Odds & Ends: Torre, Royals, Colome, Hawpe

Links for Wednesday, a year to the day after the Rangers acquired Ivan Rodriguez

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  1. cashman doesn’t really need to make moves… just call up ivan nova.

    • moonraker45 5 years ago

      if pettitte doesn’t make it back for the post season. their rotation could prove to be a weakness after CC

      • there’s no question. CC is the only horse… AJ has amazing stuff, but he also has a Jekyll & Hyde complex. Hughes will be in uncharted territory with his pitch count and Javy is dealing with a dead arm issue. Nova should be called up to give Javy rest, while Moseley fills in for Pettitte. That, in my opinion, is the best way for the Yankees to go about it.

        • moonraker45 5 years ago

          Aj burnette would be a good pitcher if every year was his contract year. As for CC, as good and reliable as he is, he could potentially be neutralized by Lee or Price in the playoffs. Putting more pressure on the rest of the rotation, which at this point lacks the depth that the other play off teams benefit from. but over time you learn to never disregard the yankees.

  2. The Way CC pitched the first two rounds of he playoffs last year? He can dust Price off his shoulder, Cliff Lee can match him but it’s only he World series that CC has some trouble with. Andy will be back by September so I’m not really worried about him. Hughes was horrible last postseason, and Javy will be moved to the bullpen if Girardi still wants to use that 3 starter rotation, but Idk about that because A.J. doesent pitch well on three days of rest. But actually I’m not oppossed to bringing up Nova just to see how he will do.

    • moonraker45 5 years ago

      I dont know about ‘dusting price off his shoulder’ both are good pitchers, and price has shown confidence and maturity well beyond his years so far. . Further more with the playoff schedule being more condensed this year the Yankees won’t be able to go to a 3 man rotation, so yes CC can match up against any ace, but the 2,3,and 4 starters will prove pivotal in escaping the east.

  3. haymaker9 5 years ago

    Look for Brad Hawpe to be wearing a White Sox uniform soon.

  4. jmag043 5 years ago

    Teams are still signing Jesus Colome? hahahhahaha

    • Guest 5 years ago

      Maybe their pitching coach’s arm is tired from throwing batting practice and they need a backup.

  5. Vote_For_Pedro 5 years ago

    Good for the bucs for paying 12 mill on the draft 2 big thumbs up to GM Neal.

  6. dodgerjulio 5 years ago

    Torre retiring this season is the second best news of the Dodgers’ season. Right before Zach Lee.

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