The Cardinals’ 2011 Rotation

With a 4-13 record over their last 17 games, an eight-game deficit to make up in the NL Central, and a weekend series against an in-form Cincinnati club, the Cardinals could be looking ahead to next year by as soon as Monday.  Let's get a head start on the process by examining what the St. Louis starting rotation may look like by Opening Day 2011.

Leading the way for the Cards are Adam Wainwright, Chris Carpenter and Jaime Garcia.  Carpenter is signed through 2011 and St. Louis has a club option worth $15MM in 2012 that they're certain to exercise if Carpenter remains as healthy and effective as he has been over the last two seasons.  It's possible the Cards could explore an extension with Carpenter this winter, if they're not already too busy trying to extend Albert Pujols.

Wainwright seems well on his way to a top-five finish (at least) in the NL Cy Young voting, which will trigger a clause in his contract that guarantees the 2012 and 2013 club options St. Louis currently holds on the right-hander.  Wainwright is set to earn $21MM over those two seasons, plus an extra $1MM should he actually win the Cy either this season or in 2011.  The Cards were a virtual lock to pick up those team options anyway given how well Wainwright has pitched in his career.

If Wainwright is a bargain, then Garcia is a steal.  The 24-year-old southpaw has a 2.33 ERA and a 2.03 K/BB in 25 starts this season and he carries a 20 1/3 scoreless inning streak into tonight's start against the Reds.  Garcia doesn't reach arbitration until after the 2011 season, so he will remain a very affordable option for St. Louis unless the club tries to cover his arb years with a long-term deal.  It's still just Garcia's first full major league year, so if the Redbirds do approach him with a long-term contract, it will be a step down from the Romero/Lester/Gallardo deals.

When Kyle Lohse signed a four-year, $41MM extension with St. Louis in September 2008, MLBTR's Tim Dierkes prophetically asked, "What are the odds this deal looks solid even halfway through?"  Now that we're about halfway through the deal, it's indeed looking like a miss for the Cards.  Lohse has battled forearm and groin injuries over the last two seasons and has a 5.55 ERA in 35 games (34 of them starts) over that stretch.  Lohse will be pencilled into a spot in the 2011 rotation, since it would be hard for the Cardinals to eat the remaining $23.75MM owed to the right-hander and even harder to trade him.  (Plus, Lohse has a no-trade clause.)

With four spots accounted for, the fifth rotation job is wide-open.  The Cards' strategy over the last few winters has been to sign veterans (Rich Hill, Brad Penny, Matt Clement, Lohse in March 2008) to one-year or minor league contracts to see if pitching coach Dave Duncan can get them back into top form, so the team could pursue that option again.  St. Louis might have gotten a head start on this strategy with the acquisition of Jake Westbrook at the trade deadline.  Westbrook has pitched well (4.03 ERA, 5.67 K/BB ratio) in his first six National League starts, so he will come at a higher price than those other past winter signings should the Cardinals want to bring him back.

Another midseason pick-up, Jeff Suppan, hasn't performed as well and would only be brought back as roster depth.  Penny could be another low-cost veteran option from the current roster.  After signing a one-year, $7.5MM deal with the Cards last December, Penny had a solid first nine starts but hasn't pitched since May due to a back injury.  The lingering nature of what was originally thought to be a minor back injury will definitely scare some teams away from the 32-year-old, so the Cardinals (who have been monitoring Penny's status all year) could bring the right-hander back if they're satisifed that he's healthy.

P.J. Walters, Blake Hawksworth and Adam Ottavino have started games for St. Louis this season, though all would need superb spring training performances to get into the running for the fifth starter's job.   Baseball America projected Walters as a future middle reliever in the preseason, Hawksworth has pitched mostly out of the bullpen for St. Louis and Ottavino may be a question mark for the spring since he needs labrum surgery.

Shelby Miller, the top prospect in the St. Louis system, has only increased his stock in his first full season of pro ball.  Miller, the 19th overall pick in the 2009 draft, has a 3.62 ERA and a 12.1 K/9 rate in 24 starts for Single-A Quad Cities.  Baseball America had Miller rated as the 50th-best prospect in baseball in the preseason, and their midseason prospect report again slotted him in the #26-50 range.  Miller doesn't even turn 20 until October 10, so the Cards will probably hold off his major league debut until 2012.

Other farm system options include southpaw Evan MacLane and right-handers Lance Lynn and Brandon Dickson, all of whom have had solid seasons in the hitter-friendly Triple-A Pacific Coast League.  All could factor in as spot starters or candidates for the No. 5 position.  Keep an eye on right-hander Scott Gorgen, a fourth-round pick from the 2008 draft who has a 2.99 ERA in his 49-game minor league career thus far, including a 1.31 ERA in 10 games (eight starts) at Double-A this season.

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  1. Cardinals should be very good in their rotation for a long while. Shelley is a very good pitcher. He is still young. I do like a few other minor leaguers in the system. They might not have the strongest system in the minors, but they do have is starters in the minors. Even a few can be trade chips, but not Miller.

  2. Dave_Gershman 5 years ago

    I’d like to see them trade for Nick Blackburn wile his value is low.

  3. DykstraInvestments 5 years ago

    Kyle McClelland will once again have a shot at the rotation.

  4. zebrajazz 5 years ago

    I sure hope the cards can put some defense around the pitching some hitting would help as well, but the pitchers are decent hitters as far as the starters go, lol.

  5. DykstraInvestments 5 years ago

    As of right now, it seems that the Cards have bonafide leaders in Pujols and Carp, and a bunch of guys that can’t be led. Even with Freese back, the offense needs some attention, Brendan Ryan has had a better second half offensively and his defense follows the Cards tradition at SS, the real question is who will be the closer? And if McClelland finally makes the rotation, who will replace him? And if Larussa is gone, and Oquendo is in, is Duncan gone too? A lot of unknowns for a team that could very well go on a run here in Sept. and take the wildcard…

    • Ferrariman 5 years ago

      i’l help you out their bro. look up Eduardo Sanchez, cards minor league relief pitcher of the year. has a 1.80 era in AAA. Great control, fastball that sits in mid 90s, can get it up to high 90s. plus slider. thats all a closer needs, 2 good pitches and control. Marty Mason, the bullpen coach, is actually the one who works with mechanical flaws of pitchers. Duncan is the guy who gets the game plans and shows how to attack hitters. Thats not to say he doesn’t have input on mechanics, but it won’t be as big of a blow as one would originally think.Its McClellan without a “d” right now, the cards have like 3 guys having career worst years (ryan, schumaker, molina, pujols having 2nd worst year-07). that stuff just doesn’t happen periodically. it would be hard for them to be this bad offensively next season even if they tried to.

      • motiger68 5 years ago

        The Cardinals will be bad for a long time and it started after 2006 and hasn’t improved very much. Right now, the Reds are going to be the dominant team for many years to come not Cardinals. As long as you have Laloser and company managing the team the Cardinals won’t have a chance against the NL Central teams. What a want most of all? Larussa and company to be fired after this year!

        • Ferrariman 5 years ago

          someone still mad that their pitchers couldn’t field a bunt in the playoffs? btw, we won 92 games last season.

  6. DykstraInvestments 5 years ago

    Sanchez is very intriguing, I saw him pitch in the QC’s a couple years ago and was amazed at the velocity coming from a smaller guy.

    I’m ready for Mason to take over and maybe let Cal Eldred takeover the bullpen duties.

    Yadi and Ryan have had a promising second half, and their defense can save runs. I do like the youth of Jay, Rasmus, Garcia, even McClellan…d…

    Where do Hawksworth and Boggs fit in? Both are somewhat streaky, but it was nice seeing Boggs finish off the 7th inning last night.

  7. I would like to see the Cardinals in the offseason re-sign Brad Penny to an incentive-laden contract, try to unload Kyle Lohse one way or another. If you can unload Lohse, sign another starting pitcher (like a Carl Pavano or a Kevin Correia). If you can’t then nix the sign another starting pitcher. Then call up Eduardo Sanchez to close, keep Shelby Miller in the minors another year, try to sign Orlando Hudson or David Eckstein, if not try to get Edgar Renteria if SF turns down his option and move Ryan to second base and Skip Schumacker back to the outfield. If Penny doesn’t re-sign, then have McClellan, Hawksworth, P.J. Walters and maybe a low-risk, high-reward guy (Dontrelle Willis, Chris Young) to compete for the #5 spot in the rotation. Your thoughts?

    • Lanidrac 5 years ago

      Why do we need a new closer? Franklin has been pretty good for two straight years, and he still has another year on his contract.

      • mlb2010 5 years ago

        Franklin said he is retiring after this season

        • Lanidrac 5 years ago

          No, he said he’s retiring when his contract is up, which is after next season.

  8. hard9fan2 5 years ago

    garcia should be a super2 this offseason (2.147).

  9. hard9fan2 5 years ago

    garcia should be a super2 this offseason (2.147).

  10. hard9fan2 5 years ago

    garcia should be a super2 this offseason (2.147).

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