Arbitration Eligibles: Chicago Cubs

The Cubs are next in our arbitration eligibles series

Soto rebounded in a big way heading up to his first bout with arbitration.  He has an All-Star appearance and the Rookie of the Year award under his belt from 2008, and has a career .268 average with 54 home runs, 196 RBIs, and 153 runs in 378 games.  I think he'll fall short of Russell Martin's first-time reward of $3.9MM, but should easily top $2MM.

Marmol, working from a $2.125MM base, padded his resume with 38 saves, a 2.55 ERA, and a ridiculous 138 strikeouts.  He'll jump past $4MM.  Marshall's at $950K this year and pitched quite well in his first full season as a reliever.

Baker earned $975K this year as a utility infielder and did enough to be tendered a contract.  The Cubs will also want to keep Gorzelanny, working from an $800K salary, in the mix.

Guzman and Hill may be expendable.  Guzman had serious shoulder surgery in March, so the Cubs may not even want to pay him $825K again.  Hill continues to be a credible defensive backup catcher.  His lack of offense would keep his salary down, but the Cubs could look elsewhere.

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