Phillies Interested In Dan Haren

The Phillies have Dan Haren "on their radar," according to Jerry Crasnick of Crasnick tweets that the Diamondbacks are scouting Phillies' prospects for a possible deal.'s Buster Olney reported (via Twitter) earlier in the week that the Phils would like to add an arm "higher in caliber" than Jeremy Guthrie, and Haren certainly qualifies. However, Philadelphia is far from the only team looking into acquiring the 29-year-old. We heard yesterday that the Nationals expressed interest in Haren, and that the Cardinals also covet the right-hander. Those two clubs, along with the Yankees, Tigers, and Twins, have scouted the Diamondbacks' ace recently.

The Phillies' fourth and fifth starters behind Roy Halladay, Cole Hamels, and Jamie Moyer have had their struggles this year. Kyle Kendrick has posted a 4.88 ERA in 15 starts, and even after three straight quality starts, Joe Blanton's ERA still sits at 6.19. Given the question marks in their rotation, the Phillies have made starting pitching depth a priority as the trade deadline approaches.

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  1. Pat_M 5 years ago

    Hmmm. I’m betting getting Haren will take a package that is bigger than Aumont, Gillies, and Ramirez. Not to mention that Haren is making only $725K less than Cliff Lee this year, but is still owed $28.5M at least (2011-12, with ’13 buyout). Sorry Phillies fans, but looks like Amaro messed up that whole Cliff Lee situation pretty good.

    • jarg8 5 years ago

      ya, that’s what happens when your gm offer an elite pitcher to only one team and trades him a couple hours after offering him to that one team.

    • zolttt 5 years ago

      while that makes a bit of sense, and is the obvious argument, Aumont is having a bad year, as is Gillies… If Aumount was 7-1 with a 2.4 era and had a high K rate, that package would most likely get it done, with maybe 1 more player. That would basically turn having 1.5 years of cliff lee into 2.5-3.5 years of dan haren, which isn’t that bad of a deal.

      as easy as it is to point the finger at Amaro, the players they got back are not performing this year.. and you cant expect alot out of Aumont this year after he is now being stretched back out to a starter.

      • aap212 5 years ago

        It didn’t seem like a good package when they WERE performing well.

        • zolttt 5 years ago

          thats true, i mean it wasnt a great package, but aumont was and is still ranked high, and they had no use for taylor…

          • aap212 5 years ago

            Taylor was in a totally separate trade and Aumont was a guy being converted to relief by the team that had drafted him in the first round. Not a ringing endorsement.

      • Pat_M 5 years ago

        Yes, if Aumont had a 2.4ERA the trade of Cliff Lee would look much better. But the fact is that Aumont has never posted an ERA near 2.4 since Rookie ball. My point is that Amaro received a below market package of prospects for Cliff Lee and now the Phillies are struggling to overcome that move – both on the field, and in their farm system.

        • zolttt 5 years ago

          im not sure if anything on the field is cliff lee related… yeah the back end of their rotation stinks, but if theyre not winning games when halladay is on the mound, i dont think lee would be 12-1 either. Their offense, and bullpen is their main problem… but halladay, haren, hamels, happ, moyer would be great… and have 4 H names in it. The bats and bullpen will come around.

    • Muggi 5 years ago

      That’s true, but Lee and Haren are hardly comparable situations.

      As you said, Haren can be kept for the next three seasons for a shade over $40m. Lee’s going to cost closer to $60m over that span IF yu can win the bidding war.

      Haren’s three years under market value are a GOOD thing; the way you worded your post make it sound like you think it’s bad.

      • Pat_M 5 years ago

        I agree that Haren’s contract is below market value and would be an asset to any team that acquires him. However, that may not be the case for the Phillies, who already have so much salary committed over the next 2 seasons. When the reasons cited to trade Cliff Lee were salary and to replenish the depth of the farm system, trading for a pitcher with a higher salary commitment and that would require a better package of prospects would clearly demonstrate a mistake (or at least admitting a prior mistake).

        • Muggi 5 years ago

          Agreed, it would be a big mea culpa for Amaro.

          The only saving grace for the Phils may be the end of Ibanez and Lidge’s contracts after 2011. FOR 2011, they’re boned.

          • Pat_M 5 years ago

            I think this team is still set up for some continued success in the next couple of years. Anytime you have Chase Utley and Roy Halladay locked up to reasonable deals you’re going to be fine. It will be interesting to see what they do after 2011 – you mention they have Lidge and Ibanez’s contracts coming off the books, but Jimmy Rollins will also be a free agent. That will be a very important offseason for the Phillies.

          • Muggi 5 years ago

            Oh yeah, that’ll be a very interesting offseason!

            By “boned” I only meant in terms of salary (if they maintain current caps); I agree they’re going to be cotenders.

  2. daved292 5 years ago

    I dont think they could get it done. I mean they would most definitely have to give up their top prospect, who is supposed to replace werth at the end of the season. i dont think the phillies would want to give him up and no way the dbacks make the deal without him included.

    • Muggi 5 years ago

      They COULD do it without giving up Brown, but it’d cost them At least Cosart or Singleton; given those two are among the fastest-rising prospects in baseball right now, it’d be painful.

      • i wouldnt give them singleton, maybe they could pull a fast one over them like they did for the indians, give them cosart, domingo santana(who i like) and zach collier, or we could give them kyle drabek……….oh wait nvm

  3. jarg8 5 years ago

    we dont need another starter, when happ gets back we will have a solid rotation. If anything we need someone in the bullpen or a utility guy depending on how long utley is out. Plus the prospects we got from the cliff lee trade wouldn’t be enough to get even Jeremy Guthrie. We still have halladay and hamels. Moyer has been our best pitcher lately, happ was our best pitcher last year, and blantons pitch great in his last couple of starts.

  4. aap212 5 years ago

    The Phillies won’t trade Brown, and the Diamondbacks seem unlikely to take a bunch of teenagers, so I doubt this could work.

  5. wayne_gomes 5 years ago

    Cosart just went on the DL as well. Unfortunately I don’t see this for the Phils, given that Brown is off the table

  6. coolstorybro222 5 years ago

    Jeez. Just let the other teams take a chance with him. Why do the phillies need him. This would just make them glorifed player hogs and not let the other teams be able to get him.

    • UtleyPhan 5 years ago

      Yeah, damn them for wanting to get better. They should be nice and share success with everyone in the land of unicorns and fairies.

      • coolstorybro222 5 years ago

        Yeah well. Look what happend with your BIG TIME TRADES AND SIGNINGS. ONES ON THE DL AND THE OTHER LOST 5 GAMES IN ROW. Yeah.Plus, your dumbass of a GM thought that his bullpen would work itself out and he signed just two aging horrible pitchers that are doing barely anything. Phillies : The yankees of the northeast.

        • UtleyPhan 5 years ago

          He lost 4 out of 5, not his fault they cant score runs for him, he’s had only 2 bad starts this year and could easily be 14-2. Polanco is hitting .318 and was hit in the elbow by a pitch, stuff like that happens.

  7. ReverendBlack 5 years ago

    Really not a good idea for PHI imo.

    • Prince_Fielders_Donuts 5 years ago

      I agree their rotation is pretty much set. Can they option Kendrik to AAA or move him to the bullpen and just sign Pedro?

    • Au contraire, I think trading for Dan Haren is a good idea for pretty much any team in baseball.

      • ReverendBlack 5 years ago

        You should think about that one more time, slowly.

        Having Dan Haren is good for any team in baseball.

        Trading for Dan Haren right now is definitely not a good idea for most if not all teams right now – PHI included.

  8. Is it me or the phillies are becoming like the red sox and the yankees. They are becoming player hoggers, interested in everybody and i think they have the 3rd highest payroll right now or the Gm is an idiot who just likes to make trades for no reason.

  9. Realistically, what do the Phils have that they can trade? Other than Dominic Brown their system is barren.

  10. UtleyPhan 5 years ago

    Would or could the Philllies include Happ in a deal. He is cheap so the Dbacks would like that. The Phillies dont have to worry about giving him up since Haren is locked up for a while. Obviously it would take a lot more than Happ but it might be a good starting point.

  11. DoctorBagelman 5 years ago

    I’ll say one thing – if Domonic Brown isn’t included in a Haren deal, there’s no way any team should offer any of their top prospects for Cliff Lee. Haren has a very friendly deal for a few more years and Lee walks at the end of the season.

    Also, the Phillies have enough depth in their system to pull of a trade, but most of that depth is still far away from the big leagues.

  12. would a package of Happ, Cosart, Singleton and say John Mayberry get it done? Looking at it the deal would make sense Haren takes Happ’s spot in the rotation for the next 3 years; Cosart may headline the deal as that possible blue chip prospect (though he is still young and far away from MLB) Singleton has great potential as well but is far away from MLB and blocked by Howard and a guy like Mayberry would be close to big league ready and I believe Mayberry has no future with the big league club.

    • azzalinam 5 years ago

      It should not take more than what it took for Cliff Lee. This seems to be more of a move to free up money. This is not a rebuilding deal. No way you should give them that much. Mayberry could go, but I think you could try and center it around Gose. He’s the type of player that would own that cavernous stadium. Add in a nearly ready MLB pitcher, Vance Worley. Another guy would be a young upside RHP named Brody Colvin. However, I don’t see how Dan Haren should cost more than Cliff Lee. No way that should happen. Cosart/Singleton should not be mentioned in this deal in my opinion. They can pull the same sort of deal they pulled and got pulled on them for Clifton.

      • Yankees420 5 years ago

        Meant to hit “reply” instead of “like” fwiw.

        And I have to say that I disagree with you, Haren is not a salary dump by any means, he’s locked up below market value through 2012, with a club option for 2013 that is also below market value. He should definitely cost more prospects than it took to get Lee (both from Cle and Phi), and honestly I think Arizona should start by asking for Brown. But if he is truly off the table then I’m sure it cannot get done without including Happ and AT LEAST one of Cosart/Singleton, if not both because they are so far away from the big leagues.

        And before you say anything about his ERA this year, look to his .345 BABIP, which is 42 points higher than his career average. His HR/FB ratio is also slightly elevated, his LOB% is a little below his career norm, and his xFIP is sitting at 3.43, the guys is still as stud.

      • Dan Haren, in my opinion is just as good as Cliff Lee and probably more attractive in a couple ways…1 he’s younger 2. he’s under club control for 2.5 more years rather than .5 a year and 3 he pitches right handed, the Phils have a plethora of left handed starters. To get a deal done I would say a package needs to include both Cosart and Singleton because they’re so far away from MLB ready. Another possible package could be:
        Diamondbacks get: Cosart, Singleton, Mathieson, Bastardo and Mayberry
        Phillies get: Haren

        I think Haren would be a perfect fit and is something that would boost this team into a World Series favorite Halladay, Hamels, Haren (triple H) in the playoffs=toughhh to beat.

        On a side note if they do make a play for Haren, Werth will be gone next year.

        • Ferrariman 5 years ago

          people shot down my proposal where i offered 4 B/C prospects for Haren so im gonna shoot down yours.

          No chance. their gonna want atleast some elite talent.

          • Just a thought but in the slight chance this rumor actually comes anywhere near reality it could be a 3 team deal that sends Werth somewhere for prospects and then those prospects go to Arizona for Haren and maybe Kelly Johnson as Utley will require surgery. The Diamond do have scouts watching the Phillies minor leagues.

            How would you fell if Werth was included, RAJ has already proved he will include big league players in 3 ways deals as we all know (Cliff Lee)

  13. azzalinam 5 years ago

    Those of you saying the Phillies have nothing is just ridiculous. Haren is no better than Cliff Lee and look what he returned in value in both trades: 3 fringe prospects with one low A high potential arm. Haren would require no more than that, especially since this is probably more of a trade to dump salary rather than a rebuilding trade.

    They can build a deal around Anthony Gose (a seriously fast CF) who stole 60+ bases last year and would be ridiculous in that cavernous stadium. They can throw in a Brody Colvin (19 year old with nice upside) and a nearly MLB ready Vance Worley. If Cliff Lee did not require a Dom Brown/Jon Singleton/Jarred Cosart, than Dan Haren can absolutely not demand that much.

    • Yankees420 5 years ago

      You seem to be forgetting that Cliff Lee had 1.5 years of control left when he was traded the first time, right now Haren has, at minimum, 2.5 years of control left, with a club option that could push it to 3.5 years, so like I said above, Haren should absolutely command more in terms of prospects than either of the Lee trades.

  14. jarg8 5 years ago

    our rotation is fine, halladay, hamels, happ, blanton, and moyer. we need a utility guy now that utley is out 5-6 weeks and someone in the bullpen cause lidge will never have an era under 5 in the majors, and the only players i feel comfortable having pitch in extras is romero or contrares and maybe madson when he comes back. also if we get haren were not resigning werth

  15. Joshua Ryan 5 years ago

    There is absolutely no way the Phillies can afford Dan Haren without completely eradicating what’s left of their farm system.

  16. Ferrariman 5 years ago

    No the phillies cannot include Happ in any deal because MLB doesn’t allow teams to trade players that are on the DL. a package would have to start with Dom Brown but that isn’t happening because he is going to replace werth next season. Thus, Haren is a fantasy.

  17. DanHaren 5 years ago

    Phillies get Dan Haren

    Diamondbacksget : Dominic Brown,phillipe Amount and Antonio bastardo

    • Joshua Ryan 5 years ago

      That’s not nearly enough for Haren

      • garettf 5 years ago

        Your an idiot Joshua. Dom Brown is rated by Keith Law as the midseason #1 prospect in baseball. The Diamondbacks would love that trade. Not the Phillies.

  18. GoPhils9 5 years ago

    Does Happ,Singleton and Gose get it done? Arizona gets a major league young pitcher who challenged for rookie of the year, A hot 1B prospect with plenty of power for that ballpark and a speedy OF that would work well in their spacious ballpark. Plus they save about 40 mil.

  19. Amaro got a bag of balls for Cliff Lee. Real fans knew it was a stinker of a trade. And would they please stop with that “Stocking the Farm system” manure. One season of Cliff Lee for nine mil? Where do I send my cash. Well it’s over and Amaro once again is in search of a serviceable starter. Gee Ruben why didn’t ya ask me? Would have told you eight months ago you would be looking for another starter. Maybe we could package the refuse of the Lee trade for a case of Gator Aid.

  20. UtleyPhan 5 years ago

    Don’t forget James (J.A. Happ)

  21. myname_989 5 years ago

    Lmfao. You sir, get style points.

  22. Ferrariman 5 years ago

    halladay’s real first name is Harry if i remember correctly. thats not too white.

    edit: just checked. its Harry Leroy Halladay.

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