Padres Notes: Gonzalez, Bell, Tejada, Coaches

Earlier tonight we learned that the Padres will not pick up Chris Young's $8.5MM option for 2011 and that GM Jed Hoyer will meet with Adrian Gonzalez's agent in the coming weeks, but's Corey Brock brings us some more rumors. Let's dive in…

  • Hoyer confirmed that the team will exercise Gonzalez's $6.2MM option for next season when the time comes. There was never a doubt about this one. He also mentioned that they will listen to trade offers for their star player during the winter.
  • They will also listen to offers for closer Heath Bell, who figures to earn a nice raise after pulling down $4MM in 2010. "I haven't made any definitive decisions, but we are a better team with [Gonzalez and Bell] than without them," Hoyer said. "I'm sort of in the never-say-never category. In this business, the job is to make the team and the organization as good as it can be."
  • Hoyer indicated that he would be open to bringing Miguel Tejada back, but not at the $6MM salary he earned in 2010. The 36-year-old hit .268/.317/.413 with eight homers in 253 plate appearances after being acquired at the deadline, and he even moved back to his natural position of shortstop for all but four games.
  • Bench coach Ted Simmons will not return next season as he looks for a managerial job. First base coach Rick Renteria could replace him, but he is expected to interview for some manager jobs himself. Hitting coach Randy Ready is in the same boat as Renteria.

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  1. A team like the Padres on a limited payroll would be remiss if they didn’t at least entertain offers for A-Gon and Bell. I’d still love to see Gonzalez to stay in San Diego long-term, but if it doesn’t look like that’s possible, trade him to the highest bidder.

    • mrsjohnmiltonrocks 5 years ago

      I’m with you. It would be good for the franchise if they could somehow manage to keep him and Bell too. They have several potential replacements for Bell on the staff right now, A Gon, well, those kind of players don’t become available often-if they know they can’t sign him, they should start looking at trading partners.

      • I think they should trade Bell, period. Top-notch relievers nowadays are fetching top-dollar on the trade market and if they can get one headline-type prospect in a deal for Bell, they should pull the trigger and hand the ball to one of the kids. Billy Beane has proven that finding a closer isn’t that hard.

    • Agree with you, have to trade him. Unless SD is willing to shell out 200 mil over the next 10 years. doubtful.

  2. dirtydez 5 years ago

    If the Sox offer Buckholtz they can get Gonzo.

    • vtadave 5 years ago

      Pretty sure Theo Epstein wouldn’t go there for one cheap year of Adrian Gonzalez. They’re much more likely to re-sign Beltre or perhaps bring in Dunn, Pena, or Konerko and move Youkilis to 3B.

      • dirtydez 5 years ago

        Oh for 1 year hell no but they’d work out an extension. They could wait but who knows they could get outbid. In that park i doubt he’d turn down a 100 million dollar extension from the Sox.

        • No chance Buchholz is getting dealt.

          • ludafish 5 years ago

            yeah no way, after the year he had and being under team control for a bit…no way. who knows what beckett and lackey will do next year…so they need clay, and they have deep pockets and can easily sign Pena (who is proven in that leage with a great glove) or Konerko who bring great experience.

    • i think the sox would rather be involved in a bidding war than give up bucholz taking the risk of gonzo walking after one year. If SD trades Gonzo its going to be to a team that is willing to give up a boat load of prospects for 1 year of his services in hopes they can win it all. I just see it as too much of a risk for a team to give up prospects for a top performer with 1 year of a contract left only to lose him. Prime example, oakland giving up Carlos Gonzalez for Matt Holliday.

  3. mrsjohnmiltonrocks 5 years ago

    It speaks well of Bud Black that several of his coaches are wanted for managerial jobs. That role use to belong to Black’s old boss Scioscia, although I think some of his guys are interviewing too.

  4. redsandyanksfan 5 years ago

    I wonder that of the reds dont pick up O-Cab option i belivie its for like 4-6 million range that if they would shoot a offer at Miggy playing short stop all year for them. He would be playing in a hitters park and im not sure of how his defense has been at short. But us Reds fan and the Front Office love o cab and so does the players. He’s brought so much leadership to this team, he has been one of our vocal leaders and he has helped this young team to play there potenial just like Scotty has They been ireplaceable more so with Rolen. They have thought our young guys alot just like the moment Jimmy baseball came to the reds he was already working with Jay Bruce because Jay was in a struggle on the offensive side since Jimmy worked with him hes been rather great. The Reds have very good chemsitry Gomes has also brought alot of hustle and admiration to this team with the way he plays this game. I kinda hope the reds bring O Cab back but if not i like Miggy maybe but i would rather have Reyes if new york is still listening to offers if it came up 😉

    • redsandyanksfan 5 years ago

      Sorry guys my keyboard has been messing up, but im sure the mistakes i made you can make out what they mean

  5. ze3 5 years ago

    Trade Heath Bell to the Angels for Kendrick/Izturis, and two good prospects. Would work for both teams.

    • I think Arizona would be highly interested in a Bell swap. There have been rumors of them actively shopping reynolds. The only problem would be it being an interdivision trade.

      • Tim Valencia 5 years ago

        Headley and Leblanc for Reynolds, two KT guys for KT’s new team

        • No way you take that if you are San Diego.

          A Bell+ for Stephen Drew would be much more likely

      • Ohhhplease 5 years ago

        The last thing the Padres need is another 3rd baseman that strikes out WAY too much.

        The problem with trading Gonzales (although I believe they should), is you remove what little offense this team has. The chances of Kyle Blanks coming back and playing first are slim, do they re-sign Ludwick? Is he a premier power-hitter at this point? The haul for the Pads with a Bell and Gonzo trade could be huge, but almost is self-defeating for the next few years of contention

        • Beersy 5 years ago

          The Padres definately don’t need Reynolds or Ludwick. Watching him the last 2 months of the season was painful, it was as though he didn’t care. The Padres didn’t give up very much for him, so I hope they don’t bring him back. I would have much rather seen Cunningham out there busting his hump than Ludwick going through the paces.

    • RandomN8 5 years ago

      I think a package of Erick Aybar, Trevor Bell and Mark Trumbo could get Heath Bell

      • ze3 5 years ago

        Lets do it!

      • Beersy 5 years ago

        As a Padre fan, I would do this deal in a heartbeat. We’d get a solid SS, another good young pitcher and a replacement for Gonzo when he is inevitably dealt. This deal would also enable Cabrera to move back to 2nd, his natural position. As long as we are talking deals with the Angels, with Trout flying through the minors I would at least throw Bourjos name out there and see if the Angels would be at all interested in dealing him in some sort of deal, although highly unlikely.

        By the way, are you an Angel fan or a Padre fan?

        • RandomN8 5 years ago

          I’m an Angel Fan, but I do keep up with the Padres because I like Bud Black and hate the Dodgers, Trout isn’t going anywhere. After thinking about if Aybar was involved Juan Rivera would have to thrown in as a Salary dump, but it’s only 5 mil for 1 year. But still worth it for both teams.

          • Beersy 5 years ago

            I realize Trout isn’t going anywhere but up the ladder to Anahiem, I was talking about the availability of Bourjos. The Padres could really use a guy like him running around the bas paths as well as the outfield. As for throwing in Rivera in your original proposal, I would agree that the Padres could easily eat his contract.

          • RandomN8 5 years ago

            Yah, I read that wrong. Bourjos is gonna get this chance to be the everyday CF, I don’t see Bourjos being available in any trade(unless he ends up hitting like Brandon Wood). I’m okay getting rid of Aybar cause he’s gonna be getting a raise next year and not completely sold on him, wood seems to play better at SS, give him 1 more shot at SS with Izturis as insurance, also keep Fransen

      • Guest 5 years ago

        Why would the Angels do that?

        • 42214221 5 years ago

          Bell(best clubhouse guy ever) 4 Bourjous and Aybar
          Bell 4 Rasmus
          Bell & Timmy 4 Hughes & gardner

  6. RandomN8 5 years ago

    I see Gonzo turning into the next Todd Helton

  7. BirdsRule 5 years ago

    Orioles need a 1st baseman.

    • Beersy 5 years ago

      Yes they do and they also have quite a few good young pitchers that I’m sure the Padres would be interested in. If I recall correctly the O’s were in the mix for Teixeira when he was a free agent, which would lead you to believe they would also be interested in Gonzo.

  8. The_Porcupine 5 years ago

    Keep Gonzo. You have to give your self the opportunity to try to keep your franchise players. If he indicates that he absolutely won’t resign, then trade him.

    Trade Bell. At this point, the Padres bullpen is ridiculously good and can afford taking Bell out of the equation. It frees up money and he has good trade value. The problem is that probably will be a lot of closers available on the market and in trades, but not as many teams looking to take on a higher salary guy. Though I do like trade options with the Angels and Dbacks the most.

  9. halofan 5 years ago

    I can see the Angels trading for Heath Bell. Napoli and Izturis for Bell could be a possibility. The Angels have always liked Bell and attempted to trade for him last year. If Gonzo goes then Napoli can play 1B and Catcher.

    • Beersy 5 years ago

      I would hope that the Padres could get more for Bell than that.

    • RandomN8 5 years ago

      Napoli is not a good fit for the Padres, And is gonna be making 5+mill next year, not gonna work

  10. jubeininja69 5 years ago

    damn this team is so cheap. do they want to win?

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