Odds & Ends: Huff, Marlins, Sampson, D’Backs

Links for Thursday, exactly ten years after the Angels signed Ervin Santana as an amateur free agent…

  • Aubrey Huff is enjoying his time in San Francisco, writes Chris Haft of MLB.com.  Huff, who signed a one-year, $3MM deal with the Giants in the offseason, will be a free agent at season's end.
  • The Marlins still consider Bobby Valentine a candidate for their managerial opening and Valentine didn't rule out the possibility of re-starting talks with the team, according to Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports (on Twitter). 
  • The Astros announced that they removed Chris Sampson from their 40-man roster. He has three days to accept a minor league assignment or opt for free agency. Sampson told MLB.com's Brian McTaggart that he realizes his time with the Astros is likely over.
  • The Mariners say they knew little about Josh Lueke's history with the law when they acquired the pitching prospect in the Cliff Lee trade, but both the Rangers and former Mariners pitching coach Rick Adair have different versions of the story, as Geoff Baker of the Seattle Times explains.
  • Unsure where your team is going to pick in next year's draft? Check out our reverse standings page, which we link to under 'Features' on the right side of the page.
  • Jon Paul Morosi of FOX Sports reports that the D’Backs plan to speak to De Jon Watson, the Dodgers assistant GM for player development, about their permanent GM job. Also in the running, some familiar names: Jerry Dipoto, D’Backs assistant GM Peter Woodfork, Kevin Towers, Damon Oppenheimer and Logan White.
  • Nick Piecoro of the Arizona Republic believes Chien-Ming Wang, who signed for $2MM plus incentives, is a better comparable for Brandon Webb than Rich Harden, Tim Hudson, or the other pitchers his agent compared him to
  • Chone Figgins told Mike DiGiovanna of the LA Times that he doesn't regret signing in Seattle.
  • Rookie pitcher Hisanori Takahashi can become a free agent after the season, as David Waldstein of the New York Times reports. He and the Mets haven't started negotiating an extension, but there's mutual interest in one.

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  1. Slopeboy 5 years ago

    Mets got very lucky with Takahashi this year, they’d be smart to give him a modest extension this off season.

  2. I’d like to re-sign Takahashi, but that depends on what role the Mets sign him for.

  3. Just_MLB 5 years ago

    to me, takahashi is great in the pen, and can be the long man they have missed since they let darren oliver go away. it benefits him to stay in a pitcher’s ballpark…in the NL…with the potential of closing should anyone make fun of K-Rod’s mother again.

  4. Wang would be a great comparison except for the fact that he was absolutely horrible leading up to his injury. Wang not only needed to prove he was healthy, he also needed to prove he could still pitch in the majors.

    I think it is pretty clear that Nick Piecoro is just trying to lower the price for the DBacks. I think a 1 year, 5m guaranteed with incentives to push it closer to 10m is reasonable. Maybe even a 2nd option year that vests based on the number of innings pitched? I just don’t think you can lowball a guy that was the face of your franchise at one point.

    Regardless, he’ll get paid by someone if the DBacks feel he’s only worth 2m max.

    • qudjy1 5 years ago

      I think Piecoro is more stating what he thinks is an acceptable cost to resign Webb. I probably don’t disagree with you that someone out there will pay more. Piecoro says as much (it only takes one team to overpay).There aren’t many examples of pitchers coming back from labrum injuries. For every one you name – there are probably 50 that couldn’t make it back. Webb has been out for basically 2 years. He has to prove he can get major league hitters out now too.Also – Wang had 4 pretty darn good years in the AL east before blowing up in 2009. IIRC – he had some other nagging injuries as well – an ankle or something?

      Re: Low-Balling – I just dont see how you can risk ANOTHER $5M guaranteed on a guy who may never pitch again. He has had 2 YEARS to get back – and AZ paid him about 15M (aprrox) to rehab over that time. He couldnt throw a ball at the beginning of this year. He just faced hitters, and it was a surprise to him. Realistically – how many innings does anyone REALLY think he is going to pitch next year???

      • I think this is exactly why he won’t be with the DBacks after this year. The DBacks essentially paid him to rehab, now another team will cash in on the reward. 5m guaranteed is nothing for most contending teams, especially when you consider the huge return you could get. But, like you said, the DBacks probably feel like they should get some of the money back from the last couple years. In a sense, ask Webb for a hometown discount. I just don’t see him taking it.

        As far as an inning count, I don’t even know where to begin. Like you said, it’s rare that someone can come back from this type of injury — let alone return to form. I’d imagine you can expect around 150 innings from him in his first year back, but shouldn’t rely on it either.

        • qudjy1 5 years ago

          I dont think AZ is viewing that as much of a discount at all. There is a very real possiblity (and most likely possibility) that he is a Jason Schmidt, and never really pitches again. If Boston or NYM or whoever feels like throwing 5M into a lottery ticket that has a very very slim chance of paying out, and the pay out is a 3 starter – than thats up to them. I think people are expecting the old webb back, and history (from those with shoulder injuries) says it just wont happen.

          • EdinsonPickle 5 years ago

            Even the thought of Webb turning into Jason Schmidt frightens me greatly.

          • qudjy1 5 years ago

            He is more likely to end up with that route than any other.

            Its very unfortunate. I like Webb alot. I am a huge fan of his, and nothing would make me happier than for me to be wrong. He is more than just a risk at this point – he has to prove he can actually throw a baseall, and get hitters out. Something he hasnt done in two years.

          • EdinsonPickle 5 years ago

            Yeah I definitely see where you’re coming from and I agree, but yeah I like Webb a lot too and to think that his career could be over because of this sucks. You’re right though, two years removed from the Majors coming off of surgery the odds are certainly stacked against him.

  5. Here’s something I didn’t know. The Angels actually signed him as “Johan Santana,” his given name. He changed it in 2003 to Ervin to avoid confusion with the other Johan. At least, so says his wikipedia page.

    • Dave_Gershman 5 years ago

      His quote was this “I don’t know why I chose Ervin. I just liked it. It sounds good. Ervin”

      Isn’t that priceless?

  6. I like Brian Culpin’s deal he mentioned: 5m plus innings pitched / games started incentives. Although the history of pitchers ever coming back from these types of injuries is poor, Webb has one advantage: he relies on his sinker which can still drop even with a drop in velocity. He may no longer be a Cy Young candidate, but he could be a veteran #2 or #3 on a young pitching staff.

  7. Huff is having a good year but I doubt he’s going to strike it rich on the market. I could see him doubling or even tripling his current salary and getting 2 years. Maybe 2-years, $16 million? He’s too old for a long term deal and too inconsistent for more money. Probably goes back to the Giants if they can afford the raise. They certainly can’t afford to lose his production.

  8. EdinsonPickle 5 years ago

    I regret that Figgins signed with Seattle.

  9. Speaking of Webb, does anyone know if he can/will pitch at all this year?

    • qudjy1 5 years ago

      His GOAL is to throw a couple games out of the bullpen…

  10. sacu 5 years ago

    Very interesting story about Josh Lueke. It blows my mind when people commit stupid acts with so much to lose and nothing to gain.

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