Tigers Will Not Pursue Cliff Lee Or Other Top Starters

The Tigers will not pursue free agent-to-be Cliff Lee or another top tier free agent starter this offseason, tweets MLB.com's Jason Beck. That does not mean they will only go after back-of-the-rotation starters, however.

Detroit already boasts a frontline starter in Justin Verlander, and Max Scherzer has been outstanding (153.2 IP, 2.46 ERA, 9.25 K/9) after a brief demotion to the minors in May. Those two and Rick Porcello are the only guys guaranteed spots in the Tigers rotation next year, but reliever Phil Coke will reportedly transition to starting according to John Lowe of The Detroit Free Press. Other internal option include Armando Galarraga and Andy Oliver.

The free agent market offers plenty of help beyond Lee, with quality second tier options like Hiroki Kuroda, Jorge de la Rosa, and Ted Lilly. Aaron Harang, Jon Garland, and Bronson Arroyo might also be available depending on whether or not their options are exercised. 

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  1. abraves10 5 years ago

    Magglio is going to the Braves

  2. Guest 5 years ago

    I can understand the logic with Lee. As a Rangers fan, I’m slightly scared of what it’s gonna take to bring him back next year. But they need an ace at the top of their staff…the Tigers really don’t. It’s true you can’t ever have enough quality pitching, but in this case it might be more economical for the Tigers to try and get Lilly or Garland on a cheaper, less risky contract than giving Lee 5 yrs, 100 mil+

  3. Pawsdeep 5 years ago

    There is no way they don’t get an arm this offseason. I was unsure they would go after lee or not but I have no doubt that they get a big name arm. dombrowski likes to deal so I am sure they make some sort of trade for one and/or one of the FA starters comes at a bargain price.
    With how young action Jackson is in center, Crawford seems to be a great way to have that outfield patrolled for years but with the chunk of money they have coming off the books there is more than just Crawford out in the market and I would be amazed that they wouldn’t atleast take on a salary trade for a big arm.

  4. Tko11 5 years ago

    Kuroda seems like a perfect fit for them. A pretty good 3-4 on that staff.

  5. DutchTiger 5 years ago

    I think smoke screen. Of course they will have a look out there at what is available, since Dombrowski said that they are not having Damon back as they are looking for better hitters. I can understand not going after the big ones though. It does not make sense to commit half your pay roll to three players, which they would do if they sign Lee or any of the others for 5yr/$100mil.

  6. Just because they won’t pursue expensive free agents doesn’t mean they aren’t some good trades out there. I expect the Tigers to make more trades like the Granderson trade last winter which netted 4 good players for 1. A penny saved is a penny earned, a fool and his money are quickly parted.

  7. I’m fine not going after Lee, the Yanks are going to skyrocket that bidding.

    Correction: I’m fine with not going after Lee provided we use that money to go after Crawford at something close to $20 million a year.

  8. I would like us to sign Ted Lilly, as he is a lefty and I don’t think Coke will make it in the rotation. Lilly and Kuroda are the pitchers I would like to see the Tigers target for their rotation, though they only need one of the two. What kind of deal do you see Lilly and/or Kuroda getting?

  9. Guest 5 years ago

    Yea, I can see that being frustrating. Maybe he just doesn’t want to tip his hand…save your frustration for when he actually doesn’t sign anybody. I would agree that they should go get a quality innings eater, at least

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