Angels Focused On Alberto Callaspo

The Angels don’t have the resources to trade for a big-name slugger, so they have turned their attention to Alberto Callaspo. GM Tony Reagins is targeting the former Angels minor leaguer, according to Mark Saxon of

Saxon reports that the Angels “are believed to have offered” Sean O'Sullivan and a fringe prospect for Callaspo, only to have Royals GM Dayton Moore turn the offer down. Callaspo, 27, has a .276/.310/.413 line this season and could play second or (more likely) third for the Angels.

Reagins considered pursuing Adam Dunn, but backed off when he realized that other teams only have “marginal interest” in the pitchers the Angels have in the upper minors. Top prospect Mike Trout is not going anywhere, though teams do have interest in him.

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  1. Yeah I’m not sure I would jump at this offer either. Callaspo isn’t great, but he is more valuable to the Royals than that.

  2. i do think the royals should look to move alberto, but i think his value is down right now. so perhaps see if he can rebound and look to move him in offseason? he should hit closer to .300 with more line drives (doubles). that said, he’s a butcher at 2B and barely passable at 3B. what can we realistically expect for him?

  3. We’ll give you Jason Bulger.

  4. Montero1220 5 years ago

    Haha. This is so funny. Look at what the Angels have to resort to. I’ve been saying since the offseason : Not re-signing at least two of the three free agents they lost (John Lackey, Chone Figgins, Vladimir Guerrero) will come back to haunt them. Every single one of those players were cornerstones to that team. For being EXTREMELY rich, the Angels owner sure is cheap. Besides Kendry Morales and Jered Weaver the Halos just don’t have that dangerous, star-powered team anymore. Texas will be dominating the AL West for years to come.

    • WasianCU 5 years ago

      Ya they definitely should have resigned Vlad, Lackey and Figgins since Figgy is hitting like .230 and Lackey is having a career worst year and both are getting tons of money. Vlad is playing great but one season of Vlad playing great is hardly worth giving 2 out of those 3 the money they wanted and got.

      • OCSportsGeek 5 years ago

        not to mention the only reason Vlad got healthy is because he DIDN’T get te contract. He was comfy in Montreal, got made when he didn’t get money to stay, and proved his back was fine by winning the MVP in Anaheim the next year. He got comfy in Anaheim, had wooden legs all last year (and the one before that) and probably had to have some people turn him down for him to get hungry and get after it. The Vlad the Angels would have got had they resigned him would have been very different from the one the Rangers got. He has something to prove.

        and he’s probably my favorite all time Angel. I’m no hater.

      • bjsguess 5 years ago

        Beat me to it. The Angels would be much WORSE off today if they had Figgins and Lackey. Pineiro is clearly pitching better than Lackey (and at half the cost plus we got a first round pick). Figgins isn’t doing much better. Letting Vlad go was a huge mistake but not one that ANYBODY saw. Who thought that he was going to suddenly reverse a 3 year trend of decline and return to his MVP type self?

        What really hurt was Brandon Wood sucking it up. Scott Kazmir suddenly becoming the worst pitcher in the AL, the bullpen taking a major step back and finally, every offensive player outside of Torii Hunter forgetting how to hit. It’s a perfect storm of futility. Adding back Figgins and Lackey would have resulted in the same futility – just at a cost of $30m/year to the payroll.

        Callaspo is not the answer. We already have guys who can post an OPS of 700 and play in the infield. I’d much rather keep O’Sullivan and stick with Izturis/Wood/Frandson.

        • crashcameron 5 years ago

          right and wrong, says me.
          Lackey was never a true ace, so overpriced. Vladdie was replaceable in terms of DH options.
          but should’ve kept Figgins. Price wasn’t outrageous and he still exemplified their style of ball.

          they’ve made themselves timid of free-agent spending simply because they haven’t done it wisely. (as in too scared to swing for the fences for a CC Sabathia.)

          just like they were too wimped to deal their prospects. (too late to rethink those offers for Miguel Cabrera?)

          • bjsguess 5 years ago

            Yeah – the Cabrera situation is interesting. I think the Angels would like that one back. Kendrick simply hasn’t progressed. Adenhart … Those were the key pieces.

            Of course, Kendry Morales is no slouch. Kendry was a 4.5 WAR player last year to Cabrera’s 5.5 WAR. Kendry cost the Angels $600k in 09 while Cabrera cost the Tigers $15m (plus the farm). What would have been ideal is having Cabrera and then moving Kendry to the outfield.

            As for not being big spenders … look the team took a couple shots and fell short. Who were the big ones that got away? Alfonso Soriano and Barry Zito. The Angels came in a close 2nd for both those guys. Thank goodness is all I can say. While CC would be great, for the most part the team has spent wisely and made good baseball moves. The fact is that in the last 5 years only the Yankees have more wins. Hard to bag on the Angels.

      • Montero1220 5 years ago

        Trust me. They should’ve resigned them. Figgins is hitting .230 because he is surrounded by a horrible line-up. Lackey is statistically doing badly because he is starting half of his games in a pitcher’s nightmare/hitter’s dream of a park, Fenway. Vlad was underperforming last year because he was still recovering from injuries, now he’s healthy and as good as ever. Angels are terrible at keeping their homegrown talent (K-Rod, Lackey, Figgins). I wouldn’t be surprised if Kendry will be a starting first baseman for the Red Sox 5 or 6 years from now. As a Yankees fan I sure am glad that we won’t have to face the Angels in the playoffs. Texas is a threat but not as much as the Angels have been (especially the 2008 Angels!).

        • woadude 5 years ago

          Kendry wont be a Red Sox, and Lackey has been terrible even away from Fenway, he always has a bad inning or the run support isnt enough and the bullpen blows the game for him, i still cant believe the Red Sox paid him that much money and for that amount of years, i like to give him the nickname “Tough Luck” and there was serious doubt about Vlad’s knees and Figgins isnt bad because of who he is surrounded by, he just is regressing just like the Angels thought he would, and K-Rod knew he was leaving, there was nothing the Angels could of done

        • BK 5 years ago

          You logic is just not there.

        • BentoBox 5 years ago

          Lackey has been terrible. It doesn’t matter if he’s pitching at Fenway or not. He’s actually worse away if you look at the stats.

          Home – 2.32 K/BB/3.78 FIP/4.37 xFIP
          Away – 0.93 K’BB/5.06 FIP/5.67 xFIP

          Oh and God no, please 5-6 years from now, Kendry Morales will be in his thirties. I’d rather have either one of Rizzo or Anderson.

          Coming into this season, Vlad’s OPS/ISO had been declining.
          2007 – .950/.223
          2008 – .886 /.218
          2009 – .794 /.164

        • Eh, Figgy has declined all around. I liked him as an Angel, but wasn’t devastated to see him go. His runs will definitely be affected by the team he’s now with, no doubt. Nothing he can do about that. But midseason totals in steals are down, he’s striking out more, but BABIP is actually a little high considering his average. Bad luck, yeah, but overall he’s not seeing the ball well. If they even pitch differently to a number two guy, it’s going for CONTACT because Ichiro is on first. He’s there to get Ichiro from first to third, and it isn’t working. He’s used to being the guy going from first to third. His errors playing consistent second base are what alarm me. Besides, EVERY Angel fan(me included) were ready to see Brandon Wood get his shot. Bleh.

  5. OCSportsGeek 5 years ago

    It really seems to me that people don’t understand the trade market.

    You have to GIVE SOMETHING to GET something, and right now? the Angels High level prospects cupboard is pretty bare.

    They get their big hitter back next year, Matsui’s a one year deal, and some more money comes off the books. WHY go rent ONE player for a year that has more than one hole?

    I don’t think the owner is cheap, I just think the team, for a variety of reasons, has significant holes this season, and as a result can’t plug it with one person.

    We’ll see how much Arte is willing to spend this off-season w/ some available marquee names.

  6. woadude 5 years ago

    The Royals are stupid if they dont take this deal, Alberto Callaso for Sean O’Sullivan? that guy is a great arm to have and i would give up Callaspo to get him

  7. Sean O’ Sullivan and Brandon Wood?

    That would be a nice package to get him.

    • crashcameron 5 years ago

      i’ve said this (too?) many times about Arte’s angels.
      Two, three years ago they could have traded O’Sullivan and Wood for like an Anibal Sanchez or say what a Rickey Romero is now.
      they had the hottest farm system in baseball but were unable to decide or determine which were the real ones.

      meanwhile the sytem ain;t so hot anymore. Is it from doling out checques to the likes of Gary Matthews Jr instead of continuing the development?

      • Red_Line_9 5 years ago

        I beg to differ on the farm system. I watch the Cedar Rapids Kernels play frequently, and can say that their lower level minors are flush with talent. I saw them score 14 runsin one inning on Sunday afternoon. There are 4-5 legit major league prospects on this A ball team. Not sure what Orem has, but the Angels did have some higher draft picks this year. Mike Trout flat tore up the Midwest League. You guys are going to love him.

    • BentoBox 5 years ago

      The Royals already have their own Brandon Wood. Alex Gordon says hi. Oh and the Royals have their 3B of the future in Moose.

      • It sounds like maybe a change of scenery would do them both good… Wood for Gordon?

  8. RBomb2844 5 years ago

    The Royals biggest need is pitching….they have good speed, defense, and the hitting is pretty good (aside from power), but even still, I would not have traded Callaspo either. He is 27 years old and a decent third baseman. I would get rid of Gordon before Callaspo.

  9. This season died when Morales went down. There will be no postseason (especially now after the Cliff Lee trade).

    This is no time to mortgage the future. I see no reason to give up on any top prospects for Callaspo.

  10. thundah77 5 years ago

    I agree that we should have let Lackey go but not Vlad and Figgy. Figgy would be doing what he alwys has done if he was leading off for the Angels. Hed be hitting .285 with a .390 obp and scoring runs. Vlad just needed to be healthy I mean everyone wanted to get rid of him because his off year was .295 with 15 HR and 50 RBI in 100 games playing hurt? He is doing just what i expected him to do once he got healthy except for the extra HRs but thats due to his home ball park. I expected him to hit around .320 with 20-25 HR and over 100 RBI but the Angels front office wanted to sell some Angels jersey’s in Japan with Matsui now as for Callaspo…Why should we trade any prospect for a slow, below average defensive 3rd baseman with no power? He is not an upgrade over what Frandsen is doing this year and he isnt a long term solution for 3rd base with his no power, no speed, bad defense and career .333 obp but it does sound like a trade that idiot Reagins would pull the trigger on

    • Well dude, I wish you were my GM because you are the ONLY person who saw that in Vlad. The only reason I wanted front office to resign him was sentimental.

      • thundah77 5 years ago

        Just dont understand how nobody thought Vlad could hit again when healthy… When you hit .295 when you are unhealthy why wouldnt you hit over .300 when healthy? .295 tons of players would take a .295 average on a good year and that is Vlads injured year

  11. BK 5 years ago

    Gordon for Wood and Sullivan is a great idea!

    • OCSportsGeek 5 years ago

      I think Gordon and Wood straight up and you could call it the “Change of Scenery” trade…young-ish guys at 3b w/ once huge upside who neve quite put it together. squared.

  12. Curious as to what Billy Beane offered for Callapso back in March that was turned down at the last second by KC.

  13. Hermie13 5 years ago

    ha, if the Angels are really looking at Callaspo, why not Jhonny Peralta? Yeah, he’s got virtually the same numbers….the Tribe is probably more willing to move him since their top prospect in the minors is Chisenhall (a 3B) and Goedert has over 20 HRs in the minors this year and is sittng in AAA. Peralta is also a career .361 hitter (1.018 OPS) with 7 HRs in 25 games (97 at-bats) at Angel Stadium. The guy loves the warm weather. He’s not the same 20+ HR guy…but a change of scenary could get him going. He did have an .800+ OPS in 2008.

  14. Carl06 5 years ago

    Sean O’Sullivan for Callaspo? What would anybody want with O’Sullivan, and why would anybody give up Callaspo for him?

    That said, I’m surprised Dayton Moore didn’t jump on it.

  15. TheBigAngelFan 5 years ago

    the angels have plenty of fans… they just don’t make many trades. screw getting callaspo… maicer and frandsen can put up the same (if not better) numbers. the angels need to hold out and get Crawford and maybe a pitcher in the offseason and just hope that the pieces play well this year. i really don’t think a trade will make us immediately better right now

    • Kevin 5 years ago

      They can hit .300 with 40 2Bs?

      • TheBigAngelFan 5 years ago

        maicer can certainly hit .300 or thereabouts… no i guess he doesn’t slug as much but he makes up for it with stellar D, an okay eye, and mild speed. I do want the angels to upgrade at 3B (and for much of the year i thought Wood might be that) but trading O’Sullivan, who will be in our rotation now that Kazmir is hurt, for Callaspo (who honestly hasn’t proven anything yet) would do nothing. i’d rather stick with maicer and frandsen.

        • Kevin 5 years ago

          What do you mean “hasn’t proven anything yet”?

          AC has two straight .300 seasons, and in 2009, had 41 2Bs with 73 RBIs. OPS+ was 114.

          • TheBigAngelFan 5 years ago

            well first of all… in seasons where he’s played every day for stretches, Maicer put up similar numbers. i mean, callaspo had a good season last year… but he’s followed up with a less than spectacular this year and honestly i would rather keep the angels team chemistry as is. 3B is notoriously a position where you should get a lot of your power from anyways (figgins was an exception b/c of his speed and D). i just think getting callaspo is useless.

          • Maicer Izturis = Alberto Callaspo…. I don’t understand the reason for this rumor. Also, since Callaspo was once in the Angels system, why did they get rid of him if they thought he had a future with them?

  16. OCSportsGeek 5 years ago

    sadly, I agree with you – – to a certain extent. There is definitely a quiet Angel fandom thing going on in the OC. I live about 4 miles away, and I’m die hard. I don’t contribute here too much because for the most part, there isn’t much Angels news (which is fine…) but I read this site multiple times a day.

    Angels fans are still pretty fair-weather, for the most part, and even the ones that aren’t, are not very vocal on this here interwebz.

  17. Halosfan777 5 years ago

    I don’t comment much on this site because I prefer to just read the rumors. Plus the Angels haven’t been in any “deep talks” with anyone so far, so I don’t really feel the need to comment on every rumor I read. I can’t talk for everyone else, but that’s my reason.

  18. ryankrol 5 years ago

    I’ve been watching the Angels since 1989. I can tell you every lineup since. And I agree with you. There’s just way too much Lindsay Lohan going on for baseball around here. People in OC are warped by E! It’s a huge bubble. But I will say that this trade offer is an indication of Tony Reagins’ inexperience as a “war-time GM.” He got Mark Teixeira and Scott Kazmir when the Angels were running away with the AL West. Now, he has a challenge. And making that Tex trade in 2008 really cost the organization in the long-run. Imagine what the Angels could have gotten in return if they had at least kept Casey Kotchman, Kevin Gregg, and Darren O’Day. They just let their prospects go. But I’ve seen worse Angels teams (on paper) make it to the playoffs (2005, 2007). And I’ve seen worse ML teams (on paper) win it all against teams who are even stronger than the Yankees (on paper). Either way, Alberto Callaspo is not the answer.

  19. BK 5 years ago

    I feel the same way about Dodger fans. Its mostly girls who like Matt Kemp or idiots who make some kind of Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim joke. I find Dodger fans to be the least knowledgeable of their roster of any fans I have met.

    But that is just one mans musings…

  20. cookmeister 5 years ago

    of course a dodger fan says this.

  21. bjsguess 5 years ago

    This is true of any fanbase. The myth that somehow a particular town has “better” fans is funny.

    The Angels live in a very transient environment. You don’t have a bunch of people who grew up as Angel fans. But there are plenty of people that follow the team as evidenced by their attendance and TV ratings.

    Moreno is a freaking genius. He has taken the franchise to new heights and I fully expect that to continue. Mind share in the LA area has definitely shifted from the Dodgers to the Angels. Of course, the McCourts have a lot to do with that as well.

  22. OCSportsGeek 5 years ago

    LoL it’s because they’re all Raiders fans, more interested in the trouble they can start and the fans they can scare away from a once proud team by acting like hooligans in the stands.

    Went to a Dodger/Angels game at the Big A? Saw three fights. All Dodger on Dodger fans…

  23. vtadave 5 years ago

    I’m a fan whose not a girl nor an idiot, but if you want to make those types of ridiculous generalizations, more power to you.

  24. “Ive been watching the Angels since 1989. I can tell you every lineup since”

    What has been being an Angels fan pre and post 2002 been like? It must be strange to be a regular fan of a baseball team, then suddenly you are surrounded by people so wildly ignorant of the game, an influx that made the Angels one of the most hated franchises in baseball.

  25. BK 5 years ago

    Kevin Gregg left as a FA and O’Day was claimed off waivers.

  26. Eh, in the long run we got a first rounder for Tex, and Atlanta was dumping payroll….Kotchman was a gamble/stopgap for them. Most scouts knew he was overrated at that point I think. Well, except for Boston, haha. I agree though, the jury is still out on Reagins. Honestly, I think we’re going to try and win with current lineup, and save some cash for Carl Crawford and a hopefully a closer who doesn’t make me cry if Fuentes’ option doesn’t vest in the offseason.

  27. East Coast fans are by far the most ignorant.

  28. TheBigAngelFan 5 years ago

    how so… you would endorse the angels trading for callaspo? i’m not saying o’sullivan’s that much better… but he held the yankees to 2 hits tonight. i promise you i’m not ignorant

  29. The Yankees still have the honor of having the most ignorant fans, followed closely by the Dodgers.

  30. aap212 5 years ago

    Stupid, stubborn, arrogant fans are the most ignorant. Every team, region, and age group has them, and they’re spread out pretty evenly, proportionately.

  31. He might be able to tell about how the Angels lead the A.L in attendance in the 1980’s…

    This myth that the Angels had no fans before 02′ has got to stop. Since they got their own stadium in 66′, they have been one of the top drawing teams in the A.L.

  32. BK 5 years ago

    I truly find the Dodger fans are jeaolus and want to start fights with Angel fans. They pay more for parking concessions and tickets than any other team and year in and out their team talks about pay roll limitations, divorces, and never sees anything close to a world series.

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