Minor League Transactions: Worrell, Vazquez

Russell Branyan, Garrett Atkins and Gary Matthews Jr. have been making headlines at the major league level, but some under-the-radar moves have been completed, too. Matt Eddy of Baseball America has the latest minor league transactions for June 14th-21st:

  • The Padres released right-hander Mark Worrell, who had been pitching in Triple A. His 5.45 ERA isn't pretty, but his 9.3 K/9 and 3.0 BB/9 suggest that the 27-year-old could contribute on a team whose bullpen is a little thinner than San Diego's.
  • The Mariners released Ramon Vazquez, who appears to have signed with the Astros. The M's picked Vazquez up soon after the Pirates released him this spring, but the infielder wasn't the bargain pickup Jack Zduriencik was hoping for; Vazquez posted a .599 OPS at Triple A.
  • The Mariners signed David Winfree not long after the Yankees released him. The 24-year-old has posted a .700 OPS while playing first base, left and right at Triple A in 2010.

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