Giants Eyeing Will Ohman?

The Giants' search for another hitter has been well documented, but the team could be targeting more than just a bat. San Francisco is also looking into the possibility of acquiring Will Ohman, according to Henry Schulman of the San Francisco Chronicle.

Brian Sabean told listeners on his KNBR radio show Thursday that the team could use an experienced left-handed reliever, and Ohman fits the bill. Although the southpaw has had some control issues this year (5.1 BB/9), he has recorded a 2.57 ERA and struck out a batter per inning. He has also handled lefties well, holding them to a .531 OPS for the season.

If they don't acquire Ohman, the Giants could have a hard time finding another satisfactory left-handed arm for their bullpen. An already underwhelming relief market looks even more uninspiring when you consider the lack of lefties on the list. Besides Ohman and Scott Downs, whose price tag may be too high for the Giants, potentially available southpaws include Bruce Chen, Alan Embree, and Scott Schoeneweis.

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5 Comments on "Giants Eyeing Will Ohman?"

5 years 11 days ago

that walk rate on Ohman is very alarming

I wouldn’t give up anything special for him

5 years 11 days ago

Got a hitter to trade? Sabean won’t even pick up the phone. But Will Ohman? THE Will Ohman? Sabean’s eyeing you from across the bar, flashing that come hither smile.

5 years 11 days ago

Affeldt has been pitching better as of late, but the pen has been shaky at best outside of Wilson.

5 years 11 days ago

I think Ohman may end up a Ray.

5 years 10 days ago

Will has been terrific this year. And althought the walk rate is high, i think it’s more towards him rather walking a guy then allowing a hit, since he usually is pitching with ppl on base (the last 7-8 appearances there’s been a guy already on base). Overall he’s been pretty effective, and obviously will not cost much to get.