Will Brad Hawpe Be Traded?

Rockies outfielder Brad Hawpe was placed on waivers yesterday, reported Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports.  That means the window to claim Hawpe will expire Wednesday afternoon at the latest.  The Rockies "want to move" Hawpe, writes Troy E. Renck of the Denver Post.

The first question is whether Hawpe will be claimed by one of the other 29 clubs.  His playing time has dwindled in recent months, and his .252/.341/.430 line is his worst since 2005.  Hawpe has consistently posted poor UZR defensive numbers in right field.  This year, for the first time, he's played a few games at first base.

Hawpe has shown enough offense over the past several seasons that he would still appeal to several contenders.  The problem is that a claim could compel the Rockies to dump his contract on another team.  That club would pay the prorated portion of his $7.5MM salary (currently $1.96MM) plus a potential $500K buyout of his $10.15MM club option for '11 (unless Hawpe voids it, which seems unlikely).

The White Sox were linked to Hawpe in July, and they came up empty looking for a bat last month.  The Padres and Braves made additions, so a National League claim seems unlikely.  The White Sox would have first crack in the AL, before the Twins, Red Sox, Yankees, or Rays.  The Red Sox and Rays may at least consider Hawpe, but I suspect he'll make it through waivers unclaimed.  That'd open up trade possibilties for the Rockies, who probably won't get draft pick compensation for the Type A free agent.  It'd only be possible if they declined Hawpe's option and then offered arbitration, an unlikely scenario.

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  1. Bravez 5 years ago


  2. Funny have I’ve been beging the Rox to get rid of Barmes and Hawpe as they are overpaid and perform worse then their minor league counterparts. FINALLY it is happening.

  3. Nicolas_C 5 years ago

    Come on White Sox, it’s impossible to downgrade from Kotsay

    • wreckemlikebeckham 5 years ago

      I agree Nic

    • Hawpe seems like a perfect fit for the White Sox. Although, I would think the trade has to happen SOON for it to have much value.

    • I wanted the Sox to get him at the deadline or next yr via free agency to have a LH RF & let CQ DH. Im sure the Sox are now thinking we got Tehean & dont want to pay another $2 mill. The Sox are also now in need of a 5th starter & another arm in the pen with Jenks & Freddy sucking so the Sox may wait until the off season to add a bat.

      • Nicolas_C 5 years ago

        Hawpe is even worse defensively than Quentin though…but I agree with the rest

  4. coolstorybro222 5 years ago

    if they traded him would it be Eric Young Jr. in center and Gonzo in right?

    • haymaker9 5 years ago

      I would guess they go with Smith-LF, Fowler-CF, Gonzalez-RF against RHP, and Gonzalez-LF, Fowler-CF, Spilborghs-RF against LHP.

      EY2 will probably start in LF on occasion, and 2B at other times. After the season is over, they can let Barmes go and then Young become the starter at 2B.

      • BobbyJohn 5 years ago

        I think haymaker has it just right here, and I think we’ll occasionally see CarGo in CF with Smith in LF and Spilly in RF to let Fowler have an off day.

    • mkorpal 5 years ago

      EYJ is fairly likely to play 2B near full time. Barmes has all but played himself out of starting lineup, and there is even a chance Barmes is DFA’d tonight to make room for Chacin to start.

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