Bloomquist Wants To Be Everyday Player

Royals veteran Willie Bloomquist is intrigued by the possibility of being an every day player elsewhere as he heads into free agency, writes Bob Dutton of The Kansas City Star.  After setting career highs in plate appearances and games played in 2009, the soon-to-be 33-year-old has taken on a dramatically reduced role this season.

“I’d be lying,” the utility player said, “if I said the National League didn’t entice me. I could play pretty much every day whether I’m starting or not. That’s awful enticing.”

However, Bloomquist is more at ease with having a reserve role than he once was.  Two years ago, the right-handed batter was anxious to leave Seattle via free agency for Kansas City in order to see more playing time.  To date, Bloomquist has yet to receive a contract offer from the Royals but he might be willing to re-up with the club before testing the waters of free agency.

“After the season,” Bloomquist said, “they have the [exclusive] rights to talk to me for a couple of weeks. If something comes up that’s decent and fair, then why rock the marriage? On the other hand, it could definitely be in my interest to see what’s out there.”

The former Seattle Mariner has earned a combined $3.1MM in his two seasons with the Royals.

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  1. Ian_Smell 5 years ago

    If he played for the Pirates, he would probably play regularly at either shortstop or right field.

    • I doubt that they sign him

      • Ian_Smell 5 years ago

        I could see it happening. It would be consistent in Neal’s signing of mediocre middle infielders, such as Chris Gomez, Ramon Vazquez, and Bobby Crosby.

  2. I, as well, would like to be an everyday player in the National League.

    Willie is more qualified than I am for that chance, I’ll give him that. But it’s hard to see him as quite qualified enough, you know?

    Geez, why can’t a guy just be delighted to be a 33 year-old regularly employed utility guy? Not so many of those in the world, you know.

    • alxn 5 years ago

      Ignorance is bliss. He should probably be more worried about even getting a major league contract than being a starter.

  3. Zack23 5 years ago

    File this with Luis Castillo and Jeff Francoeur under “Delusional”

  4. diehardmets 5 years ago

    You’re a reserve player on the Kansas City Royal. Maybe that should tell you something.

    • BradyAndersonsSideburns 5 years ago

      hahahahaha couldn’t have said it any better myself

    • roberty 5 years ago

      So was Matt Diaz. In his 3 seasons in the AL totaled a whopping 131 plate appearances. In his 5 years in the NL he has 1453 plate appearances. Backup players play more in the NL.

      • damnitsderek 5 years ago

        Diaz can actually hit, though. After watching Bloomquist play in Seattle for the better part of 2002-2008, trust me, Bloomquist has no business even being on a MLB roster.

  5. Must be a slow day today…

  6. As far as I’m concerned, he can be.

    In AAA.

  7. Well, him and Jason Kendall said they want to try out for the Olympic Luge team. Maybe he should get started on that.

    link to

  8. EvilEmpireMember 5 years ago

    “I’d be lying,” the utility player said, “if I said the National League didn’t entice me. I could play pretty much every day whether I’m starting or not. That’s awful enticing.”

    Hey Bloomquist, you know what would “not” be enticing?
    Having my favorite team sign you as a starter.

  9. myname_989 5 years ago

    His .250 / .289 / .380 line isn’t going to draw many interested parties… The fact that he’s played every position on the field aside from pitcher and catcher this year may though. Don’t think he’s an everyday player, but he’s the definition of utility man.

  10. CrustyJuggler 5 years ago

    He only got that multi-year deal out of KC because he was putting up a good avg and obp in a limited role in Seattle. KC figured they would take a shot he could be that good everyday. He wasn’t. True colors are out there now and no team in their right mind would even consider him anything more than a UTIL/PR. … Like he was in Seattle.

  11. Nicolas_C 5 years ago

    “Bloomquist Wants To Be Everyday Player”

    Well, then play like one Willie

  12. I knew Bloomquist would get all high and mighty once Yost batted him third against the Tigers the other day.

  13. coolstorybro222 5 years ago

    He’s one of thos guys that teams keep out of pity.

  14. MontanaRoyal 5 years ago

    Losing equals losing….so stop playing over the hill and overrated players and give our wonderful minor league players a chance to play. Can we try that once? Please? Obviously Dayton Moore’s plan has not worked so far…..or Allan Baird’s plan…..whats it been 25 years? Come on!

  15. This guy is good. I mean he somehow conned the M’s and Royals into a 9 year MLB career. Not many players with such little talent can forge that.

  16. Brad Dillon 5 years ago

    He’s really versatile, and would play well. But he doesn’t get on base enough, or have enough power, to be worthy of an everyday role.

  17. philly_red 5 years ago

    Willie is a nice guy, and can play a lot of positions, but any coach who lets him see 400 plate appearances (or more) should be fired immediately. (Oh wait, Trey Hillman WAS fired.) Bloomquist doesn’t do anything well – I know it must be frustrating to wear a major league uniform and not get on the field every day, but he should consider himself lucky to have the job he has. I’m not trying to rip the guy – he, after all, has more talent than anyone that posts on these boards – but comments like this from Bloomquist (and similar comments from Francoeur and L. Castillo) send up red flags, and may prevent them from scoring even a backup role when they hit free agency. No GM will sign a guy to a backup spot when they’ve made it clear they think they deserve to be in an every day lineup.

    • johnsilver 5 years ago

      Difference with Frenchy and Catillo is that they can’t play 7 positions and Bloomquist can, plus Bloomquist has some speed as well. Though Bloomquist isn’t going to be able to even get more than a 1 year MLB deal after the season, have a hard time seeing Frenchy getting that, or offered as much as Bloomquist. Bloomquist provides something every team needs and can save teams 2 roster spots with 1 player and what Frenchy provides is not worth much at all.. Low OBP, fairly poor bat and good defense from a position that on most teams needs offense from the position.

  18. TeamCropDusters 5 years ago

    He is the perfect 25th man on ANY roster. 2B,3B,SS,LF,CF,RF….not many can play almost every position on the diamond.

    Unfortunately he is the second best mega utility player on the market this winter behind Jerry Hairston Jr.

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