Angels Might Focus On First Base At Deadline

The Angels might be focusing their shopping list on the first base position as they near the trade deadline, writes Mark Saxon of

This morning, GM Tony Reagins had a private meeting with manager Mike Scioscia.  After the half-hour discussion, Reagins told the media that he has been actively involved in trade talks, but wouldn't elaborate.  However, he did say that he does not expect a deal to happen immediately:

"Right now, there's nothing I can say is going to happen in the next day or so," said the GM.

Meanwhile, Scioscia explained that he's content with some of the club's perceived weak points.  He believes the starting rotation and bullpen are headed in the right direction while the third base situation will improve upon the return of Maicer Izturis.  Despite his confidence in those areas, Scioscia did admit that the Halos could use some more depth at the first base position.

Saxon writes that Mike Napoli, who has been filling in at the position for the injured Kendry Morales, could be part of a deal for a first baseman.  The strong play of Bobby Wilson behind the plate has given the club two viable catchers, meaning that the club can comfortably part with Napoli.  As we've been hearing lately, Reagins may look to land Adam Dunn or Adam LaRoche as we near July 31st.

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  1. Obscurity 5 years ago

    Why the heck would you trade Napoli to get a 1st baseman, when he’s an adequate 1st baseman already? That doesn’t make any sense to me and I think Saxon is smoking dope… again.

    • The Angels hate Napoli for some reason.

    • as Moe said below, the Angels REALLY have it out for Napoli, and for whatever reason, believe that their other two catchers are more valuable than he is. Truth is, at 29 years old, coming off two straight seasons of 20 HR campaigns and WAR’s of 2.8 and 2.7, I just can’t explain to you why the Angels want to see Napoli gone. Sure he strikes out a bit, but he can definitely hit well enough to justify it.

      It reminds me of the technical called on Doc Rivers in that game where the ref literally stared at him until Doc said “What?” to him, then gets T’ed up. The Angels are just waiting for Napoli to wiggle his big right toe, so they can trade him away.

  2. Or Nady or D lee

  3. please take lyle overbay off the jays hands!

  4. BK 5 years ago

    Saxson has been consistently wrong in most of his “predictions”

  5. sportsnut969 5 years ago

    The Indians have the answer a right handed pure power hitter in Shelly Duncan that would be a perfect fit for the Angels, he is on fire and could be had for the low low price of one of the following .. Drum Role

    Mike Trout / Jeremy Cruz / Travis Witherspoon / Dillon Baird / Darwin Perez

  6. YanksFanSince78 5 years ago

    I’ve always like Shelly as a good litle role player and all but I certainly woulndn’t say at .269/.321 w/ 3 hrs that he’s “on fire”. Certainly not worthy of anything more than a mediocre prospect.

    • sportsnut969 5 years ago

      I really like Shelly also I would much rather see the indians go ahead and deal Kearns which they will do anyways and then play Shelly in Left Field everyday. IMO I would much rather see that right handed power bat in line up everyday than the single hitting Brantley called up and playing there.

      Then if Shelly continues to hit you have 2 choices trade him to a contender looking for a right handed bat with pop off the bench in a waiver wire deal after the deadline or you could just hang onto him and hope to sign him to a 1 year deal again next year.

  7. Why would the Angels trade Mike Napoli, a rare power hitting catcher under team control for another 3 years, for a 1B that would be more expensive and gone after this season?

    Exactly, they wouldn’t. Look the Angels could use a Derek Lee type of player to finish out the year with them, it’s true. But not for the cost of valuable prospects or valuable rare major league commodities.

    At this point, I offer the Cubs or D-Backs Bobby Wilson and one of Chris Pettit, Jordan Walden, Reggie Willits or Jeremy Moore, for Lee or LaRoche. It gives the receiving team a legit defensive catcher that hit .280 in AAA, and a solid prospect with a major league future as a role player and saves them money. The Angels would get a capable half year rental.

    If not teams go for that, no problem. Mine Napoli’s doing fine at 1B.

    Another question to ask would be: Are any teams interested in getting rid of their capable rental 1B for a low price? More than likely the answer is no.

    Once again, another example of unintelligent media spreading rumors with nothing to them because their looking for readers/ratings.

    • baseball52 5 years ago

      I could see Walden or Trevor Bell going for Lee. We’re already loaded with Outfielders so probably not Willits.

    • BK 5 years ago

      These proposals are absurd. Lee would be strictly a salary dump.

    • bjsguess 5 years ago

      If Napoli is traded for a guy like LaRoche or Lee the Angels should be getting tons of value back in addition to Lee or LaRoche. Napoli is better than either player. He is under team control. And he makes less money than either guy.

      Moving Wilson + Pettit, Willits, or Moore is fine. No way would I include Walden. Injuries have hurt him. But he is still only 22 YO and is a year and a half removed from a solid 156 inning, 2.76 ERA season.

      BTW – if Lee is traded the Cubs better be kicking in some serious dough. He’s been absolutely awful this season. LaRoche is basically playing to his contract rate.

      I’m also fine with the team holding onto Napoli. Best case scenario would be to land a guy like Dunn without trading Napoli. You have Dunn get the bulk of the starts at 1B with the occasional start at DH. Napoli catches 60% of the time and gets more AB’s at 1st base when Dunn is DH’ing or taking a day off. Matsui gets the vast majority of the DH playing time. For most games your lineup would like …

      SS – Aybar
      RF – Abreu
      1B – Dunn
      CF – Hunter
      DH – Matsui
      C – Napoli
      LF – Rivera
      2B – Kendrick
      3B – Wood/Izturis

      That’s a solid lineup.

    • Well, the only thing I can see keeping Napoli in LA is the fact that they get to start Mathis at Catcher without sitting Napoli, since there is an unnecessary love for Mathis over him.

  8. baseball52 5 years ago

    D-Lee please!

  9. bomberj11 5 years ago

    I like LaRoche more than Dunn for the Angels. He’d cost them less, in terms of prospects, can hit both ways, not sides, good defender, nice club house guy, and he’s a solid hitter. What more could you want?

    • sportsnut969 5 years ago

      Dunn’s not going anywhere his agent and the Nationals are talking extension and hope it gets done buy the all star break. You just can’t go out and get someone that’s not available. The Nationals are only 10 games out what they need is another outfield or infield bat and they could rip off a few wins and be right back into it IMO.

      PS LaRoche is not the answer why would you want a guy who is not much better than the guy you already have.

      • bjsguess 5 years ago

        Not sure I follow that logic.

        First, Dunn and the Nationals have been working on an extension since the last All-Star break. Nothing has happened in the meantime. To assume that something will happen now is pretty optimistic. There is no reason to believe that Dunn would be unavailable for the right trade.

        Second, the Nats are 11 games back AND they aren’t a good team. It’s not like we are talking about an underperforming Philadelphia team here. In many ways the Nats have already exceeded expectations. This is a team that is currently 11 games out from the division lead, 10.5 games off the wildcard. That’s a lot of ground to make up. Then you throw in the fact that they have to pass 9 teams for the wildcard and every other team in the division to make the playoffs. It’s not going to happen. No way. End of story.

        If the Nats have an opportunity to shed payroll (the remainder of Dunn’s contract) + obtain useful players for the future that’s what they should. Whether it’s the Angels or another team – holding onto Dunn is in no way in their best interest.

      • Shu13 5 years ago

        The Nats are only 10 games out but also 10 games under .500 and would have to jump over Atl/Mets/Philly(legit teams over .500) and the Marlins who are a head of them….

        Being an Angels fan I wouldn’t give up much especially Napoli to get a replacement/rental 1B…..if they trade away Napoli….you are losing 20+hrs from the catcher position once Morales returns…..Wilson will not pick up that slack as Mathis’s back up….

  10. How about Astros pay Lance Berkmans Option for you you take the rest of this years We add Chia-Jen Lo and Brian Bogusevic plus PTBNL for Mike Trout and Mike Napoli?
    This way you get atleast a true 1B who needs a change of area code and still has atleast 2 years left in him.

    • BK 5 years ago

      You are high. Mike Trout is not being traded under any circumstance.

    • Shu13 5 years ago

      The Angels don’t need a 1b like Berkman….he’s hitting worse then their current 1b in Napoli who you are saying to include in the trade… should try stand up….lol

  11. killacam04 5 years ago

    Look I am going to start this out by saying I am a dodgers fan but some of this is funny. 20Hr’s big whoop the guy does not drive in runs his high in rbis is 56. The guy defensively is a liability. C is where you really should be more of a defensive player and offense is a plus. Mathis before he got injured was showing that he can actually hit. I dont see the fascination with Napoli but wouldnt it be smarter to trade for a a guy who can play 3b and 1b so that when Morales returns the team is looking better. And by the way the Angels have the same exact replica of Napoli in AAA and his name is Conger. So why not actually improve the team.

    • Shu13 5 years ago

      I personally don’t have a fascination w/ Nap and Mathis pre injury was showing he can hit for the 1st time in his career he has been a solely a defensive C….my point is more….why trade away a Napoli and replace w/ the same .250bave/20hrs but a BIGGER contract….then when Moralas comes back you have 2 catchers(Mathis and Wilson or Conger) combined who won’t have that production and the 1b they rented is gone….basically reducing the production….Conger isn’t ready(defensively) yet…They also still want to continue to give Wood his shot(should be solely backing up right now w/ Frandsen hitting and fielding as he is)….I do agree that trading for a 1b that can play 3b would definitely be the best trade….

  12. killacam04 5 years ago

    I get that Im just saying you have a guy in Mathis that can probably be the whole package. And another fact that what Napoli reaches another year of arb and with another 20 hr season his salary will probably raise significantly. Wood stikes out to much and hasnt showed much. I dont know if the angels want to win this year they need to do something with that lineup. Getting a 1b/3b player would allow Frandsen and Wood to have an audition for next year.

  13. cookmeister 5 years ago

    as an angels fan i would like to see one of these two moves (if possible)

    1. trade for both Haren and LaRoche and send them a package of Napoli, Saunders, and other prospects (not sure that would work, but at least try)

    1. trade for Jorge Cantu. He can play both first and third, something that i think is important to the angels GM and manager

  14. coolstorybro222 5 years ago

    Lance Berkman. You have to be stupid not to want him.

  15. daze 5 years ago

    why would they trade their HR leader to get someone else at 1B when he’s been doing fine? the focus needs to be on their dismal bullpen.

  16. thundah77 5 years ago

    I would only trade for Jorge Cantu the guy can play first and then when K-Mo gets back he can move over to 3rd. Then we can finally be done with the Brandon (I cant get any)Wood on the ball project. Cantu hits .280-.285 with 20 – 25 HR much better than Wood and his .175 with 3 HR

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