Oakland Signs Jeremy Hermida

Jeremy Hermida has signed with the Athletics' Triple-A affiliate in Sacramento, according to the Pacific Coast League website's transactions page.

Originally taken by Florida with the 11th overall pick in the 2002 amateur draft, Hermida has never been able to translate his high ceiling (Baseball America ranked him as the fourth-best prospect in the game before the 2006 season) into consistent major league success.  He has a career .755 OPS in 2100 major league plate appearances with the Marlins and Red Sox, who just released Hermida on Tuesday.  Hermida is still just 26 years old, so this is a no-risk signing from the A's in case Hermida finally puts it together.


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  1. sacu 5 years ago

    Sweet! Oakland needs all the help, hitting wise, they can get.

  2. Dave_Gershman 5 years ago

    He kind of fits the A’s mold. I thoughtit would be the Jays considering they like players wo have down years to turn them around.

    • He didn’t really have a down year though…he just has never developed. Outside of 2007, he’s been a AAA player.

  3. RedSox2219 5 years ago

    Maybe the 3rd team will be the charm

  4. Are “fitting the A’s mold” and “reminding people of a typical Athletic” a good thing? The A’s are filled with these guys–mediocre average and power, but hey, they sure can make a pitcher throw 4 balls when there’s a guy on third with first and second open.

    I’d love it if Hermida can find his stroke with the A’s but the A’s need more guys with consistent power, or guys who consistently hit above .285 and can drive in runs.

    • Of course, the A’s score their first run tonight by walking with the bases loaded.

  5. StompersStuds 5 years ago

    As an A’s enthusiast I was hoping they would pick up Hermida when he was released. He’ll get a chance to play here as there are few locks for our position players. If he doesnt make it what does it matter, but if he turns into the player that he was supposed to be this will be great. Classic Beane move low risk high reward

  6. DohNuts 5 years ago

    (double post).

  7. DohNuts 5 years ago

    I recall a few years back, Billy Beane was being interviewed, and was asked about the Marlins, and he had high praise for Hermida. So, it looks like he’s been on the A’s radar for awhile. I was concerned that at the time that Beane was breaking the rule about commenting on another’ team’s player.

    I’m sure that if Hermida becomes a superstar for the A’s, Billy won’t mind; he might be a little chagrined if Hermida’s agent plays that interview segment at the arbitration hearing, though…

    • Jeremy Hermida and superstar just don’t look right together…if he could just regain his 2007 form and be a decent contributor that would be a plus. This guy has been terrible. Just flat out bad offensively and he’s a liability in the field.

  8. coolstorybro222 5 years ago

    Wow I didn’t know mark koatsay has a alias

  9. Guest 5 years ago

    he has a good eye, doesn’t run much, and can’t really hit? sounds like an Athletic.

  10. boston3party123 5 years ago

    I wihs he could’eve stayed with the redsox i liked hermida

  11. HerbertAnchovy 5 years ago

    Well, if it doesn’t work out San Fran is close…

  12. Did you really have to say 3rd place team? Sounds like a shot at the Sox for no reason at all.

  13. Did you really have to say 3rd place team? Sounds like a shot at the Sox for no reason at all.

  14. CaptainCharisma 5 years ago

    Hey, remember when the Yankees finished in third a couple years ago?

    Teams have down years. The Sox have had injuries up the wazoo this year, and in any other division, they’d be contending for first.

  15. The NY commentors on this board outside 3-4 people don’t represent their fan base very well.

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