Orioles Sign Manny Machado

11:43pm: The Orioles, who announced the deal via press release, agreed to a $5.25MM deal with Machado, according to Jon Heyman of SI.com (Twitter link).

11:06pm: The Orioles agreed to sign third-overall pick Manny Machado, according to Jim Bowden of Sirius XM Radio (Twitter link). The 18-year-old shortstop is from Miami, so some have compared him to one of the best draft picks in MLB history: Alex Rodriguez. A-Rod's agent, Scott Boras, also represents Machado (and a number of top picks in this year's draft). He wasn't an easy player to sign but, Orioles scouting director Joe Jordan said after the draft that Machado has the talent to be an impact major leaguer.

“He’s going to automatically be one of the premier prospects in the organization,” Jordan said.

Last year, MLB recommended a $2.925MM bonus for the third-overall pick. Click here for the complete list of 2010 first-rounders to sign.

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  1. Dave_Gershman 5 years ago

    Hope he turns out to be a great ballplayer!

  2. $4555515 5 years ago

    orioles finally get the ss prospect they’ve need for so long

  3. sweet……..

  4. About time hopefully he is not Billy Rowell 2

  5. Good for them, because the way they are playing under Showalter they might miss out on Rendon and Purke.

  6. Jeff Thompson 5 years ago

    Go O’s!!!

  7. eaglesfan2012 5 years ago

    SWOOT A LOOT!!!!!!!!!

  8. Guest 5 years ago

    Really glad for the O’s to get him. They’ve got some solid pitching prospects and future name like Machado.

  9. jwredsox 5 years ago

    @Jeff51786: you missed some posts to click the like button on.

  10. Jeff Thompson 5 years ago

    What can i say, i’m excited that my O’s signed their guy. I got worried when i saw the Nats got their deal done with Harper since both “The Macho Man” and Harper have Bor-@$$ as their agent.

  11. Lets say MLB debut in 2012?

  12. Sniderlover 5 years ago

    Orioles infield could become very strong in the next few years.

    Great signing.

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