The July 31st Trade Deadline

If you're a regular MLBTR reader, you know all about the July 31st deadline, but we can never be too clear when discussing the busiest trading day of the year.

Teams looking to deal players without first putting them on waivers must do so by 4pm EST on July 31st. Last year we saw Cliff Lee, Victor Martinez and Jake Peavy dealt at the deadline. This year Lee, Roy Oswalt and Corey Hart are some big names to watch.

There are two major reasons the 31st tends to be such a busy day. Teams have developed a good sense of their place in the pennant race. Sellers no longer have illusions about contending and buyers have a clear idea of their needs. Secondly, teams want to deal before August, when pulling off trades for top talent becomes much more complex.

This post was originally published June 25th, 2009.

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