Rangers Among Teams Interested In Chris Volstad

Teams are asking the Marlins about Chris Volstad's availability, according to Joe Capozzi of the Palm Beach Post. The Marlins appear undecided about the approach they'll take at the deadline, but they are reluctant to deal Volstad, Ricky Nolasco or Leo Nunez. The Rangers inquired on Volstad, but were turned away, according to Capozzi.

Volstad, 24 in September, has a 4.76 ERA with 6.1 K/9 and 3.5 BB/9 so far this season. The 6'8" righty is under team control through the 2014 season, and won't hit arbitration until after next year, so it's no surprise that the Marlins prefer to keep him.

Volstad has logged 104 innings so far this season and is on track to surpass his career-high of 159. Unlike many of his teammates, Volstad had not been mentioned in trade rumors this summer before today.

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  1. fishfan4life 5 years ago

    He’s not going anywhere.

    • Dave_Gershman 5 years ago

      I’m going to say two things to you…

      1) I personally agree with you. I wouldn’t trade him either.

      2) You are the man for being a Marlins fan.

  2. The Phils may be content staying where they are if Blanton, Happ, and Kendrick start to pitch better.

  3. scottblanks 5 years ago

    I see no mention of the phils in this article.

  4. Look closer.

  5. ludafish 5 years ago

    As awful as he has been he wont be going anywhere. He has shown we he ACTUALLY throws his power sinker he gets out. problem is he has been throwing harder, more of a 4 seam. some games he hits 95. he’s supposed to be around 91 with movement. the other issue i have seen that i hope someone corrects is he has a GREAT curveball, but this year he cant throw it for strikes. his rookie year his curve was great, and he changed speeds on the sinker well. he was also praised for his “game management” in the minors and for getting out of trouble….again, another trait we have seen vanish. but he is very young with a lot of upside, who was also rushed to the majors. he’s also from palm beach gardens so i doubt he wants to leave either.

    • fishfan4life 5 years ago

      He also had TONS of composure in his rookie year…now he seems to fold when he has a poor inning.

      • johnsilver 5 years ago

        Yeah, but he’s pretty young also and it may come in time also as he matures some also. Wouldn’t move him just because he’s susceptible to a bad inning with him barely having 2 years under his belt at his young age. All young pitchers at 24 don’t have the composure of a Lincecom or Lester, but hopefully he can learn it and I, at least would not want to see the Fish move him, Nolasco, Johnson, or Sanchez. This team has the front 4 makings of a very nice rotation for years to come if they will hang onto them.

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