Odds & Ends: Scott, Valentine, Manny

Four years ago today, the Yankees released first baseman Carlos Pena.  He signed a minor league deal with the Rays in January of '07 and went on to have a monster season.  On to today's non-draft links…

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  1. souldrummer 5 years ago

    You put Ichiro and Valentine together and you have the unofficial national team of Japan in Seattle, right?

    • invader3k 5 years ago

      Yeah, it’s clear whose team it is at this point.

      • MCMLXXVII 5 years ago

        It’s always been pretty clear. Look at Hargrove’s departure midseason in 2007. It’s Ichiro’s team. Plus, I’d trust Peter Gammons’ reporting x100 more than Larry Stone’s.

  2. basemonkey 5 years ago

    A lot of Orioles trade chips were pretty undervalued at the deadline. I read a lot of fans here not very interested in players like Scott and Guthrie. Since the break those guys have exploded and evened out in putting up a pretty solid year.

    • basemonkey 5 years ago

      Os fans should be thankful because they would have probably sold low on all of these guys. I wonder what teams would have liked to have had a Scott or Guthrie though.

  3. gwells 5 years ago

    can’t read the linked article re:zimmermann (work firewall), but if it matters, the nats have said he’ll be limited to 5 IP per start.

  4. Manny will be next year’s Vlad. Approx 8mm contract and ridiculous numbers for value. Let Vlad walk and have him protect Hamilton in 2011 since Vlad will most likely want a raise and possible 2 yr contract (see Abreu).

    • gigantes2425 5 years ago

      i’m going to disagree just to see what people think. manny is a good hitter, but his body is not reacting well to not having roids in his system regularly. i really don’t think he can bounce back to the season he’s having. and if he gets off to a slow start he seems to distance himself from the team when he doesn’t produce and begs for a trade.

      • Come on, roids are a non-factor at this point. At 20mm a year, Manny is a sore, but at 6-8mm and full time DH, Manny is a calculated risk. Manny is “hurt” when he is unhappy in his current situation, not due to lack of “roids”.

        I love how we assume that “roids” are actually out of the game of baseball, or any sport. “Roids” were just the term of the 90’s and early 2000’s, when in fact, science had already propelled us past that. It’s science, there is always something new that is being used. We all have access to the internet, so with a little effort, we can inform ourselves of leaps in modern science. (Just a soap box). I say all of this, because I feel that the term “roids” is used far too loosely. I end by saying that everyone on this site should do follow up or preface the term “roids” with researched evidence to support or dispute their use of the term.

        I’m also provoking a bit to see what others think.

        Now watch as this now gets “blasted”…

        • gigantes2425 5 years ago

          i said roids because his body is shutting down. and as soon as he gets caught last year he was never the same. he’s been on the DL 3 times this year. his batting average was decent when he was healthy, but his power went down a lot. 98% of baseball fans think it is roids because no one falls off that fast like he did.

          • So that is usually from a testosterone imbalance, not “roids”. And how many times did he bail on BOS in 08? Comparable.

        • Ever since baseball has been cracking the whip on drug tests and what not, The use of roids has almost been forgotten. People don’t assume Pujols is using roids or Ryan Howard was born that big. No one assumes because theirs no need to. If Ken Griffey can hit more home runs than the steroids user of Mark MaGuire and Sammy Sosa and many others, well then that just proves my point. Baseball can be beaten by a true ball player. It’s fundamentals that win the game. Barry Bonds though is a different case. Who knows how long barry bonds used roids? Well to get back to the point, Manny is old, their its that simple, he is done. Retire already, the game will do you no good no more. MMM… Maybe one day the 90’s and 2000’s will be erased from the books? (doesn’t hurt to dream). In the meantime kick back and watch another roid user break home run records. A-roid… (A-Rod sorry)

          • Do some research and learn about how long ‘performance enhancers” have actually been in the game… Manny is not done and will be good money spent next year. Enough said. Done? he’s batting over .300. What is your point? Little knowledge but big opinion. Again, I suggest research for you.

  5. I completely am shocked by anybody putting Manny next to Vlads name next year. Manny is done being manny. Injuries have started to plague and age is starting to show. For the O’s case, Guthrie should not have on an orange jersey. He should be 100 miles north. The Mets would have loved a sure fire guy next to santana in the rotation. Scott I can see why they hung on to, struggled for a while in the first half and their wasn’t much of a need for a left handed power bat besides down in arlington as a bench/platoon hitter.

    Ichiro, I applaud you! It’s time to let your team know whos captain and start taking leadership in the dugout. If you want Valentine, I bet they will try getting him for you. I mean why not, I can picture Bobby V taking seattle farther than Wak did this year.

    • Can’t Scott be put on waivers again? Course if he gets claimed he can’t be pulled back again.

      • It’s highly unlikely that they end up to that point. Scott will almost certainly be let go for type B status which gives the O’s a supplement pick but I just don’t see Scott being moved honestly.

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