Odds & Ends: Duchscherer, Bruce, Nolasco, Votto

Some links as the Rangers look to close out the Yankees at home..

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  1. icedrake523 5 years ago

    Thanks to Heyman, there’s finally something to put in the Pro list for Byrnes.

  2. Dave_Gershman 5 years ago

    I wonder what Ricky Nolasco can provide for the Marlins next season…He had a strong second half before his injury but he just seems to be unable to pitch consistently throughout a full season over the past two seasons. If he can get back to his ’08, late ’09, and second half of ’10 form, the Marlins will have quite a good rotation.

    A guy who I really like is Alex Sanabia who in my opinion, is the Marlins version of Kris Medlen which is pretty good. Plus, you add Josh Johnson, Nolasco, and Anibal Sanchez to the rotation along with Chris Volstad or maybe a cheap veteran starter like Brad Penny, plus their potential bullpen (which needs some work) especially the back end, with Hensley, Sanchez, Nunez, and Badenhop…Seems like the Marlins are on the right track. I’m excited about the Marlins!!!!!!

    • bucs_lose_again 5 years ago

      As much as I disagree with the majority of your comments, your enthusiasm for the game of baseball is unmatched amongst MLB commenters. I’ve often offered a rebuttal for your thoughts, but I commend you sir on your continued excitement the upcoming season. I would buy you a beer….regardless of your age.

      • Dave_Gershman 5 years ago

        Thank you and although I’ve been waiting for you to say this for a long time, I could not appreciate you saying that more, I would prefer a ginger ale opposed to a beer for 2 reasons, 1. The Rangers just won and celebrated with Ginger Ale, and 2. We should keep things legal.

        But seriously, thanks a ton and ever since your first “rebuttal” back in January, I actually thought that you’ve been quite nice regardless if you agree or disagree so I commend YOU for that and may the Pirates provide you, Ian_Smell, and the rest of Pirates nation with a solid ’11 Season. Amen.

  3. Infield Fly 5 years ago

    Josh Byrnes would cost the Mets less than Sandy Alderson as Arizona is already paying him through 2015.

    Never mind what Byrnes is being paid elsewhere. The GM who will really cost the Mets least is the one with the strongest talent evaluation & development skills, and the shrewdest nose for impactful player acquisitions. In the long run, putting a product on the field that will win back the deteriorating fan base is a far better cost-cutting strategy than selecting the cheapest GM just to save a few mil.

    • Dave_Gershman 5 years ago

      and that would be Rick Hahn or Sandy Alderson…But I guess it’s just Sandy Alderson because of the Wilpon’s decision.

  4. j6takish 5 years ago

    Not that Hamilton was a bad choice, but I was certain Nelson Cruz was going to be ALCS MVP.

  5. AisoRed 5 years ago

    The Don Wakamatsu link is incorrect.

  6. Shikikazu 5 years ago

    leads to the Evereth Cabrera Baseball reference page

  7. YanksFanSince78 5 years ago

    Congrats to the Texas Rangers. You whooped the Yanks in each and every category and we (they) did nothing at all at a high enough level. I’m not sure who to root for now. I’ve got no dog in this race. I guess I would say the Rangers or maybe the Giants since neither has won in a while. The Lee vs Halladay fight would be interesting to watch. We’ll see.

    I guess Cashman should start working the phones now to start making improvements for 2011.

    The Mets better make the decision on who is best and not who will be cheaper.

    • mrsjohnmiltonrocks 5 years ago

      Agree with your comments on the Mets. They have a lot of work to do to fix the organization from the bottom up; their attendance was down, Santana is down, and they are going to have to eat some contracts.

      Focus on the best, not the cheapest.

      • johnsilver 5 years ago

        The Mets problems are much. much deeper than are the Yankees which are at most a couple of pitchers and resigning a few veterans that were never going anywhere to begin with.

        The Mets entire foundation is a crumbling mass and THAT is a huge problem. Where do they start? does Byrnes have any of the knowledge from the Epstein Era if he is given the financial backing to implement the farm system and International web to build it, or is old style Alderson the way?

        2 years from now it will be interesting to see how things go in Queens and if another Tom Hicks situation arises.

  8. MetsEventually 5 years ago

    I would really like the Mets to sign Justin Duchsfhasldlg (can’t spell his last night). Been a fan of him for a while (for no reason). Just like his last name that I can’t spell.

    • mrsjohnmiltonrocks 5 years ago

      I like him too, but he’s been off the mound more than on it his entire career.

  9. Mmmm Wakamatsu as Showalter’s bench coach please? I like.

  10. I’m not big on contract law but maybe I’m missing something here. Why would Byrnes cost the Mets less just because Arizona is still paying him? As far as I know there isn’t a league minimum salary for GM’s and they aren’t part of the collective bargaining agreement. Why should Byrnes old contract figure into his negotiations with the Mets?

  11. theyankeefanatic 5 years ago

    i wonder if the yanks will seek Justin Duchscherer for a bullpen spot…they may make some outside moves since their pen failed them this year…

  12. To the people on the earlier posts about Votto getting 10 million or more in his first arbitration case. Three different sources think that contract will only be around 7 million now. Again it could be more but I don’t think it will go over 8 million. 1 pretty good season and 1 very good season don’t make him the cream of the crop yet. Give me 2 more seasons like that and He could end up being just as good if not better than Pujos.

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