy who is a career minor leaguer

      • whitesoxfan424 5 years ago

        Good observation. Let’s hope then that Embree can be MLB ready soon, because Williams is just awful. He’s only had 3 appearances in 13 where he HASN”T given up a walk.

        Is there a stat for inheritted runners scored?

        • jwsox 5 years ago

          check fangraphs there more than likely is with all those stat geeks….i mean considering there is a stat for how lucky you are as a hitter…babaip…Even though I did say it has nothing to do with bobby i could very very well be wrong. Considering our bullpen has 3 studs in thornton, putz, santos, one very good mid guy in pena, a solid so far mop up guy in linebrink..and bad bad bad lefty in williams and a weird guy in jenks who only has one blown save a good amount of Ks but bad walks and era and guys on…so he is so/so…we could easily move jenks and a position player for a needed guy(3rd, ss, 1st, lf, dh) there are needs everywhere and simply slot embree in there as a fill in guy….i mean come on with 3 studs and a pretty good guy in pena thats all you really need, with the starters being able to go deep…

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