White Sox “All Over” Adam Dunn

One MLB executive told ESPN.com's Buster Olney that the White Sox are "all over Adam Dunn" (Twitter links). Late last month, reports indicated that the White Sox and Angels were interested in Dunn, who earns $12MM this year and now has 17 homers and a .904 OPS. The Angels are without a prototypical first baseman and center fielder Torii Hunter would like to see the Angels acquire a big-time bat like Dunn. The White Sox, who have relied on Mark Kotsay to DH, could also use a power bat.

GM Mike Rizzo told ESPN Radio that it would be "very painful" for the Nationals to give up their slugging first baseman and said it would be "very painful" for the acquiring team, too. Presumably that means the Nationals will be looking for top prospects in any trade. If the Nationals hold onto Dunn and he maintains his status as a Type A free agent, they will have the chance to obtain top prospects in next year's draft.

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