Rosenthal’s Full Count Video: Cubs, Valentine, Dunn

Ken Rosenthal's weekly Full Count video is up over at FOX Sports; here are your highlights:

  • The Cubs would be taking a risk if they choose to wait for the Yankees' season to end to interview Joe Girardi for their managerial opening. Given that six to ten managerial openings may arise, other candidates such as Eric Wedge and Bob Melvin (who's interviewing today), as well as their internal candidates (Mike Quade and Ryne Sandberg) could find work elsewhere.
  • Boston pitching coach John Farrell's contractual clause that prevents him from interviewing for managerial openings expires this offseason. Rosenthal says he's likely to interview with at least one club. He turned down a chance to interview with the Mariners years ago, but may be a fit once again.
  • Seattle, meanwhile, is also looking at Ted Simmons, Joey Cora, and others. They ultimately may prefer someone with more experience than Farrell.
  • Unsurprisingly, the Mets will hire a new GM before a new manager. Bobby Valentine could indeed return, but everyone involved would need to determine exactly what his responsibilities would be. Wally Backman could also be a candidate to manage the Mets, but his managerial experience comes in A-ball. If hired, the team would need to put a strong coaching staff in place around him.
  • Valentine is still a candidate for the Marlins' managerial opening, as is interim manager Edwin Rodriguez, Jim Fregosi, Tim Wallach, Bo Porter, and Simmons. 
  • There's still a chance that the Nationals could sign Adam Dunn to an extension, and the two sides will speak at least once more before the slugger hits the open market. At this point Dunn would require a deal at market value to return, which Rosenthal suggests could be four years, $60MM. As bad as his defense is, several metrics rate him better than Ryan Howard and Miguel Cabrera with the glove.

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4 Comments on "Rosenthal’s Full Count Video: Cubs, Valentine, Dunn"

4 years 10 months ago

With the good news of the upcoming Minaya and Manual firings I”m feeling good myself so let’s look at some Met 2010 bright spots:

Ike Davis
Statistical bounce back by Wright
Reyes 130 inconsistent games but at least he played
Neise until Sept 1
Pelfrey except between July 1-August 15th ish
Chip Hale – good 3b coach
Warthen – good pitching coach
signed #1 pick

4 years 10 months ago

Eric Wedge and Bob Melvin are free to go wherever they want as long as long as the GPS does not read 42N 87W.

4 years 10 months ago

42N 87W is in the middle of Lake Michigan according to Google Maps.

4 years 10 months ago

That would be a typical, idiotic move by the ‘esteemed’ Cub GM, Jim Hendry. It just angers me to no end that he would even consider waiting for Girardi to win the WS and then try to get him from the Yankees. I’m wondering if what Scott Van Pelt asked a couple of weeks ago, “Did Sandberg set fire to a baby? Hendry is just an idiot, no other way to describe him. And for Brenly to step away scares me too. He’s obviously qualified (Mgr. of 2001 WS D’Backs) and knows the game. I have a feeling that Hendry wants more control, which no experienced Manager in his right mind is going to except. I like Brenly for GM anyway. Hendry must go!!