Jose Bautista Rumors: Friday

Jose Bautista picked up two walks and three hits tonight, including a grand slam. It's safe to say his trade value is pretty high. Here's the latest on the Blue Jays right fielder:

  • Bautista told's Jordan Bastian that he isn't concerned about an extension. "I have one more year of arbitration and I have no problem with the process," he said. Bautista also said he hopes to stay in Toronto (Twitter links).
  • Bautista is the player the Giants want, according to Jon Heyman of (via Twitter). Heyman suggests the Jays could target Emmanuel Burriss or Ehire Adrianza in a trade.
  • The Blue Jays and Giants have had extensive conversations, but San Francisco finds Toronto‚Äôs asking prices for Scott Downs and Bautista too high, according to Ken Rosenthal and Jon Paul Morosi of FOX Sports.
  • Yesterday, Heyman reported that many teams besides the Giants were interested in Bautista.

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  1. Ian_Smell 5 years ago

    I hope that Joey Bats stays on the Jays.

    • Guest 5 years ago

      i agree, i’d rather just take the risk on Bautista keeping this up, and locking him up for a bit…its not like trading him isn’t any less of a risk.

  2. Love you guys, but… um… really? Not a hint of skepticism at Heyman’s suggested targets?

    • I agree…the two guy he says they are interested don’t interest me at all. I’d rather watch Jose play out the rest of his contract then make a trade for the sake of trade.

    • HT16 5 years ago

      Nah… the Jays are pretty thin at shortstop

    • Sniderlover 5 years ago

      Yeah, I don’t know those guys well and they aren’t exactly bluechip prospect or player AA is asking for.

      I really can’t see teams offering a top 50 prospect + and I think Bautista will stay as a Jay. I’m really starting to like him and I hope we keep him.

  3. VoteForPrado 5 years ago

    I’ve said it a million times, I’ll say it again. He makes the most sense for the Braves, as he can spell Chipper and Glaus, who both need to stop by the dugout and grab their walkers before running to first base, and it allows Melky Cabrera to move back to the fourth OFer, where he should be. Not to mention, he makes the lineup miles deeper.

    • I think the price is too HIGH and he is going to end up like Raul Ibanez: a one time 30 hr hitter.

      • VoteForPrado 5 years ago

        Yeah, that’s possible. But I keep saying that he’s going to cool off and that he’s just a fluke… everytime I do he hits another homerun. I couldn’t stand the thought of getting Jose Bautista a little while ago, but he’s proved me wrong again and again. I’m sold on him now.

        • Why would you want a guy that has a record season and is probably never going to do it again. For the same or less than price get Jacoby a true CF. We need people that can get on base and put themselves into run scoring positions, not a power hitter. I think with a trade for him we wouldn’t have to worry about the Phillies and their stacked pitching staff.

      • letsgogiants 5 years ago

        Ibanez has averaged 23 homers and 94 RBIs in his career (half of it being in pitcher-friendly Safeco Park). Bautista turning out to be another Ibanez wouldn’t be a bad thing.

      • HerbertAnchovy 5 years ago

        Ibanez has hit 30 or more home runs twice, and as said below hit in the low-mid 20’s at Safeco, which would be the mid 30’s at Citizen’s Bank Park. Stats are your friend. The guy’s 38 years old, his career is winding down!

  4. bbxxj 5 years ago

    JJ Hoover, Cody Johnson, and Steven Marek/Cody Gearrin for Bautista. Any more than that and I think I pass.

    • VoteForPrado 5 years ago

      I think they would definitely ask for one of Minor/Teheran/Delgado/Vizcaino, and I wouldn’t be too upset if we did give up one of them. I don’t like the thought of it, and would rather have more of a sure bet if we did, but risks are mandatory in this game. I wouldn’t mind giving up something like Vizcaino, DeVall, and a lower level prospect like Cody Johnson. Steven Marek might fit in nicely as you mentioned.

  5. Those two picks would be a waste for bautista… yeah its a risk to keep the guy considering its his first real strong season, and you see what lind and hill are doing after big seasons.. but his presence around the club house is huge also which makes it a bit of a risk worth taking, unless you get a couple studs for him.

  6. Mike 5 years ago

    Burriss and Adrianza would be a horrible return.

    • letsgogiants 5 years ago

      Adrianza wouldn’t be that bad. He is a a Top 15 prospect in the Giants system and even though he is a light hitter, he is very solid at defense. Plus he’s still only twenty. Though I couldn’t imagine him being the key piece of a deal.

      • A top 15 prospect in the organization for the MLB home run leader that sounds fair! If I was a GM and offered Adam Loewen for Tim Lincecum would that seem fair?

        • letsgogiants 5 years ago

          I meant as a side-piece, NOT the key piece of a deal. I’m trying to note how Adrianza wouldn’t be that bad of a return if he came with 2-3 other prospects. Maybe you should, I dunno, try actually reading my response.

        • The_Thrill_22 5 years ago

          Linececum has 2 Cy Young awards. Bautista has only made to an All-Star team once and that was this year. Don’t insult Linececum by comparing him to Bautista. Check yourself.

          • I was not comparing the two, I just picked the only good Giants player as an example to prove my point.

          • letsgogiants 5 years ago

            So Cain, Wilson, Huff, Sandoval, and Posey are all bad? Oh, of course they are. Silly me…

          • moonraker45 5 years ago

            cain, wilson, sandoval and posey are good.

          • letsgogiants 5 years ago

            ……………Not even gonna mention it…..

          • moonraker45 5 years ago

            ( i left 1 off your list)

          • letsgogiants 5 years ago

            ohh…I thought you thought I was being serious. Though Huff is pretty good. besides 2007 & 2009, hes been a solid run producer in his career. Huff has been the best offensive player on the Giants this year.

          • Cain is a 3rd or 4th starter at best, Sandoval in a word “who?” Huff is nothing special the he’s an AL cast off facing NL average pitching, Posey does have a Great future ahead of him and Wilson’s a top 5 NL closer. Stop being such a Homer, the Giant have average talent and would be a .400 team in the AL East.

          • letsgogiants 5 years ago

            Are you kidding me? Sandoval has struggled this year, but last year he hit .330 with 25 hrs/90 rbis as a 22/23 yr. old. Huff has been a solid veteran who has averaged 25 hrs/93 rbis in his career. Cain has a career 3.47 ERA in 6 seasons, and yet he is still only 25 and only going to improve. He’s been a workhorse for about his whole career. And yet you think he is “a 3rd or 4th starter at best”?? If anyone is a homer, it is you. You’re clueless.

          • The_Thrill_22 5 years ago

            Don’t worry about Jon Gartner. He’s only here for the trade deadline then he is never to be seen on MLBTR. unfortunately this happens every year around this time. Fairweather fans join MLBTR and state their ill-informed opinions.. Sucks but we have to deal with it anyways.

          • The_Thrill_22 5 years ago

            Ya you’re right Posey, Cain, Wilson, Bumgarner and Sandoval are terrible players… Do you even watch baseball?

          • moonraker45 5 years ago

            bautista has only made to an allstar game once… ahhh the great measurement of all players, all star appearances.

          • The_Thrill_22 5 years ago

            I would have pointed out an award of some sort had he won any… The guy hasn’t won a silver slugger award, ROY award or a gold glove. I don’t see how you can say he is more valuable than Dunn.

            Bautista has a career .241/.336/.431
            Dunn has a career .251/.382/.523

            Dunn averages 40 HR 98 RBI and 112 BB per 162 games
            Bautista averages 21 HR 69 RBI and 66 BB

            So yeah check yourself if you’re gonna say something. otherwise don’t say anything at all.

          • moonraker45 5 years ago

            lol ‘check your self’ are you from compton?? If you read my post, i never mention adam dunn is less or more valuable then bautista. I think at this point dunn is a safer bet offensively by far, but bautista with sustained success, even at a lesser rate, could grow to become more of an asset because of his defense..

            So maybe you should try some reading comprehension, because i was just saying how awards and primarily biased fan voting is not a great way to measure a players value.

          • The_Thrill_22 5 years ago

            This is more of a misunderstanding than it is my ability to comprehend what is said or your ability to conduct adequate research before stating an opinion. I think we both agree fundamentally. Dunn has more value than Bautista; however, Bautista still has considerable value: Leading the AL in HRs is no small feat.Awards and All-Star selections do carry weight. Granted the All-Star voting is watered down due to fan voting, but i digress. What is important to remember is that either player would help the Giants win, and both are on SF’s radar. I just don’t believe that what the Jays are asking for is reasonable given Bautista’s history.

          • moonraker45 5 years ago

            valid point…but did you actually just say ‘check yourself’

        • Did you just compare Jose Bautista to Tim Lincecum?

        • letsgogiants 5 years ago

          Plus with Loewen, he was a solid prospect until injuries ruined him. I bet if your team traded for Loewen in his prime as a top prospect before his injuries happened (which no one could have predicted), that you would be pretty happy. With prospects, you never know. Thats the risk of trading for a prospect.

  7. Did Heyman just suggest the jays should go after 2 light hitting infeilders that have 0 value to the Jays what so ever??? Thats funny…

    • Shaneomac82 5 years ago

      You do realize they can play all over the infield and both have above average defense.

      • Seriously dude. Are you actually trying to argue that those 2 would be a good return on the homerun leader? By 5 homeruns no less? Lets trade one of the top run producers for a guy who can give us good defence up the middle where we already have Escobar and Hill, 2 of the top defensive players at their positions and are 27 years old and controlled for 3+ years… Do you even think before you post? Why not call it a deal for a player to be named later? or better yet, the Jays can give him tp San Fran and call it an add on to pick up Fred Lewis off waivers! lol

      • The Jays are kinda strong right now with guys in the middle, with Escobar, Hill, Hechavarria, and the guy that Alomar got them to sign earlier this week out of the DR. They need help at 3B, C and more pitching, more pitching, more pitching.
        Madison Bumgarner is the only guy I would even talk about from that club.

      • moonraker45 5 years ago

        really? all over the infield? where do we sign.

  8. jtmoore25 5 years ago

    I’ll bet the money left on Rowand’s contract that Sabean gets nothing done by the deadline. And seriously, Emmanuel Burriss for the MLB’s leading home run hitter?

    • Sniderlover 5 years ago

      It’s Heyman. I don’t know why people should care what he says and it shocks me that he still has a job.

  9. Maybe Heyman meant the Giants could get Fred Lewis for Emmanuel Burriss or Ehire Adrianza.

  10. jtmoore25 5 years ago

    The money left on Rowand’s contract says Sabean gets nothing done by the deadline. And seriously, Emmanuel Burriss for MLB’s leading home run hitter?

  11. DukesRocks 5 years ago

    The two guys named are losers, unless we have some young studs coming T Dot way, AA will not make deal for the sake of a deal.

  12. Heyman has zero clue about the jays needs and wants..

  13. TheBunk 5 years ago

    Heyman’s tweet is just further proof that he’s awful at his job.

  14. Dev0 5 years ago

    did someone say the jays were thin at shortstop? I mean really? if anything Shortstop is where we have the most depth well that or catcher.

  15. pobpopb 5 years ago

    Pretty thin? They have Yunel Escobar and Adeiny Hechavarria

  16. Burriss and Adrianza? That is awful. Those are prospects that get traded for Will Ohman, not the MLB HR leader.

  17. Dev0 5 years ago

    Dickie thon jr as well now

    • And Pierre at GCL, all high potential guys with Escobar to hold down the fort for the time being. Take talent if it’s there but why take a John McDonald type for a guy with huge value atm.

  18. Fullmer_Fan 5 years ago

    I don’t even know why I bother following Jon Heyman on Twitter. It gets frustrating.

    • Encarnacion's Parrot 5 years ago

      I think I may speak for everyone, except perhaps Jon Heyman, that his Twitter account should just be banned.

  19. eviola1 5 years ago

    No wonder AA hasn’t made the deal for the two guys yet, they’re awful. These teams don’t understand that the the Blue Jays are not looking to blow up the team. THEY ARE GOING TO START COMPETING AS SOON AS NEXT YEAR. Therefore, we don’t want guys that are going to be meaningful 5 years down the road. That’s garbage.

    • FrankTheFunkasaurusRex 5 years ago

      yet AA trades Wallace for Gose…
      not saying thats bad or anything, but according to your logic it is a retarded
      move as Gose will not be ready for at least 3 years

      • paorta2 5 years ago

        It’s not retarded if you like Gose more and plan on still being a competitive ballclub in 2-3 years when he’s ready. Wallace is going to be a good player, but Gose has the potential to be a great player, so it’s worth taking the risk and finding someone else to play first (not hard).

        • moonraker45 5 years ago

          I loveeee how everyone just acts like good 1b are just a dime a dozen. oh we can pick one up anywhere no big deal.. yah then why we’ve been stuck with overbay at first for how long? How many Elite 1b are there in the game today? 6 or 7? might be more then any other position, but a lot of teams don’t have one.. add jays to that list now.

          • Um< i do beleive Lind is now the 1st baseman of the future, Arencibia can also play the position

          • moonraker45 5 years ago

            Ya thanks, we can also put Bautista there, Snider, Wells, etc .. The point is, that you create another hole by patching one up. So if Lind plays first you need a dh, if arencibia, you need a catcher, etc etc .

          • paorta2 5 years ago

            But if you have more outfielders than you need, what is the hole that you’ve created?

          • Encarnacion's Parrot 5 years ago

            Because unfortunately, GM’s like Ricciardi come a dime a dozen too. Some of the people who post on here fit into that category, as do the people selling the programs at the Rogers Centre.

          • Good hitting first basemen are not hard to find. Look around the A.L, you have Konerko, Morneau, Teixeira, Cabrera, Pena, Youkilis, Butler, Morales, and future mashers Smoak and LaPorta. Oakland is really the only team without a halfway decent hitting 1B in the A.L (I have no clue why they haven’t found a better option than Barton). Unfortunately, after Overbay’s big year and subsequent contract, he hasn’t produced at that level again, and we were stuck with him at that point. I guarantee we’ll get better production from 1B going forward.

          • paorta2 5 years ago

            His defense is worth something, too.

      • baseballz 5 years ago

        I have to agree, trading our starting 1st baseman of 2011 is a sure sign that the Jays are not planning on contending next year. I just hope we don’t resign Overpaid to play first again.

      • eviola1 5 years ago

        Omg. He’s a CF. Gose is someone that is coming way after the Vernon Wells era-we are not moving Vernon for years. That is totally different.

    • moonraker45 5 years ago

      you’re 100% wrong.

  20. Fullmer_Fan 5 years ago

    edit: double post

  21. Why in god’s name would A.A target e-man burriss? He’s an quadruple A player. As for Ehire – Yunel is the jays first choice at SS for the next 3 years at least. He’s part of the future core.

    Package of thomas neal (to compensate for the loss of wallace) and wheeler will make this work

    • BleacherBumSF 5 years ago

      Neal AND Wheeler? no way that’s way too much. one of Neal or Wheeler, John Bowker, And Eric Surkamp I think is fair for both

      • One of neal and wheeler would suffice too.

        However, the groundwork of the trade could be neal for bautista, and then the jays could add Gregg, Fraser in the mix to obtain Wheeler and Bowker and/or Ishikawa.

  22. Fullmer_Fan 5 years ago

    edit: triple post

  23. –> However, I think Ishikawa and bumgarner would be just as good of a return.

  24. lol at heyman

  25. Heres what might work; Bautista,Buck,Fraser – Posey,Bumgarner,Neal and peguero

    • Hey! I just made that trade in MLB 2K10. Thanks for the idea!

    • BleacherBumSF 5 years ago

      LOL Sabean may not be the brightest GM but even he knows that trade sucks

    • friscofan101 5 years ago

      u want two players who could potentially win the rookie of the year, my money is on posey now that Strasbourg is on the dl, and Thomas neal who was our only chance to develop a non pitcher in our whole minor leagues for that? im not so sure about buck or fraser but i wouldn’t take bautista for posey or bumgardner straight up.

    • is this a joke?

      • Joke? Nope… Tope power hitter in baseball this year, top hitting catcher in the American League, and a pretty good arm out of the ‘pen for 1 young stud Catcher and 3 unknowns with excellent upside. More than fair.

        • moonraker45 5 years ago

          you’re trading 2 months of buck, 2 months of fraser, and 2 months plus a year of bautista for Posey,Bumgarner,Neal and peguero…i’m a jay fan and I even see how one sided that trade is

          • no… Im trading the top power hitter by far this year, the top hitting AL catcher, a good arm, and a 4 draft picks if the players arent signed. Oh and dont forget, a better chance at the playoffs… To a team who someone here just made mention of the fact that Huff has been their best hitter this year. If that doesnt sell it, I dont know what will… lol

          • ohh no!!! I guess he wasn’t…I’m a Blue Jays fan and know that’s horribly outside. Jaysbooster are you a really big homer and be more realistic

          • alphabet_soup5 5 years ago

            Home runs aren’t all a power hitter hits. For being “the top power hitter by far this year”, Jose Bautista is only 5th in the MLB in slugging %, behind Cabrera, Hamilton, Morneau, and Votto. Those 4 all also have an OPS of over 1.000, while Bautista does not.

          • okay, so now you have just put Bautista in the same catagory (just below) 4 MVP calabre players. Thanks for proving my point! Bautista is fifth in total bases, top 10 in BB, is just below 1000 in OBS, 1st in home runs, also has 24 doubles, and is ahead of all of those guys except Cabrera in RBI’s. So, let me make a correction, the only better power hitter than Bautista this year is Cabrera. And he is just the best hitter period.

          • his being sarcastic…i hope

        • friscofan101 5 years ago

          bumgarder is unknown?
          Player A in July: 3 starts, 17 innings, 2-0, 1.59 ERA, 1.06 WHIP, 20 strikeouts
          Player B in July: 3 starts, 21 innings, 2-1, 1.71 ERA, 1.09 WHIP, 16 strikeouts

          Player A: straburg
          Player B: Bumgardner

          i wouldnt give up bumgardner straight up for bautista.

          • The_Thrill_22 5 years ago

            It’s actually Bumgarner… Go back to Giants 101….

          • friscofan101 5 years ago

            my apologies.

          • The_Thrill_22 5 years ago

            You meant well.

          • LOL… Now thats the joke. He must be awesome with a hole 3 starts to compare from. I could take Morrow’s last 3 starts and come up with the same thing, what does that mean? You need a little better argument than 3 starts.

  26. The_Thrill_22 5 years ago

    Jays aren’t getting Bumgarner for Bautista. It’s silly to even suggest it. Bautista has had 1 good year slow your roll. Dunn is worth 10x as much as Bautista, and we weren’t willing to trade Bumgarner to D.C.

    • LOL at Dunn. He is older, has zero value on defence and sorry to tell you, isnt having near the same season Bautista is having. Plus Nautista can give you excellent defence in the outfield as will as very good at first or third. I think you’re the one who needs to slow his roll…

      • paorta2 5 years ago

        Nautista sounds good. If the Jays keep him he and Bautista could be a great two-thirds of the outfield.

        • moonraker45 5 years ago

          I still think they should have stuck with Vautista.

      • The_Thrill_22 5 years ago

        Bautista has a career .241/.336/.431
        Dunn has a career .251/.382/.523

        Dunn averages 40 HR 98 RBI and 112 BB per 162 games
        Bautista averages 21 HR 69 RBI and 66 BB

        Bautista is 29 Dunn is 30

        Bautista hasn’t done anything his entire career. He has 1 good season and you think he is the best power hitter in the game?

  27. BlueJays4 5 years ago

    “Heyman suggests the Jays could target Emmanuel Burriss or Ehire Adrianza in a trade.”

    Is Heyman on crack? The Blue Jays have the top home run hitter in the league and they’re gonna give it away for two middle infielders who have less than 5 combined HR’s in the minor leagues. I know Bautista isn’t a proven dependable power hitter (as yet), but that type of return is completely unacceptable. We already have two dependable 3+years of service in Escobar and Hill. The only return the Blue Jays should take is a top prospect, Downs is being sold for that, so Bautista should hold even more value.

  28. DA8BALL 5 years ago

    jose bautista, eric thames, and josh roenicke for thomas neal, brandon belt, and zack wheeler would be a fair deal…

    • moonraker45 5 years ago

      roeenicke is the future closer. they need to develop one sometime

      • DA8BALL 5 years ago

        but brandon belt would give us a future first baseman… he’s hitting for average and power plus he has some speed… u gotta give something up to get something and in my opinion we can convert one of our starters (like morrow or mcgowan) to a closer since we hav so much depth at the pitcher position… thames also doesnt hav much of a future with toronto… it would also be nice to get another top of the rotation pitcher in zack wheeler who i hear has a mid-90s fastball and a nice prospect in thomas neal

        • Did you just suggest that the Jays convert Morrow to a closer? The guy has top of the rotation stuff. McGowan may never lift his arm again, let alone pitch. There are other option for closer, Roenike sp? nad Pircy are probably the top 2 in the system.

          • DA8BALL 5 years ago

            if we can get zack wheeler then we have the leisure to convert one of our starters who hav great stuff into a closer cuz we really need one for the future… in my mind brandon morrow can be another john smoltz who was converted to a closer to make room for their many starters… however we can convert brett cecil into a closer instead since he has had experience as one back in college… but think of a rotation of ricky romero, zack wheeler, kyle drabek, zack stewart, and brett cecil

          • moonraker45 5 years ago

            its absolutely idiotic to take an ace who can give you 7-8 quality innings and stick him in the pen. Not to mention stewart was a reliever and has never pitched an mlb inning.. wouldn’t it make more sense to convert him back to a closer and let morrow do his thing?

          • moonraker45 5 years ago


    • friscofan101 5 years ago

      not saying this isnt a fair deal. but as a giants fan i would not be pleased if this went through.

  29. Matty 5 years ago

    Heyman should stick to pumping the tires of all Yankee prospects.

  30. everyone who shits on bautista should watch the guy play day in and day out for a while. the guy busts his ass off and has an amazing temperament.

    listen to the clubhouse talk from the jays’ players and mgmt who laud his leadership and his impact in motivating other players, especially yunel escobar. bautista is a “bridge” player – he’s american and yet he’s latino. he can relate to the american guys like v. wells and lind but also he can chill with edwin encarnacion and escobar. in an age of increasing diversity in baseball, think of how valuable that is. oh and he also happens to be one of the dominant power hitters in the league.

  31. keep bautista for the sake of chemistry with yunel and a player who would love to stay in toronto and keep downs unless you get a high upside prospect. Blue Jay’s could possibly get 2 high upside prospect for next year’s draft when he has a whole bunch of scouts scouting players more than once and getting more clearer information.

  32. jctrock 5 years ago

    I think the Giants should do what they can, and get Jose Bautista. He would bolster the lineup. I hope the Giants try for Downs and or try for a deal with Bautista. See what the Nats want for Willingham.

  33. smokinjays 5 years ago

    I’m not going to pretend to be an expert – just a longtime Jays fan. The Jays have really struggled to fill seats and Escobar and Bautista are the sorts of players who will do that. Trading Bautista would send the exact wrong message to the fanbase, even if the return is good. Bautista is worth more to the Jays than he is to other teams, and the high asking price reflects that. Hope he stays right where he is.

    • moonraker45 5 years ago

      making moves based on the fickle jays fanbase is was jp ricciardi did and exactly why we have been al east basement dwellers since the strike. Jays fans fall in love over nothing, but then the second a player struggles a bit they get booed like no tomorrow.
      Wells, Rios, Hinske, Glaus, Johnny Mac, Overbay, Eckstein, Chacin, the list goes on and on, they become fan favourites and even if flipping them becomes the best option for the future of the team fans cant wrap their head around it..

      How many people were talking about bautistas club house influence, he’s latino heritage or anything besides how bad of a lead off hitter the jays have. ever since he started knocking the ball out, jays fans are love struck.

      • smokinjays 5 years ago

        I disagree about MacDonald, Eckstein and Chacin. Jonny Mac is still a fan favourite, Eckstein was well liked when he was here, and Chacin wasn’t on most peoples’ radar. Lind and Hill are having rough seasons but the fans are sticking behind them. Wells had to underperform for more than a year – after signing a gigantic contract – to get booed.

        IMO JP’s mistake wasn’t pandering to fans, it was being a poor judge of talent with an inadequate scouting department, leading to poor trades and worse contracts.

  34. IMO Bautista gots to go!
    based on his FLUKE numbers this season he will get a significant raise in the offseason as he is arbitration eligible. this season he is making $2.42 MIL. he will at least double that for sure and more.
    nothing from his previous seasons suggest he was going to do what he is doing this season. NO ONE would have/could have predicted Bautista would do what he is doing. this is like that game on Seseme Street where they have a few things and you have to guess which one doesn’t belong. look at the seasons Bautista has had, which one do you think doesn’t belong?
    he has almost already doubled his previous HR high. his HR/FB is high this season compared to previous seasons.
    10- 19.7%
    09- 12.3%
    08- 13.8%

    I don’t think Bautista is terrible and going to become a total bust next season, but I highly doubt he can repeat the numbers he has this season yet he will be getting a significant more money next season.
    “maybe” in a full season of regular playing time he could get 20ish, but the AVG is going to be BAD and he will be overpaid.

    now I do think it depends on who they could get, but major league leader in HR should get a good prospect in return. I wouldn’t trade him just to trade him for a bum, but other teams should pay up for what he is doing.

  35. alphabet_soup5 5 years ago

    I think Jose stays, no reason to trade him for the sake of trading. He wants to stay with Toronto, and who knows, this could be the beginning of him becoming an impact player.

  36. moonraker45 5 years ago

    how’d you get the screen name angry?

  37. at least Hill and Lind were top tier prospects. when has Bautista ever done this well? he has been a bench player a majority of his career for a reason.
    I don’t think Bautista all of a sudden found power at 29 years old, when his previous career high was 16 HR in a season. players don’t usually find power at that age unless they are on something.
    he isn’t going to be making an incredible amount of money next season, but he will still be overpaid for the numbers he is likely to produce.

    the only way I could see Bautista being a plus is if he plays regular at 3B, which he could do. that could save the Jays from having to go out and find someone new for 3B. unless they bring back Encarnacion. even then I still think Bautista is going to be overpriced. if/when he isn’t hitting HR at the same pace is on now then the AVG he will bring is going to really hurt. his career high is .254 in 2007. he has .256 AVG right now and that is thanks to .364 AVG he has since the all star break. I don’t see him finishing above where he is at now.

    I think it is a good business decision to trade him now while his value is high and get a profitable return.

  38. moonraker45 5 years ago

    i agree with you on everything but what bautista will bring back. I don’t think any Gm is going to give up top tier prospects for a so far one year wonder, they see all the stats and questions marks going forward.. its only selling high, if someone pays you high

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