D’Backs, LaRoche Exploring Contract Extension

The Diamondbacks and first baseman Adam LaRoche are in "very preliminary" discussions about an extension that would keep LaRoche in the desert past his current deal's expiry date after the 2011 season, reports Jack Magruder of FOXSportsArizona.com.

LaRoche signed a one-year, $4.5MM contract with the Snakes in January that carries a mutual option worth $7.5MM for 2011.  The buyout of that mutual option is worth $1.5MM, thus costing Arizona $6MM overall for a first baseman who has posted a solid .840 OPS in 464 plate appearances while battling some lingering quad and knee injuries. 

The extension talk is a bit surprising given that LaRoche's name has popped up in trade rumors virtually all season long thanks to Arizona's quick plunge to the bottom of the NL West.  LaRoche, who will turn 31 on November 6, cleared trade waivers yesterday and could be moved to any team, though a trade would increase the value of his mutual option to $9.5MM.  Magruder notes, however, that since the D'Backs have already moved Dan Haren, Edwin Jackson and Chris Snyder, those deals freed up enough payroll for the club to try and keep LaRoche in the fold.

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  1. drew6 5 years ago

    DiPoto has shown some good GM stuff, now keeping LaRoche sounds good, Allen isnt going to be the solution…. Then go with the mets and trade them some prospects in exchange of K-Rod since they dont want him anymore…

    • diehardmets 5 years ago

      I’m assuming your kidding. If your not, please take him.

    • Dave_Gershman 5 years ago

      Is today April Fools day? Opposite day? Am I missing something? You’re kidding right?

  2. Brad Johnson 5 years ago

    I can’t see what the D-Backs gain by paying for LaRoche. Do they honestly see themselves as contenders within the next 2 years? If not, then what’s the point of putting up the money for a mid tier 1b?

    • Dave_Gershman 5 years ago

      I see what you are saying, and agree with everything you said, but at the same time, why not…

      He’s really had a good season and he’s been real hot of late, but at this point, I think Brandon Allen is the future and he’s also done a great job at Reno over the past month. He is big league ready and whether it’s with Arizona (which it should be) or not, he deserves to be the starting 1B for a Major League Baseball Team.

      With that said, LaRoche again has done a great job in Arizona, and I do think it’s right to lock him up simply because he is a very good fit, he’s productive, and there is a chance that they can compete next year. Is it a good chance? Not really, but theres a chance.

      I also look at it like this, they might as make this lineup as good as possible due to the fact that next season is probably their last chance to win with this incredible offense. So I kind of get it.

  3. jdub220 5 years ago

    This is a pretty good idea. Allen now becomes a left fielder, I’m assuming.

    • Dave_Gershman 5 years ago

      He becomes trade bait for a relief pitcher or a starting pitcher.

      • AZalltheway 5 years ago

        Brandon Allen + a few more prospects/ fringe players to Tampa for Rafael Soriano?

        • Dave_Gershman 5 years ago

          Soriano is a free agent after the season.

          To me, Allen is the only Diamondbacks prospect I’d move. The team isn’t exactly loaded and they need to rely on their farm.

          Maybe something like Brandon Allen for Sean Marshall.

          • AZalltheway 5 years ago

            Oops. My bad. But with how bad there bullpen has been, Soriano and Heilman together wouldn’t be a bad thing.

          • Dave_Gershman 5 years ago

            Would be great. They really need to go shopping for relievers this off-season.

    • Paradise17 5 years ago

      I like this idea. Allen could be like Conor jackson was but with Power minus the OBP…both not great fielders in LF. Taking Parra out and making him a 4th OF makes this offense pretty darn good 1-8. KJ signing an exstention is next.

      • jdub220 5 years ago

        Allen’s OBP ain’t too shabby either though. 17.2 BB% in AAA this year. Of course he won’t carry that over to the majors, but still…

  4. AZalltheway 5 years ago

    One reason the D-backs like LaRoche is because of his amazing defense. He’s one of the best at bailing out his infielders in all of baseball

  5. mrsjohnmiltonrocks 5 years ago

    Well, that’s odd. Except if you think about it, that gives them a lefty power threat to go with their righty power threats Young and Reynolds. Makes some sort of sense, I guess.

    • Dave_Gershman 5 years ago

      Plus it’s their last chance to win with their great offense.

      • jdub220 5 years ago

        It’d be great if they were actually consistent. There’s a LOT of potential though.

  6. M_Harden 5 years ago

    So you trade an ace making below market cash so you can give an average first baseman an extention? What? Why? You have a cost controlled Brandon Allen in the minors who can give you the same production as LaRoche!

  7. M_Harden 5 years ago

    So you trade an ace making below market cash so you can extend an average first baseman? What? Why? You have a cost controlled Brandon Allen in the minors who can give you the same production as LaRoche!

  8. Paradise17 5 years ago

    Guys…no one has noticed, but Brandon Allen has started 1/3 of his games in LF and really has been alot lately. Gambo reported this early this week as well. If Laroche signs Allen is 100% going to LF. This gives us a POTENT offense with no easy outs 1-8. Drew, Johnson, Young, LaRoche, Reynolds, Upton, Montero and Allen with Parra now the 4th OF who can play all 3 OF positions. When we have a #8 that can hit 20-25 hrs in his rookie season in 2011 that is tough. With the young arms we have, it will be a quick turnaround to .500 or better ball next year. All we need is a better bullpen and I think that will be a major focus in the offseason.

    • dirtydez 5 years ago

      This team won’t get above .500 until Reynolds is gone. The door to every rally slams shut when he visits the plate. The question is will someone take him off our hands?

      • jdub220 5 years ago

        Funny that you’d say that. Reynolds has a .396 wOBA and an almost 1.000 OPS in high leverage situations this year.

        • dirtydez 5 years ago

          1 K per 2.93 AB’s. By far the worst in MLB. What high leverage situations this team is in last place. He needs to go ASAP and Byrnes almost dealt him before Hall screwed it up. Can’t have Upton/Reynolds in the same lineup and we’re not trading J-Up.

          • jdub220 5 years ago

            So high K rate = rally killer? That doesn’t make sense.
            Strikeouts CAN kill a rally, but one doesn’t necessarily mean the other. And in this case, it doesn’t.
            Also, high leverage situations aren’t weighted by what the team’s record is, and it shouldn’t be.
            Reynolds can strike out all he wants, as long as he’s still productive I’m fine with it.

          • dirtydez 5 years ago

            Batting .215 with 200+ K’s isn’t productive. JB knew he was a black hole in the lineup which i s why he was nearly traded. This whole team isn’t productive. KJ is our only legit major league batter. A .300 hitter w/o power substituted for Reynolds would give this team so much. Should’ve traded him last offseason and signed Polanco.

          • jdub220 5 years ago

            A near .350 wOBA with good defense is productive though. Batting average doesn’t mean anything.

          • dirtydez 5 years ago

            Also, Upton should be sent down to Reno. This guy thinks he’s an MVP. Look what the demotion did for CY…

          • jdub220 5 years ago

            Now you’re just being ridiculous. You sound like an AZCentral poster.

          • dirtydez 5 years ago

            Azcentral posters get a bad rep because they’re not homers like rest of you. Upton/Reynolds have been dissapointing they’ve regressed from last season. Mark has gotten worse every year since 07′ and Upton should be sent down i guarantee he’ll work his tail off like CY did.

          • jdub220 5 years ago

            AZCentral posters get a bad rep because they say the most ridiculously stupid and moronic things. I prefer facts.

            Like Reynolds being above average offensively, with a 111 wRC+. Upton is also, with a 107. 100 is average.

            Reynolds is the 9th best defensive third basemen. Upton is second best among right fielders, only behind Jay Bruce.

          • dirtydez 5 years ago

            If your stats prove these players are good why do they hit a combined .230 and lead the league in whiffs? Everyone who watches Jup in RF knows he’s a joke who can’t hit a cutt off man. He’s probably the least fundamentally sound OF in the NL. Reynolds leads the league in errors again. Too bad sabermetrics aren’t everything or we’d be the best team in baseball according to your numbers. Reynolds needs to be dealt before he kills whatever trade value he has left.

          • jdub220 5 years ago

            1. Batting average isn’t a good indication of hitting ability. Players like Juan Pierre and Luis Castillo are prime reasons why. They can hit .300 and still be worthless.

            2. Errors aren’t a good indication of fielding ability. Upton and Reynolds have incredible range (especially Upton). That more than makes up for their errors. They are above average defenders.

            These two things are fact. Sabermetrics aren’t some fantasy, made up stat. They are very real, and they are more efficient ways to evaluate players. I can’t help it if you want to keep using stats that are nowadays irrelevant, but you are wrong. Both Upton and Reynolds are above average offensively and defensively. This. Is. A. Fact.

          • dirtydez 5 years ago

            If Reynolds is above average offensively then everyone is above average offensively. He has twice as many K’s as hits. It’s ridiculous that he’s about to break his own record AGAIN. He swings at balls 2ft off the plate. He’s just a poor player all around. Give me a player (like Pierre or Polanco) that can advance a runner or put the ball in play. Pitchers want to face Reynolds. Mark makes scrub pitchers look legit. Your problem is you can be crtical of any AZ hitters.

          • jdub220 5 years ago

            Again: It is not about hits (batting average). It’s about the impact of those hits. I’d rather have a power hitter that strikes out a ton than a singles slap hitter. I’m not biased. There’s concrete PROOF saying that he’s above average. Where’s your proof? Other than meaningless stats like batting average, that is.

  9. chasefield20 5 years ago

    The Arizona Diamondbacks are not out of contention for the next two years they have made some great strides this year to clear up some payroll for ’11 and on top of that they received some great arms, Daniel Hudson and Joe Saunders DJ Carassco . They have a good lineup that produces on a consistent basis and as they continue to gain experience they will continue to play at a higher level. From my experiences with this ball club they are a tight knit group and they are now beginning to understand their roles on this team with Gibby as their leader and some more veteran presence like Adam Laroche and Joe Saunders and whoever they acquire next year they will have a complete club with offense and pitching. For years the D-backs have been missing that veteran presence that all good teams have, with extra money to spend for 2011 they will be able to sprinkle some veterans into the 25 man roster and bolster there chances to contend. During the offseason they will be looking for bullpen help; a closer a left handed reliever, also They will be looking at acquiring a veteran starter , and finally they will be looking for a veteran bat if they feel they still have holes. This will all be done via free agency and trades. This the first time in years Arizona will be able to really explore the free agent market with a fatter wallet.

  10. boomba 5 years ago

    The best thing I can hope for is that the D-Backs let LaRoche walk as a free agent and the Blue Jays scoop him up for 3 years at $8.0m/year. The Jays would still get great defense at 1B and much improved offense over Overbay…all at the same price that Overbay is getting now. That’s the best place for LaRoche to end up.

  11. dirtydez 5 years ago

    Great so now we have Laroche, Reynolds and Upton striking out a combined 500+ times. One of them have to go i hope it’s Mark. According to Gambo JB was THIS close to trading him before he got canned. He’s having a tough year but we could get some pieces for him. If Laroche stays this lineup has too many K guys.

  12. AmericanMovieFan 5 years ago

    But what kind of extension are they talking? 2 years? 3 years? $5MM per? $8MM per? This is one of those contracts that will either look team friendly or albatross-like but probably won’t look good from any angle, sad to say. Adam LaRoche is just one of those players where a long term high-price contract just doesn’t seem to make sense in terms of making a large commitment. He seems…replaceable. Just my honest opinion. But more power to him if he gets a big deal and I hope it works out for the D’backs. Just remember Eric Byrnes…

  13. penpaper 5 years ago

    People not realizing this team has had a miserable primarily due to their awful bullpen. The line up has too much potential to not give it another try. I agree about trading Reynolds away for some young arms.

    Also about the extension, that would be great. Obviously depends on the details but I imagine that Laroche wants long term security deal. I’m sure he’s tired of bouncing around.

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