Rockies Will Wait Until Late July To Trade

Rockies GM Dan O’Dowd told Jim Armstrong of the Denver Post that he doesn’t expect to make moves until the end of the month. The Rockies are talking trades with other clubs, but O’Dowd says his team’s needs are unpredictable.

“This has been a season where everything has changed so dramatically from one day to another — what we need now may not be the same thing we need two weeks from now," he said.

The Rockies are monitoring Jermaine Dye and Ty Wigginton, but they aren’t the only clubs doing so. The Padres and Rangers have interest in Dye and the Phillies and Yankees are among the teams interested in Wigginton.

By the end of the month, the Rockies, now 44-38, will have a better sense of what to expect from Jorge de la Rosa and Troy Tulowitzki. De la Rosa is close to returning to the majors and Tulowitzki won't likely return before the beginning of August.