Arbitration Eligibles: Los Angeles Angels

The arbitration eligibles series is back with a vengeance.  Today we look at the Angels players who will be eligible for arbitration after the season…

Frandsen played well in his first 100 or so Angels plate appearances, but his work since then could get him non-tendered.  Callaspo could be cut loose if the Angels prefer not to bump him up to $1MM.  It might be a similar story for Willits.  Mathis could be non-tendered after another abysmal offensive showing, though the Angels would have a case for keeping his salary at $1.3MM or even cutting his pay.

Weaver, a Scott Boras client, is primed for big bucks – he leads all pitchers this year with 229 strikeouts.  You won't find too many cases like Weaver, as most young pitchers this good are locked up.  He could jump past $7MM.  Morales has bad timing – he had his huge year in '09 but broke his leg in May of this year.  He should still find a $3MM salary.

Aybar will get a raise on this year's $2.05MM, but his poor offensive 2010 should limit the increase.  Kendrick, already at $1.75MM, set career highs in runs, RBIs, and steals.  It's not a perfect comparable, but maybe he'll fall around Clint Barmes' $3.3MM.

Napoli could be in the position Mark Teahen, Jeremy Hermida, and Matt Lindstrom were last year – traded before the non-tender deadline.  He's got 92 home runs under his belt after five seasons and already earns $3.6MM.  Most backstops with Napoli's abilities are locked up; he could make over $5MM next year.  Granted Napoli has only 406 career games behind the dish, and more time at first base this year, but his agent Brian Grieper can probably position him as a catcher for an arbitration hearing.

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  1. bjsguess 5 years ago

    — Callapso won’t be traded. He was just acquired when the Angels were an extreme long-shot to make the post-season in ’10. Reagens has said several times that his moves this year were for ’10 and beyond. Callaspo will become another super-utility infielder.

    — Frandsen will be cut with Callaspo on the team.

    — Morales – I’d be surprised if he makes $3m or more. Hard to pull that off as a first timer coming off a season lost on the DL.

    — Mathis and Willits will be back if they are prepared to go without a raise. I’d prefer Mathis to be cut but I doubt it will happen.

    — Aybar and Kendrick have been horribly frustrating this year. Both should be on thin ice and neither should receive much of a pay increase.

    — Weaver is a tough one. He went from a very solid #2 pitcher to an “ace” level pitcher in ’10. The question is whether Weaver has really improved or if this season will prove to be an aberration. If the Angels believe that this is the real deal I would assume you would try to work a Prince Fielder type deal (buyout last 2 years of arb). Having Boras as an agent will make it hard to extend him into his FA years.

    — Napoli should end up around $5m. Given his ability to play catcher his bat is easily worth $5m and more. The Angels should trade him however if they are determined not to let him catch.

    • I’m not sure I’d cut Frandsen just yet…Looking at the bench next year, all other things being equal, you have Maicer Izturis as the only infield option. If Rivera isn’t traded, he could be a viable 1B option, but given his $5 million salary, the Angels might be more inclined to move him this offseason while he still has some value. And I think they should.

      Maicer Izturis can’t be relied upon to stay healthy for a whole season, anyway. Frandsen can play every infield position, so unless the Halos acquire another bench bat in the offseason, I’d keep him.

    • ryankrol 5 years ago

      I agree with everything except Kendrick. I’d even disagree with Aybar, if he was a more intelligent ballplayer. I don’t really get too caught up in the offensive numbers of middle infielders. Their job is stop the ball from getting to the outfield, and to cut down runners trying to advance.

      Offensively, Erick Aybar is no different than Ozzie Guillen and Omar Vizquel were at this stage in his career. Unfortunately, the guy has odd instincts and blows it sometimes at crucial moments, and that includes his defense.

      They forgot to mention that Howie Kendrick shattered his career high in doubles with 41 in 2010. Remember, batting average is an overrated stat. A second baseman who hits 41 doubles, drives in 75 RBI’s, and manages 14 SB’s is primed for a big contract someday.

      I would just trade Aybar.

      But they should keep Kendrick and just make him hit 7th or 8th.

      I think the focus of the offense should be directed more towards hoping first base is back to normal with a healthy and productive Kendry Morales, as well as left field and third base.

  2. tha_tikkel_knife_yo 5 years ago

    the redsox can take on some salary if they find somebody to give them a prospect to take on lakeys money so they should send lowrie and a non-prospect for weaver and napoli

    • Zack23 5 years ago


    • Non-prospects like Bard and Youkilis maybe….. are you serious?

    • Sniderlover 5 years ago

      Lol are you joking?

    • strikethree 5 years ago

      You want the Angels to give up Jered Weaver AND Napoli for Lowrie and a “non-prospect”?

      Is this some kind of joke?

      Jed Lowrie alone can easily get you Weaver, Napoli, Haren, Morales, Santana and Hank Conger. Plus, the Angels would have to eat all salaries.

    • BK 5 years ago

      I think if you threw in Youklis, Pedroia and Bucholz we might be able to work something out. But the more I think about it, the more likely it seems the Red Sox would have to throw in cash. The big problem with a Weaver and Napoli for Lowerie, Youklis, Pedroia and Bucholz is the Angels are taking on injury prone aging and unproven talent. Youklis is pushing his early 30’s and has begun to show how vulnerable he is to the DL. Pedroia is unanimously considered “undersized” and has a history of really always being hurt. The only piece worth anything would be Clay Bucholz, and that one is strictly based on potential. Most scouts agree he is playing over his head and the kid is bound for regression.

      I say say a fair trade would be:
      Naps and Weaver for Lowerie, Youklis Pedroia and Bucholz plus $8-12 million.

      I just think the Angels should be compensated for the increased risk they take on with this trade.

      • wickedkevin 5 years ago

        This is actually more insane than the original post…kudos.

      • IHateJoeBuck 5 years ago

        Pedroia is undersized, yes, but it’s unfair to call Pedroia injury prone. He played 157 and 154 games the past 2 years. He played in 137 in 2007, his first full year as a starter. He missed games due to his early season performance, not injury.That being said, Napoli and Weaver wouldn’t be enough for Pedroia, let alone Youkilis, Buchholz, and Lowrie AND $8-12M.

      • And that is why you would never make it as a GM.

        • BK 5 years ago

          This trade is quite possibly the most fair trade in the history of professional sports. The Red Sox, would pull the trigger 10 out of 10 times.

          • wickedkevin 5 years ago

            If I give you a gun and leave you alone with it, will you pull the trigger 10 out of 10 times?

      • O971 5 years ago

        This is quite literally the most lopsided deal I’ve ever seen.

    • ze3 5 years ago


    • I suppose I’ll give you Robinson Cano for Jeff Mathis too…

  3. The_Porcupine 5 years ago

    To me, most of the Angels’ arbitration choices are no brainers. Keep Callapso in the off chance they don’t sign a 3b. If they do sign someone like Beltre, Callapso is a super utility type (everyone in the infield seems a bit injury prone). Keep Weaver, Kendry- neither can be adequately replaced on the open market and they are vital to keep the rotation and lineup strong. Keep Kendrick and Aybar- good complimentary players who aren’t easily replaced. Mathis, Willits, and Frandsen are optional and replaceable.

    What to do with Napoli? Obviously, the easy answer is trade him. But why are the Angels so quick to get rid of him? He strikes out a bunch, but he’s got good power and is a solid complimentary player. I know they don’t like his defense, but they could do alot worse. To me, they should keep him, play him part time at catcher, spell Kendry at 1b, and DH. Scioscia has always been good about mixing and matching a lineup based on matchups.

    • The biggest “no brainer” is Mathis should not be offered arbitration, he should be non-tendered.

      • penpaper 5 years ago

        To The_Porcupine :

        “Keep Weaver, Kendry- neither can be adequately replaced on the open market and they are vital to keep the rotation and lineup strong.”Wait, what? I don’t think you understand how baseball free agency works. We own both of them until their arbitration years are over(usually three years after they are first eligible for arbitration). ———————————The question is whether the Angels should extend Weaver and Morales,if possible being that they’re both Boras clients. I think its a must that they extend Morales depending on how the recovery is going. I haven’t heard anything but if he’s healing nicely, extend him for the next 5 years. That’ll covers his arbitration years and two free agent years. Sounds reasonable to me. Morales is clearly the long term 1B, he should be our number 3 hitter for the next 3 years minimum.As for Weaver, I don’t trust him at least for an extension. Boras will look for ace type money but I really don’t see him as such. His change up is the reason for the strikeouts and I don’t really see him as the “go-to” guy, but his contract will say otherwise.

  4. “Boras will look for ace type money”… and is notorious for not signing extension, preferring to go to free agency instead. The Angels should try to sign Weaver to a long term contract but also make it clear they want it done in a reasonable amount of time. If it is not done by then, trade Weaver.

  5. Again, I don’t understand the disenchantment with Napoli. If you ever listen to Jeff Biggs on “Angel Talk”, he’s the worst…Napoli can’t seem to do anything right. Even when he hit his 26th home run, all he could talk about was how streaky Napoli is, and how in his opinion Jeff Mathis’ defense and ability to call games is more important. Really?? First of all, EVERYONE on the damn team has been streaky this year! In fact, there are few players on ANY team that aren’t streaky from time to time. Second, while I’m not arguing that defensive prowess and the ability to handle pitchers is of paramount importance, I just don’t see how Jeff Mathis is SO much better than Napoli at doing it that it warrants keeping his .190/5 HRs in the lineup at the expense of a guy who’s hit 26 home runs even though he was benched for most of the first month of the season.

  6. SoCalAngelsFan75 5 years ago

    They should keep Napoli and get rid of Mathis. However, Scioscia won’t let his “superior” catcher go even though it’s been proven that Mathis isn’t that much better defensevly than Nap. I’ve said it before, Nap and Conger can share catcher duties and Nap can also fill in at 1st to give Morales time in the DH spot. Nap, Morales, Abreu and Hunter can rotate as DHs to give them all some rest throughout the season.

    • I guess Mathis reminds Scoscia of himself, great defense, can’t get a hit for his life, while Napoli is the complete oposite

  7. I stick by my original suggestion. The first plan for the Angels should be signing Carl Crawford. That takes care of a couple needs right there. He’d presumably hit leadoff, allowing them to take pressure off Aybar by moving him back to the 9 hole. He gives them the speed they lost when Figgins left, and with Bourjos, Abreu, Aybar, Kendrick, and Hunter all capable of double-digit steals in a full season, the Angels should once again be near the top in that category. Plus, an outfield of Crawford/Bourjos/Hunter would be one of the best defensively in the MLB.

    Move Abreu to DH. Kendry is back at 1B next year. Keep Napoli as the full-time catcher, trade Mathis for salary relief, or non-tender him if necessary. Maybe trade Rivera if you can get a return and salary relief; if not, he won’t kill them as a bench bat. THEN…give Trevor Bell a chance as the 5th starter and move Kazmir to the bullpen. All of these moves are pretty easy, and the Angels will be fine next year.

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