Odds & Ends: Beltre, Athletics, Gibson

Links for Tuesday, as David Price tries to clinch a playoff berth for the Rays a day after tweeting that last night's attendance was embarrassing…

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  1. j6takish 5 years ago

    Adrian, I hear the schools in Denver are excellent.

  2. mkorpal 5 years ago

    What are the chances the Red Sox pick up Beltre’s option?

  3. moonraker45 5 years ago

    “more of a family thing”- translation- Who ever gives me more money.

    • ronny9 5 years ago

      i would think it would be translation for “those teams who are closest to Santo Domingo Dominican Republic would be at the top of the list” of course, i would agree that there is the factor of the translation you speak of as well… Maybe some combination of the two.

      • moonraker45 5 years ago

        I very much doubt that proximity to a foreign country will in any way influence his decision. It’s not like he’s from Maryland, so will end up playing for baltimore. Regardless of where he signs a plane and and flight will be necessary to go home.

  4. crashcameron 5 years ago

    “more of a family thing”
    hey, a guy has to feed the family

    • IHateJoeBuck 5 years ago

      How can he feed his family on only $13M/year? He needs to get at least $17M to provide.

  5. JDortmunder 5 years ago

    He liked his success, but did he like Boston? It’s a bit too intense for many Latin players.
    Boras will likely try to drag this out into January. RS may not wait that long. I don’t want to move Youkilis but the option is there.

    • BoSoXaddict 5 years ago

      I think the general consensus is that Beltre DOES like Boston. He likes Tito, the clubhouse atmosphere, and the fact that he isn’t front-and-center in the limelight or asked to carry the ENTIRE offense. Beltre must also realize that Fenway is a good place for him to hit. That said, I’m pretty sure he would prefer to play on the west coast and he will probably prefer his highest offer as well. While he likes Boston and Boston likes him, I don’t see Beltre liking Boston enough to give them any sort of discount unfortunately and I’m fairly certain some team will be willing to give him more money than the Red Sox.

  6. Zuidvogels 5 years ago

    What Beltre actually said- “I will sign with whoever gives me the most years.”

  7. Potrzeba 5 years ago

    Ya beltre is leaving Boston. I’d say he ges to the angels. When he came over to Boston his family stayed on the west coast. I’d say he’s a goner unless Boston pays him big time.

  8. Being a big Red Sox fan and a baseball fan… I would not give Beltre a huge deal nor more than 3 years. He had a MONSTER year when his contract was up with the Dodgers and was mediocre at best in Seattle….amazing what contract years does for players. I would rather see them resign V-Mart and get either Youk at third and find a 1st baseman or try and find another third baseman… Beltre’s numbers will drop next year after he signs with someone..

  9. Eff Lew Wolff.

    • AmericanMovieFan 5 years ago

      IF you hate these 1-year deals Mister Wolff, then SPEND MONEY. One reason A’s attendance is so low even when they’re winning is that they win with a bunch of quadruple-A players or guys who would on any other club not make it past triple-A, then you throw in a few c-level or washed up A-level vets and that’s the A’s for you. I say trade away all your prospects for B-level major leaguers already under contract and then spend the kind of money you do on guys like Chavez, Kotsay and (blech) Loaiza and put it towards GREAT players. Ever wonder why Furcal signed for $10 million less to go back to the Dodgers? BECAUSE he could respect himself playing for that club. Your last major contract was for Eric Chavez, who was never really worth it to begin with- even if it was under different ownership. Time to clean house and loosen to financial belt, hombre.

      • sacu 5 years ago

        A’s fan here, however, I am not a fan of ownership or upper management. With that being said, the A’s have had below average attendance figures mostly all the years they’ve been in Oakland. link to baseball-almanac.com (attendance)link to mlb.mlb.com (postseason results)They even had below average attendance in the first part of the 70’s, when they were a powerhouse. So, your argument may be valid as to why they haven’t won any championships under Lew Wolff, however, it is not a valid argument as to why attendance is low. Moreover, I do understand that good players=high attendance, usually. Nevertheless, there are exceptions to every rule; as were the A’s in the 70’s.

  10. penpaper 5 years ago

    Well they did suffer through 9 losing seasons. That stadium is a dump as is its location.

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