White Sox “All Over” Adam Dunn

One MLB executive told ESPN.com's Buster Olney that the White Sox are "all over Adam Dunn" (Twitter links). Late last month, reports indicated that the White Sox and Angels were interested in Dunn, who earns $12MM this year and now has 17 homers and a .904 OPS. The Angels are without a prototypical first baseman and center fielder Torii Hunter would like to see the Angels acquire a big-time bat like Dunn. The White Sox, who have relied on Mark Kotsay to DH, could also use a power bat.

GM Mike Rizzo told ESPN Radio that it would be "very painful" for the Nationals to give up their slugging first baseman and said it would be "very painful" for the acquiring team, too. Presumably that means the Nationals will be looking for top prospects in any trade. If the Nationals hold onto Dunn and he maintains his status as a Type A free agent, they will have the chance to obtain top prospects in next year's draft.

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  1. Sage 5 years ago

    Here’s how I see it. You’d be overpaying for Adam Dunn because the Nationals don’t want him to go, and you’d only get him for half a year. You’d be underpaying for Prince Fielder because the Brewers are probably going to be sellers, and you’d get him for a year and a half. By this reasoning, you could probably acquire Dunn and Fielder for the same package, so why not go for Fielder?

    • jwredsox 5 years ago

      I doubt that even if the Nationals are looking for a lot I doubt the same package for Dunn would get Fielder.

    • Yankees420 5 years ago

      Just because the Brewers are sellers doesn’t mean that Fielder will be acquired cheaply, sorry, that is just very faulty logic.

      • Sage 5 years ago

        I don’t believe I ever stated my logic. My logic is that, not only are the Brewers likely to be sellers, but Prince is having a down season, and we would likely have to sell low on Prince.

        • Yankees420 5 years ago

          Why would you HAVE to sell low on him? Just because he’s having a down year by his standards, (he has begun to heat up with a .956 OPS in June) doesn’t mean that the trade value for 1.5 years of Prince is going to be equivalent to half a year of Dunn, which was your original statement.

          • Sage 5 years ago

            Despite it being 1.5 years of Prince, from what I’ve been able to gather, teams don’t seem like they would be willing to pay the full price for Prince.

          • Yankees420 5 years ago

            Then there is no need to trade him right now. If the Brewers aren’t going to get fair value for their very talented first baseman, then they should just keep him. They can shop him around in the offseason when there are more bidders, or they can wait until next deadline, but there is no reason that Milwaukee would ever *have* to sell low on Prince Fielder.

          • Sage 5 years ago

            Despite it being 1.5 years of Prince, from what I’ve been able to gather, teams don’t seem like they would be willing to pay the full price for Prince.

  2. I see the Sox grabbing Fielder before dunn, since when has Kenny G ever let a story like this out??He is the quietest GM in baseball

  3. ophaq2 5 years ago

    I have a question….how do the Sox plan on getting either Fielder or Dunn when they have one of the worst farms in the majors? Nobody wants their garbage!

    • the_show 5 years ago

      Hudson is a stud so is Viciedo, our system is thin it is not garbage…try harder

      • ophaq2 5 years ago

        Haha….you call either guy a stud with a straight face? Hudson’s ERA is what? 3.39 in the minors? That’s a stud in the minors? He’ll get to the majors and expect that to go up a point at least. Viciedo has never hit more than 15 HR’s in his career in one year. That’s a stud?? You’re high as a kite if you think either guy or both guys are worth Dunn or Fielder. Try harder.

        • Soxman17 5 years ago

          Wow. Very angry. If I were a betting man, I would say you sound like a Cub fan.

  4. cachhubguy 5 years ago

    Milwaukee would want Hudson. With Peavy out, I don’t see how you give him up.

  5. I would much rather have Fielder if it were they same guys in the trade but I would go after Adam Larorche since he would be cheaper & hes been a great 2nd half hitter.

  6. HickoryHuskers 5 years ago

    Nats will not get draft picks for Dunn–he would likely accept their arb offer. He has said he wants to stay in Washington and seems like the kind of guy who would take a year in a place he likes over 2-3 years somewhere else.

    • Yankees420 5 years ago

      No way Dunn accepts arb, if he wants to stay in D.C. so badly he’ll just give them a discount since there have been numerous reports saying Rizzo wants to resign him.

      What sounds better to you ~16MM for one year and then doing FA all over again or a 4 year deal guaranteeing ~40MM.

      • souldrummer 5 years ago

        Totally agree with this. Now that Dunn has shown he’s not a butcher at 1B, he’s got more value as a free agent and should be looking for a deal at least 3 year 40M. I think I heard Buster saying 4year 48M was what it might take to get the deal complete. Dunn’s making 12M this year and probably feels he deserves a raise in years and dollars.

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