Olney On Rangers, Mariners, DeJesus

Rangers fans should soon know how quickly the team's sale will be completed, according to ESPN.com's Buster Olney. The timeline of the sale could determine how aggressive the Rangers are at this summer's trade deadline. Here are the rest of Olney's rumors:

  • Rival executives tell Olney that they expect the Mariners to become one of the summer's most aggressive sellers. Cliff Lee would be the most appealing trade chip on the 24-40 Mariners if they decide to sell.
  • Olney hears that few teams are willing to take on money this year. Fair enough, but I'd be surprised if five or ten teams don't add payroll this summer. Teams seemed similarly hesitant to take on money this time last summer, but found ways to do it.
  • The Padres, Angels, Giants and Reds could be fits for David DeJesus in Olney's opinion.

  • 55saveslives

    I think the only way the Giants take on another OF is to finally cut ties with Bengie. Posey must be in the line up. Then where would Dejesus hit? We already have Torres in the lead off spot.

    Torres CF
    Sanchez 2B
    Sandoval 3B
    Huff 1B
    Uribe SS
    Burrell LF
    Posey C
    Dejesus RF


  • MadmanTX

    Would love to see the Rangers sale completed very soon, but I still think the Ryan-Greenberg group has shot their wad and won’t have much ready money to pursue expensive players like Oswalt. They have the talent to trade, but how much salary can they absorb?

  • johnsilver

    The more see Cliff lee’s name mentioned and his availability, the more his acquisition to the NYY becomes all but a formality and not a swipe at NYY fans here either. It just fits perfectly. They Yanks have shown before, time and again they will trade just about any prospect to acquire a veteran when they need to get over “the top” in a heated race like they are currently involved in (3 way), especially when in this one the loser goes home for the fall/winter. Regardless whether or not they could just later on sign him outright as a FA, it don’t matter. this gives them a outstanding rotation NOW and next year if/when they sign him. The Yanks still have a few people stashed away can give up and save Montero.

    • Yankees420

      You mean just like in 2008 when there was a 3 way race in the AL East with the loser (Yankees) going home and Cashman traded the farm for C.C……oh wait that didn’t happen, and that was when Carl Pavano was in the rotation and Pettitte was the #2 with an ERA around 4. If Cashman didn’t do it then when they had a glaring need for SP, he’s not going to do it now when there really isn’t anyone to bump from the rotation.

  • ReverendBlack

    What a total disappointment the Ms have been.

    • Steelslayer

      That is very true…And people were ready to hand Z the GM of the year award. The team is a total bust…Lets see what further damage he can do with trades

      • TVReviewsion

        Jack Z is very good. It’s not his fault that Milton was gone for two weeks, Lopez and Figgins haven’t hit, Cliff Lee was out a month, RRS suddenly can’t pitch. Sure, he expected Kotchman to hit, but he hasn’t. He probably didn’t make the decision to bring back Griffey, and I’m not sure what to think about Sweeney. Z is a good GM, very good.

        • ReverendBlack

          Yeah, even though the season is a pretty remarkable failure, the offseason was still very good. This isn’t the kind of swing and miss you hang a GM for, but next year needs to be better. My man Ichiro gotta get a ring.

  • redsandyanksfan

    I dont really see how the reds would be a good fit because there devoted to stubbs in center and Gomes has been the clutch player in this lineup if not the whole National League so he is safe, But Dejesus would be a better fit for the yankees becasue of the left field but i like gardner and i want him to keep the starting gig

    • Yankees420

      I agree the Reds don’t really have a spot for him, and I would rather have Gardner + prospects it would take to get Dejesus than struggle to find regular AB’s for Gardner/Dejesus/Swisher/Posada.