Yankees Not Likely To Pursue Oswalt

The Yankees are not likely to pursue Roy Oswalt, according to Jon Heyman of SI.com (via Twitter). One Yankees official told Heyman "we like our starters," which isn't a surprise considering how they've pitched this year. 

Javier Vazquez has a high ERA and is walking twice as many batters as usual, but C.C. Sabathia, A.J. Burnett, Andy Pettitte and Phil Hughes have pitched well. The rotation has combined for a 3.70 ERA and helped the Yankees prevent more runs than any AL team except the Twins and Rays.

Ken Rosenthal reported yesterday that the Yankees would rather pursue Cliff Lee as a free agent than give up prospects for Oswalt. Since we're still two months away from the trade deadline, it's too early to predict what teams like the Yankees will need down the stretch. The Astros have told at least one club that they're not shopping Oswalt yet, so they don't figure to be too surprised or disappointed by the Yankees' lack of current interest.

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  1. bjsguess 5 years ago

    They say this now but I wouldn’t count them out. They are one of just a few teams who could take on all of Oswalt’s salary. If that can be done without surrendering any decent talent then I would have to think they would be in on a potential deal.

    Lee sounds great but who knows what his price will be. Might be better to take the sure thing in Oswalt and then try to move as much of Vazquez’s salary as you can.

  2. Maaaac 5 years ago

    Sure they could take on Oswalt’s salary. But who gets dropped out of the rotation to make room for him? If the Yanks suffer an injury to their rotation then it could be very possible, but until then this is just pointless ramble.

    I would rather have Oswalt and his contract for 2011-2012 then for the Yanks to over pay for Cliff Lee for 5+ years though.

  3. Roy Munson 5 years ago

    if the Yanks get in on anyone from the Stros it will be for Berkman… would be a Victor Martinez/Bobby Abreu trade

    • strikethree 5 years ago

      Pretty sure they have first base covered.

      Plus, you also need that DH spot for when Johnson comes back. Posada needs that spot too since he isn’t as good defensively as Cervelli and he needs half days off anyway.

      I suppose he can try LF but he hasn’t played that position since 07.

      I wouldn’t be against the trade but I don’t think they’ll be willing to give up the prospects.

      • “Pretty sure they have first base covered”…………………………………………………………………………………priceless

      • Roy Munson 5 years ago

        I agree on 1st base, I just feel that Berk has the perfect bat for YS3 and I would not give up top prospects for him. In the case of the stros want to dump salary i think the yanks should try and work some low level prospects for him. Also, no guarantee Nj comes back this year.

  4. Spirit of '69 5 years ago

    No matter how many times the Yankees say they’re “out” on someone it should never be taken seriously because it’s just not true. Remember when they said they were done with A-Rod, then eventually signed him to an even bigger contract? They’re full of it. Of course they prefer Lee, anyone would, especially American League teams as he’s a proven winner there as well as the NL.

    • East Coast Bias 5 years ago

      Well, what do you expect? Cash isn’t stupid. He isn’t going to come out and announce “Yes, we want Oswalt!” to drive the price up in the chance they actually do want him. Best thing to do now is to wait quietly, and if the line of suitors or their respective offers are lacking, move in for the kill!

  5. Fangaffes 5 years ago

    When Burnett goes down, the Yanks will be first in line for Oswalt.

    • bj82 5 years ago

      You are one of those waiting for AJ and CC to go down and say “I said it”? Yanks Oswalt is a very good pitcher, but he still pitches in the NL, moving him to the Al would be taking a risk.

      • ReverendBlack 5 years ago

        If you were counting on him to pitch like a #1 or were concerned about paying #1 dollars to a #3, there would be a big risk. These things don’t apply to the Yankees, so it’s not much of a risk after all.

        • what number 3 has a 2.35 ERA? I’d say that is counting on him to pitch like a number 1, eh? Just cause he is part of a team that sucks, doesn’t mean he is a number 3 starter….just sayin, give the guy some cred. One of the best pitchers in the last 6 years and still holding.

          • ReverendBlack 5 years ago

            We’re obviously not talking about Roy Oswalt’s “risk” to the Astros. We’re talking about his potential risk to the Yankees, who you’ll remember play in a different division in a different league.

            He won’t be counted on to pitch like a #1 for them. And he won’t pitch like a #1. Ask Javier Vasquez why.

  6. Yankees420 5 years ago

    I don’t see the Yankees adding Oswalt this year unless someone goes down with a season ending injury. With that being said I would actually like to see the Yankees try and pursue him in the offseason. Think about it, Lee is going to command 17-20MM over 5 years, Oswalt would be on a 1 year 18MM deal (16MM plus 2MM buyout) and with the Yankees taking on all of the salary I don’t think we’d have to give up Montero, Romine, Nova, McAllister to get him for only 1 year. Maybe we have to give one of Nova/McAllister plus some lower level guys but the hit wouldn’t be that bad and the 2011 rotation would be C.C., Roy, A.J., Hughes, 5th starter. I think the 1 year commitment would be more attractive to the Yankees and I believe that Roy and Lee would put up similar numbers in the AL East.

    And if Gardner can keep it up all year long, then I don’t see the need for Crawford at all, I would suggest moving Granderson to LF because I think Gardner has better range and better overall CF defense but either way the team would look good with a homegrown player in the OF.

  7. Yankees420 5 years ago

    I’ve been saying the same thing about Gardner, he’s basically a cheaper, younger Crawford without power and with a willingness to play CF. I’m not too sure if I want anything to do with Arroyo, he’s durable yes, but he outpitched his peripherals last year and his current .255 BABIP and 4.30 ERA worry me.

  8. Yankees420 5 years ago

    Again, I completely agree about not going after Crawford if Gardner can prove he can play like this all year, the Yankees have enough big money committed long term, there’s no reason to add a 5/80MM deal when you have someone who can do pretty much all the same things (minus HR) for the minimum. The reason Arroyo scares me is that he seems to outpitch his peripherals and the standard rule of thumb is to add ~.75 (I can’t remember the number, but I’m pretty sure it’s something around this) to the ERA when a pitcher is making the jump from NL to AL, and couple that with the fact that he’ll be 34 next year, I just don’t think I would want him, and especially not on a multi-year deal.

    (I know he’s already pitched in the AL but that was 5 years ago, I’m inclined to think he won’t be able to match the numbers he put up in ’04-’05)

  9. Yankees420 5 years ago

    I just don’t trust Arroyo to have an ERA south of 5 if he were signed by the Yankees.

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