Stark On Orioles, Lee, Padres, Stanton, Angels

Major league executives told's Jayson Stark which starters they would most want to have for the next ten years. Zack Greinke and Tim Lincecum didn't make the cut, but Felix Hernandez, Josh Johnson, Ubaldo Jimenez, David Price, Brett Anderson and Jon Lester did. Here are Stark's latest rumors, as the trade market starts taking shape:

  • Two teams say that the Orioles would listen on Kevin Millwood right now.
  • A rival executive says the Orioles are "sniffing around for a shortstop." Stark hears rumors that they have interest in Twins prospect Trevor Plouffe
  • The Mariners won't seriously consider trading Cliff Lee before they're sure they can't salvage their season.
  • There's increasing pessimism that the Astros will be able to obtain salary relief and prospects for Roy Oswalt.
  • Teams are giving up on acquiring Adrian Gonzalez this summer, since the Padres continue to win.
  • Two officials believe Heath Bell could be traded even if the Padres stay in contention. Check out this post from earlier in the week for more on Bell's trade value.
  • Tom Gorzelanny could be on the market in a couple weeks when John Grabow comes off the DL.
  • Stark hears that the Marlins will call Mike Stanton up next week. The Marlins are being cautious, since they want to prevent Stanton from obtaining super two status and teams believe the cut-off will be later than ever this year.
  • Stark's sources don't expect the Angels to start searching for a bat to replace Kendry Morales for a few weeks. When they begin looking for offense, they're expected to look for someone who is about to hit free agency or a versatile player who can defend around the diamond. Kendry Morales is under team control through 2013, so Prince Fielder wouldn't be a fit for the Angels.

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7 Comments on "Stark On Orioles, Lee, Padres, Stanton, Angels"

5 years 2 months ago

Why would the cut off date for super 2 status be any later this year?

5 years 2 months ago

“or a versatile player who can defend around the diamond.”

This seems to describe Ty Wigginton right?

Also, I don’t think it will happen but having Morales around until 2013 wouldn’t really preclude the Angels from trading for Fielder. Prince could play at first this year and then when Matsui leaves next year Fielder and Morales could alternate at 1B/DH to keep both of thier bats in the lineup.

5 years 2 months ago

Except Wigginton can’t defend. He is versatile and his bat is useful, but he’s a below-average defender.

5 years 2 months ago

You’d have a $8-10m first baseman and $20m DH. Not good.

Fielder would be great on any team and his bat is truly elite. However, he needs to play 1st base in order to justify his paycheck. DH really should be the realm of great sluggers that can no longer field/run. And because they can no longer field/run, their price tag is slashed drastically.

5 years 2 months ago

If anything that sounds like Jose Bautista

5 years 2 months ago

The NL East has the most exciting young talent in baseball in recent history. Heyward with the Braves, Davis with the Mets, Strasburg with the Nats and Stanton with the Marlins. The Phillies are the only team without a top prospect coming up, and they don’t really need one.

You could put together an all-star team with NL East rookies.

5 years 2 months ago

Why wouldn’t the Angels want Kendry Morales AND Fielder on the same team? Fielder’s defense is complete garbage, and the Angels have gotten absolutely nothing from the DH position this season (.682 combined OPS from DHs).

Perhaps they don’t want to spend big dollars on a DH, but Prince Fielder is barely a 1B.