Rockies Interested In Jose Lopez

The Rockies are interested in Mariners infielder Jose Lopez, according to Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports (via Twitter). The Rockies are an infielder short after placing Ian Stewart on the disabled list, but rosters expand tomorrow, so they could rely on minor leaguers instead. One source tells Rosenthal that he or she doubts the Rockies will acquire Lopez or any other infielder (Twitter link).

Lopez has disappointed Mariners fans this season with his .241/.272/.333 line. After years of playing second base, he moved to third, where his defense is slightly above average, according to UZR. About $180K of Lopez's 2010 salary remains and there's a $250K buyout for a $4.5MM team option for 2011. Given Lopez's play this season, his team will likely decline that option and non-tender him. However, as the Cardinals showed when they acquired Pedro Feliz, teams are willing to trade for under-performing players in the hopes that they heat up.

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  1. $1529282 5 years ago

    Lopez will never learn how to draw a walk or post a reasonable OBP, but getting out of last place and Safeco and into a pennant race at Coors Field might energize him and at least bring back some power.

    Then the Mariners could shift Figgins back to 3B where he belongs and give Ackley a shot at 2B for September (though he could probably use some more AAA time).

  2. TVReviewsion 5 years ago

    Yes please. You can have him for free.

  3. Do it! Take him please!

  4. SO we can have Nelson, Herrera, Barmes, Tulo, Stewart (retroactive DL?), EYJR, Mora!

    Why do we need ANOTHER infielder?!?!?

  5. you will take him and give us back jimenez.. the force tells you to give in to the darkside…

  6. m4r1n3r 5 years ago

    I would be very pleased if the Rockies would take Lopez. Don’t really need anything in return. Taking him off the M’s hands will be good enough.

  7. BTW, Ackley isn’t ready.

  8. BobbyJohn 5 years ago

    With Chris Nelson waiting at AAA, this move would be absolutely stupid by the Rockies. At this point in their careers Nelson >>> Lopez.

  9. progmatinee 5 years ago

    seems like a typical senseless move by the rox.

  10. withpower 5 years ago

    I have heavily criticized Lopez before.. but I think this might be an okay move by the Rox.Why not stockpile infielders who have power? The huge outfield in Denver is going to raise his AVG.. if he can find a way to get back to his ~.320 OBP seasons where he’s hitting 20+ HR with a little glove, he can help that team.Especially since Mora is older than dirt, Stewart is nicked up right now, and Helton is done.

  11. Take Peralta, please!

  12. Colorado, please just take him for free! Not having him hit clean up would be like a Christmas miracle…. in August.

  13. yazpik 5 years ago

    Jay, Lopie for Tulo!!!

  14. jlbroxfan3 5 years ago

    Lopez couldn’t be worse than Barmes.

    • BobbyJohn 5 years ago

      Barmes is WAY better in the field. That’s not even close. Considering they’re basically a push with a bat then I’d rather hang on to Barmes at this point.

  15. What do the Rockies find so interesting in him? Surely it’s that they think that his power #’s might go up playing at Coors… Other than that I don’t really take interest in a guy with an OBP of .274.

  16. dshires4 5 years ago

    Oh man… If there’s any truth to the Rockies having interest in a player who is hitting like an NL pitcher, as a Mariners fan…this makes me ecstatic!

    I’d actually give them a prospect to take Lopez off our hands!

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