Rosenthal On Padres, Uggla, Blue Jays, Nats

Let's dive into the latest edition of Full Count from Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports..

  • The Padres are seeking a durable starting pitcher as they approach the deadline.  The Padres know that they need a bat but their offense is so weak that they fear a lack of quality starting pitching might derail them faster than a lack of hitting.  Durable starters are hard to come by on the trade market, but the Diamondbacks' Edwin Jackson could be a fit.
  • The Marlins changed skippers thinking that they were a better team than they've shown, but that hasn't been the case thus far.  Unless they rally, the club will end up as sellers.  Dan Uggla, Jorge Cantu, Cody Ross, and Ricky Nolasco all hold value.  Nolasco's name hasn't come up much, but he could be one of the better starting pitchers on the market.  Uggla and his big bat are still sought after, even though his salary could rise to about $10MM in arbitration next season.
  • Toronto's Shaun Marcum could still be a trade chip, even after going on the disabled list with inflammation of the right elbow.  The club expects him to be back before the All-Star break and if so, he should be one of the better starters available.  The Jays could be active sellers as they have several more attractive pieces.  Relievers Scott Downs and Jason Frasor are both potential free agents.  Shortstop Alex Gonzalez and outfielder Jose Bautista could also get some bites.
  • Nats GM Mike Rizzo told Rosenthal that the club is getting interest in five or six players in trade discussion. While Adam Dunn and Josh Willingham are getting all the buzz, Cristian Guzman and Adam Kennedy could be attractive to teams in need of infield help.  Matt Capps could be a trade chip as well now that he has recovered from his slump.  They control the closer through next season, though they may look to cash in on his value while it is peaking.

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  1. Sniderlover 5 years ago


  2. yonkel21 5 years ago

    This post is a mess. Poorly written and you have the Nats’ closer wrong.

  3. Marlins won’t go anywhere without a revamped bullpen. There’s no way around it.

    • TVReviewsion 5 years ago

      I don’t think it was poorly written, I just think that the author made a minor mistake on the National’s closer Matt Caps.

      • TVReviewsion 5 years ago

        Sorry, replied to the wrong post. I meant to respond to yonkel21’s post.

  4. adam capps? uh, no.

  5. johnsilver 5 years ago

    Poor Danny Uggla. He should have volunteered to move to 3rd base last season when they wanted him to, yet he fought the team’s leadership every step of the way while Bonifacio butchered the position. he just does not have the range for 2B, but has the hands and adequate for 3B and would probably be a decent 3B if he would just give in, maybe even a top tier 3B given his hitting prowess.

    Now they will be moving him to someone else as a 2B who has poor range to his left, but decent to his right. Don’t understand how the Fish can expect to get maximum value for him, due the remaining portion of 7.8M this year, a decent raise next year as a defensive liability more or less at 2B range wise.

    • ludafish 5 years ago

      Man i know his UZR isnt great but uggla isnt a bad defensive 3rd baseman. i think this has been his worst defensive season cause his errors are on stupid plays. ive watched him play since 2006, and he makes errors on balls he has no business touching, but he dives for everything and tried to make the most out of any situation. what makes him a good player is he gives max effort always. what i will say is this year he has made some stupid mistakes, but no one ever questioned his defense before the all star break debacle. he has less errors than chase utley does for example….i dont know, i just get defensive when people say he’s a defensive liability. if you watch him play everyday like the 9 of us marlins fans do you would feel the same way

      • johnsilver 5 years ago

        I do watch him play a lot on Fox sports Florida (live in florida) and he’s actually one of my favorite players, but his range is just not there IMO. Sure, he gives max effort like you said on every play and that AS game mad people think he was worse than he is with those 3 errors in the same inning and those were on balls hit close to him, hand kind of errors he always makes type of plays.

    • I see Uggla being traded for pitchers and a lowbie prospect to make room for Logan Morrison. Cogs will come back to 2nd base and Morrison will head to the outfield. He’s already starting to play some outfield in the minors over the last few weeks.

      I personally love Uggla’s defense, I’d much rather see him go all out on every play then give up on most plays like his double play partner tends to do.

  6. bobbybaseball 5 years ago

    Frasor is having a really bad season.

    • shockey12 5 years ago

      Frasor hasn’t been bad. He had a terrible April then got his fastball back and has been average to slightly above average since.

      • Guest 5 years ago

        I know I wouldn’t be opposed to moving Frasor. He seems to have bi-monthly meltdowns, and always looks terrified on the mound.

  7. JaysFan93 5 years ago

    Trade Marcum while he has value. He has terrible mechanics and I can see more elbow problems for Marcum in the future. He may be good now but later his elbow and shoulder problems will make him a lesser pitcher.

  8. FutureBravesGM18 5 years ago

    The Braves need to look into either or both of Dan Uggla and Jorge Cantu especially if Chipper Jones leaves next year because one of them can take over for him, in power and at third, if he retires after this year.

  9. Dave Dombrowski, who has a history with the Marlins, needs a 3B for the Tigers. Would Uggla move to 3B if he were traded to Detroit?

  10. TheReturnOfMrBlanks 5 years ago

    Edwin to The Pads would be so sweet….what a staff we would have. Hopefully we can get 1 bat too….. who knows! Cant wait to find out

  11. TheReturnOfMrBlanks 5 years ago

    Edwin to The Pads would be so sweet….what a staff we would have. Hopefully we can get 1 bat too….. who knows! Cant wait to find out

  12. jb226 5 years ago

    Or perhaps you’re reading waaaaay too much into things, especially the way you’re re-structuring the post to make it sound like things are related that aren’t.The comment about Guzman and Kennedy had nothing to do with Gonzalez or Bautista. They weren’t even in the same bullet point. It was about the fact that they could be valuable to teams even though nobody has been talking much about them. In fact that’s as much of a dig as a compliment. In his opinion they could be valuable pieces but nobody cares enough to talk about them.If you want to take exception with “get some bites,” well, go ahead. It wasn’t a particularly great choice of words. That said, it’s also worth noting that “get some bites” is associated linguistically with “dangling” — slang for making available for a trade, in this context, which is an assumption all by itself since there are no indications that either are available. It’s also tied by paragraph to Marcum (“one of the best pitchers available”), Frasor and Downs, all of which are tied to “[the Jays] have several more attractive pieces.” He called them all valuable.Of course since you decided to ignore things that are related by paragraph and instead grab whatever bits and pieces you choose from clearly UNREALTED thoughts all in some attempt to try to twist things around to call out “American writers” I’d say none of this matters to you and you just have some sort of persecution complex in need of an outlet. Rant on, good sir!

  13. Shouldn’t Pads be looking more for a bat than another arm?

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