Reds Offer Isringhausen Contract

Walt Jocketty can't resist those former Cardinals. The Reds have offered Jason Isringhausen a contract and expect resolution soon, according to John Fay of the Cincinnati Enquirer. Jocketty told Fay that he expects to hear from Isringhausen within a day or two.

The Reds watched Isringhausen throw today and manager Dusty Baker told Fay that he liked what he saw. If the Reds do sign the 37-year-old, he'll help former Cards teammates Scott Rolen and Russ Springer try to lead Cincinnati back to the playoffs. 

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  1. Triteon 5 years ago

    More heart and determination than health and talent these days. What the hell — go get your 7 saves, Izzy!

    • Now before everyone starts posting oh the Reds made a bad decision to offer him a deal I have this to say. Did you see him pitch today? If you didn’t quite complaining about what things are being done on this team cause honestly nothing has really happened as of yet. Springer is in the minors Izzy is going to be in the minors and unless these guys don’t show something good in the minors then they are not going to make the major league team. It has been said by a lot of officials that the trade market for relievers has been horrid. These pickups don’t hurt us a single bit unless the Reds call these guys up and they stink up the place. So far that has not happened and i doubt the Reds will call them up if they are not performing in the minors.

      • Triteon 5 years ago

        It’s just that we in St. Louis have seen this movie before. We like Izzy, I like Izzy. He’s a local guy, huge HS sports hero (baseball and basketball) for Southwestern. And I really mean it — get those 7 saves.

        To your point about the minors: I see nothing (on MLBTR nor another source) that says this is a minor league offer. Based on his injury-plagued last season in STL and last year in TB I wouldn’t gamble with too many meaningless innings down in AAA.

        • Even if it would be a major league deal it has been said he would need to tune up in the minors and I am pretty sure Izzy would agree to that since the Reds are willing to give him a contract. My bets are though it is a minor league deal.

  2. DetroitTigers24 5 years ago


    • Ferrariman 5 years ago

      someone still seems bitter about 06…..

    • atfm25 5 years ago

      Someone still bitter about 2006?

    • HerbertAnchovy 5 years ago

      No one is going to take you seriously when you write in capitals.

  3. johnwvideo 5 years ago

    And Rolen is going on the DL, I do NOT CARE how well Izzy pitched today, I hope they use him, better for the cardinals. let him blow 5 out of 10, no matter HOW WELL he pitched today, he is DONE !!

  4. yessir26 5 years ago

    prediction: reds make some moves at the deadline to go along with springer and izzy and they win the central by at least 5. the cards wont stand a chance down the stretch. TAKE IT TO THE BANK!

  5. Perhaps we could convince Jocketty to take Miles and Suppan as well — trade for Brandon Phillips maybe?

  6. ferg1025 5 years ago

    Uh, the Reds had Miles. Cairo beat him out in ST.

  7. robdicken 5 years ago

    You cards fans are stupid. Izzy isn’t coming to Cincinnati to close. Cordero is the closer now, and unless he falters majorly in the next 2 months, Izzy is just going to be relief help. How does it “benefit the Cards?” If he screws up, he screws up…he gets released…so, I’m failing to see the connection of exactly how that’s benefiting them..?

    Tommy John does wonders for pitchers. The Reds have two of them on their roster to currently prove that: Volquez and Rhodes. I could also rattle off another name: Chris Carpenter…know him?

    • sixfigure 5 years ago

      how about Jaime Garcia…another TJ recepient…lol!!

  8. johnwvideo 5 years ago

    Thats very true, look at Garcia now.. Dont get ,me wrong, I love Izzy, I just truly believe with his age and over all health, he is done. And since Walt seems to like to chance old Cardinlas, so he can stick it to Dewitt, I just feel IF Izzy would make the team, he will not hold up and that only benefits the Cards. Though they are beating Washington tonight, with out Rolen. So your right, “you never know”

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