The Marlins’ Offer To Dan Uggla

Dan Uggla and the Marlins have interest in working out a long-term deal, but according to Clark Spencer of the Miami Herald, Uggla's representation is asking for more than twice as much as the Marlins are offering; Uggla would like a five-year $58MM deal, but the Marlins are offering "in the range of three years and $24MM."

If the Marlins go to arbitration with Uggla this offseason, he should earn $10MM easily. He earns a $7.8MM salary this year and seems destined for another big raise given his offensive stats (32 homers, 100 RBI and counting). In a sense, a $10MM salary in 2011 is a given. On top of that, the Marlins are effectively offering a two-year $14MM deal.

Sure, it'd be nice for the Marlins if Uggla, one of the best second basemen in the game, wants to stay in Florida so badly that he'll take a paycut to do so. But Uggla could pocket $10MM in 2011 and hit the open market 13 months from now in search of $40-50MM more. Most second basemen don't hit 30 homers with the same consistency Uggla does, so he'll have no trouble finding multi-year offers if he hits the market next winter. 

The Marlins' offer does not appear to be worth taking, but the sides have six months before the 2011 season, so the team's proposal is by no means final. And if he's discouraged by the Marlins' offer, Uggla can look across the locker room to teammate Josh Johnson, who signed an extension last offseason after it seemed unlikely that he and the Marlins would agree on a multi-year deal.

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