Dipoto Will Not Return To Diamondbacks

6:36pm: Arizona is still holding out hope that Dipoto will stay in the front office, tweets Steve Gilbert of MLB.com.  Kevin Towers plans to talk to Dipoto this week, according to Nick Piecoro of The Arizona Republic.

12:54pm: Jerry Dipoto, Arizona's interim GM since July, will not return to the Diamondbacks organization. Kevin Towers is the team's permanent GM, so Dipoto informed the D'Backs that he'll move on, according to Bob Nightengale of USA Today. Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports and Nick Piecoro of the Arizona Republic also reported that Dipoto would likely resign (all Twitter links).

Dipoto, 42, was a big league reliever for eight seasons. He spent two of those years with the Mets, one team that could be looking for a GM this offseason. Dipoto, who began the year as Arizona's vice president of player personnel, has interviewed for GM jobs in Seattle and Washington.

Dipoto traded Dan Haren, Edwin Jackson, Chad Qualls and Chris Snyder away in July, creating payroll flexibility and acquiring Daniel Hudson, Joe Saunders and others.

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  1. Considering he got completely fleeced in the one deal he actually made, he’ll fit right in with the Mets!

    • CitizenSnips 5 years ago

      God no. I don’t trust a guy who relies on the archaic “BUT BUT THE WINS!!!!” to try to make a fumbled deal look good.

      • Dave_Gershman 5 years ago

        Still, Skaggs, Corbin, and Hudson are legit.

    • Dave_Gershman 5 years ago

      Peole kept critizing it…But explain why the deal was no good…In the long run, they traded Cargo, Brett anderson, and Chris Carter for Joe Saunders, Patrick Corbin, and Tyler Skaggs which is not a good trade to say the least…But he did 3 things that the orgnization wanted him to do, lower payroll, rebuild the farm…Plus, you can’t say anything about the Edwin Jackson for Daniel Hudson trade…Jackson has been horrible in his last 3 or 4 starts while Hudson has a 1.58 ERA since the trade. Skaggs and Corbin also seem like real, really good pitchers so I say he actually helps the Mets if hired.

      • start_wearing_purple 5 years ago

        I’ll admit that long run this trade will be decided by the prospects the Dbacks received and I know very little about them. But I would have expected a bigger prospect name for Haren.

        Right now, the focus is decided by Saunders. First of all, if you’re lowering payroll why take on a guy who’ll likely be earning $5M-$6M next year for being a completely average pitcher. Secondly, yes his flyball rate in Arizona makes no sense. It’s almost like he asked the Angels “who will you move out of the starting rotation… we’ll take him.”

    • There’s a prevailing idea that ownership kind of forced him to trade Haren to save money. While he didn’t get a good return for Haren, he got six years of Dan Hudson for Edwin Jackson.

      • roberty 5 years ago

        I think Hudson for Jackson will look like one of the best trades ever (for the Dbacks) a couple years down the road.

    • icedrake523 5 years ago

      I can’t help but think he was under pressure by ownership to get rid of Haren’s contract regardless of what he could get back.

      Besides, he did get a great return for Edwin Jackson.

  2. RedbirdRuffian 5 years ago

    I’m not sure of the market for this guy, sure the Hudson trade looks good right now but Jackson has had his moments too including a no-hitter. It looks like he was one of the captains on a sinking ship the last couple years and I don’t see anything special about the trades he made although its way too early to judge. Hope he is able to land on his feet somewhere but I doubt he’ll get a GM job.

  3. the jackson trade was superb – the haren scenario was a debacle on both ends.

  4. progmatinee 5 years ago

    I feel bad in a way for Dipoto. He was asked to be the hatchet man and then will not be credited for any rewards. He made some bad moves, but ownership wanted him to make those moves. Hopefully for DiPoto the clubs looking at him will see that.

  5. start_wearing_purple 5 years ago

    “Hi your bosses like me and not you… want to be my underling?”

  6. Sage 5 years ago

    I’ll be honest. I like DiPoto, and I like the moves he made. He got some nice prospects in return for Haren, which is perfectly acceptable considering the down year that Haren was having at the time. It did exactly what the D-Backs wanted: shed payroll and restock the farm. The Jackson for Hudson trade was brilliant to begin with, before either of them pitched a single game for the other team. It’s even better now. I like DiPoto, and, on the off-chance that the Brewers fire Doug Melvin (Please?), I would like DiPoto as the next GM. He deserves another job as a GM.

  7. DiPoto could emerge as the next Billie Beane

  8. Ricky 5 years ago

    As a Hardcore Met fan, I am rooting for the Phillies to destroy us this weekend. What are the Wipons waiting for ??????????? Let’s Go!!!!!!!!!! I’m sick of this Sick of it

  9. Ricky 5 years ago

    As a Hardcore Met fan, I am rooting for the Phillies to destroy us this weekend. What are the Wipons waiting for ??????????? Let’s Go!!!!!!!!!! I’m sick of this Sick of it

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