Arbitration Eligibles: Oakland Athletics

The Athletics are next in our arbitration-eligible series.  Their candidates:

Hermida and Jackson, once top prospects, are now locks to be non-tendered.  In a poll earlier this month, 71% of you predicted that Jackson will be cut.  MLBTR readers also voted on Kouzmanoff, with 38% expecting a non-tender.  Mark me down for a non-tender vote on the third baseman.  It appears that Buck received the service time needed for Super Two status.  He had a decent year at Triple A, but he's still a likely non-tender.  I imagine Bonser will be non-tendered for the flexibility, even if the A's want him around for next year.  Gross should round up the team's sizeable list of December cuts.

Breslow and Braden are locks to be tendered contracts.  Sweeney had season-ending knee surgery in July, but I expect the A's to retain him.  Davis has been disappointing, but he wouldn't get much of a raise.  Devine missed the entire season with lingering elbow concerns, but he could be kept again for less than $1MM.

Due in part to a career-best .271 batting average, Cust has an OBP near .400 this year.  Last time around the A's non-tendered Cust, re-signed him, and designated him for assignment in April.  I'll guess he's non-tendered again.

The A's have to decide on a dozen arbitration-eligible players, but the salaries of those tendered contracts will be modest.

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5 Comments on "Arbitration Eligibles: Oakland Athletics"

4 years 11 months ago

Kouz will be staying since Beane loves defense at third unless they sign Beltre. Buck will be traded most likely to the yanks for some mid level prospect. Connor jackson will be retained withthe lack of right handed outfielders. Hermedia may resign but will not be offered arbitration. Bonser, Gross, and Cust are all non-tendered and Devine will need to resign early or he is gone.

4 years 11 months ago

Offer arbitration to Devine, Breslow, and Braden. Depending how replacable they are in free agency, consider keeping Kouz. and Rajai. Everyone else can be let go.

4 years 11 months ago

What’s with everyone rooting for a non-tender of Cust. If Cust is not back with the A’s next year, it will be a colossally stupid move. The A’s need guys who can hit the ball. Cust is still the A’s best hitter. Non-tender Jackson, Gross, Hermida unless he mashes to end the season, Rajai (I don’t like his skillset), and keep all the others.

4 years 9 months ago

Why would it be a colossally stupid move if Cust is not back with the A’s next year? Wouldn’t it be an even colossally stupider move to sit tight with a guy who’s a mediocre DH, at best?

Why not non-tender Cust (rather than committing to him), see what else is out there, and then, when Cust is still sitting out there in February (because every other MLB team knows he’s nothing more than a mistake-hitting-no-defense bum), we can sign him if we want to for less than he’d get in arbitration.

4 years 11 months ago

They’ll tender Breslow, Braden, Kouz (great defense) and Davis (when Crisp goes down, they still have a plaudible CF and leadoff hitter). There’s some bad blood with Cust after what happened last spring, so don’t see them keeping him though they probably should.
Sweeney they’ll probably tender but I wouldn’t, his knees are too much of a question mark for a player whose main value is that he’s great in RF. Jackson, Bonser, Gross probably not. Buck is a definite no, too much water under the bridge, some of it related to partying. Hermida is getting a good long look, wouldn’t be surprised if they non-tender and sign later.