Rockies Interested In Martinez, Jackson

Rockies manager Jim Tracy told Troy Renck of the Denver Post that the Rockies want to add an “impact bat” this offseason. According to Renck, Colorado has interest in Conor Jackson and will target Victor Martinez if the Red Sox don’t lock him up.

Jackson, a non-tender candidate, can play first base or left field; Martinez can catch and play first. The Rockies appear to want a right-handed complement to Todd Helton and Martinez, a switch hitter, would satisfy that requirement. But Colorado has Chris Iannetta under contract and a mutual option for Miguel Olivo's services, so the team isn't desperate for catching help.

Adding an outfielder is a priority for the Rockies, according to Renck. Seth Smith isn’t conisdered an everyday player because of his late summer struggles, so the Rockies will consider free agent outfielders and trades.

The Rockies already have two electrifying hitters: Carlos Gonzalez and Troy Tulowitzki, but Tulo told Renck that he’d like to see some of the organization’s young players improve so the Rockies can reach the postseason in 2011.

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  1. Corey Italiano 5 years ago

    Hmm..I might be missing something, but the drop off from V-Mart to Connor Jackson seems tremendous…How does Jackson equate to an “impact bat”? Or does it not matter with the juiced balls?

    • haymaker9 5 years ago

      You got that right! Jackson could be a candidate for comeback player of the year if he can regain his numbers from 3 years ago, but he’ll never be an “impact bat”. Personally, I think they need to get an “impact arm” as well. After seeing what Ted Lilly did to them last week with that 38mph lollypop curveball, they might want to give him a call.

      • mkorpal 5 years ago

        No thanks on Lilly.

        • haymaker9 5 years ago

          LOL I hear ya!! I watch him throw all that soft stuff and wonder how he can put up decent numbers. He looks and throws like a weekend-league plumber, so he’s definitely a scary proposition!
          I’m not thrilled about the idea of trying to bring back Francis, but DLR would be OK. Need Cook to burn off that last year of his contract, and Hammel has been up-and-down. Right now, I only have confidence in Ubaldo and Chacin. After that, somebody has to step up!!!

          • mkorpal 5 years ago

            A healthy De La Rosa sure would be nice. His finger pretty much did not allow him to throw his curve ball this year.

    • theoldgrizzlybear 5 years ago

      I don’t think it means they’re comparing the two. It means they have interest in both players. And, the juiced balls argument is weak.

    • Rockiesfan4ever 5 years ago

      Really???? You’re gonna buy into the crap that the Giants are spewing? There are no juiced balls in Colorado, let’s talk about how Wrigley or Texas gives up just as many homeruns as Colorado does.

  2. mkorpal 5 years ago

    The Rockies should have somewhere around 10-20 million to spend this offseason, due to the absence of Hawpe, Francis, and the re-structuring of Helton’s contract. They could also save some money if they can move Cook. So, they should be able to go out and get one impact player, I would hope.

  3. haymaker9 5 years ago

    Pipe Dream Comment: Carl Crawford hitting 2nd and patrolling LF sure would be sweet. (End Pipe Dream)

    I wonder what kind of return the Rockies could get if they attempted to move Seth Smith. He’s inexpensive and controllable for several more years, but not sure if any teams feel he could be a successful everyday player.

    One thing is for sure… Ian Stewart needs to have a break-out year in 2011. If he reaches his full potential, he could be a quality 5-hole hitter.

  4. Pat_M 5 years ago

    Victor Martinez would definitely be interesting in Colorado splitting time at Catcher and First Base. We would allow for Iannetta to earn his way back into playing time while being an upgrade from Helton at 1B part time before moving there full-time when Helton finally retires. He would really add depth to the Rockies lineup giving them 3 impact hitters in the middle of the order and some veteran, playoff experience.

    • Rockiesfan4ever 5 years ago

      I honestly think that there is no way the Rockies go for V-Mart because they wouldn’t go for 3 Catchers and rotate them, and there’s no way that V-Mart or Olivo would end up on the bench (Unless, in Olivo’s case, we are on the road).

      • bleedrockiepurple 5 years ago

        Haven’t you heard any of the news about the Rox will move/let go of either Olivo or Iannetta?? Most are pointing to a trade of Iannetta as he is under control for a couple years and you could get something back for his upside (This is what some feel, i think Iannetta is another bust at catcher for the Rockies). So the Rox going after V-Mart doesn’t surprise me now and won’t when the stove is heating up in the offseason.

        • webgem14 5 years ago

          If you think a catcher with a career .353 on base percentage is a bust, something is wrong.

        • reif 5 years ago

          If you think a catcher with a career .353 on base percentage is a bust, something is wrong.

          • bleedrockiepurple 5 years ago

            The way below average, power and rbi that we have all been waiting for is what im calling a bust.

          • reif 5 years ago

            I didn’t know Chris lacked power. That’s a new one, I must admit. The only thing that’s been low for Chris is the batting average. However, because of all the walks and the power, Chris doesn’t have to hit for a high average to be good. Unfortunately most of his critics, and sadly the Rockies organization, don’t realize this. I would agree that .197 is too low, but even at .228 as in 2009 he was a productive player. So really you’re looking at a guy who had been HUGE in his 2nd year, good in year 3 but lost his job anyway and responded poorly in year 4.

            I should also be pointed out that Chris led the Rockies regulars in RBI per at bat and per plate appearance in both 2008 and 2009.

  5. Oh, if only they were interested in trading for the Angels’ CF Willits. Then the headline could be completed…

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