Free Agent Groundballers

One trait any GM looks for in a starting pitcher is a strong groundball rate.  According to FanGraphs, the free agent leaders (100 innings pitched minimum):

  1. Jake Westbrook – 56.4%
  2. Jorge de la Rosa – 52.3%
  3. Jon Garland – 51.9%
  4. Carl Pavano – 51.2%
  5. Hiroki Kuroda – 51.1%

An honorable mention goes to free agent Brandon Webb, who had a 64.2% rate in 2008, his last full season.  How about a few trade candidates over 50% in 2010?  Derek Lowe, Aaron Cook, Paul Maholm, and Edwin Jackson fit the bill.

Ted Lilly is the anti-Westbrook, with a groundball rate of just 29.5%.  Bruce Chen, Javier Vazquez, and Aaron Harang also tend to keep the ball in the air.

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