Andy Marte Hits Free Agency

Andy Marte has hit free agency, according to the Indians. Paul Hoynes of the Cleveland Plain Dealer correctly predicted this week that Marte, who would have been eligible for arbitration, would lose his roster spot. The 27-year-old batted .229/.298/.382 in 188 plate appearances for the Tribe in his fifth season in Cleveland.

Marte was a top prospect in the Braves system for years, but he has yet to have extended major league success. He posted a .707 OPS as a 22-year-old in 2006 and has not matched that mark since. Marte rose through the minors as a third baseman and has since spent considerable time at first base.

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  1. nhsox 5 years ago

    Let the bidding war begin…

  2. BravesRed 5 years ago

    From that trade from Atlanta to Boston to Cleveland. Braves got the best of that trade. They got Jurrjens. And yes, I know the Braves got Jurrjens from the Tigers.

    • Hermie13 5 years ago

      ha, that’s one way to look at it to say the least. I mean….Red Sox turned Crisp into Ramon Ramirez….who ended up in SF this year where he pitched in 25 games down the stretch posting a GREAT 0.889 WHIP (with a 0.67 ERA) and winning a World Series ring…..

      You could make the case that having Ramirez helping out that pen got the Giants an extra win or two and into the playoffs…..and a World Series ring.

      As far as who won between the Red Sox and Indians? Personally think it was a wash. Marte obviously bombed…..but Shoppach actually played very well in Cleveland (though his K-rates were scary bad). Getting a backup catcher that hit 20 HRs is rare. Crisp was overrated and never came close to replicating what he did in Cleveland.

      Kind of a bust deal for both sides.

      • The Indians at least turned Shoppach into Mitch Talbot. Marte could still have potential. He never got the kind of consistent playing time he probably should have, of all places where it should have been guaranteed. His development was squandered by an FO not willing to give it a go. He raked in Columbus (AAA) last season, but never got the shot in 2009, either.

        Some team might have Phil Nevin-type player on their hands if they pick him up.

  3. Fangaffes 5 years ago

    I wonder if the Red Sox will try to bring him to Pawtucket for depth. Or at this point if he is even worth that – i.e. better than Jiminez and Navarro.

  4. Someone go wake up Brandon Wood, he’s up next.

  5. jcrinck 5 years ago

    I would be interested in seeing the Braves take a flyer on Marte with a minor league deal. He’s right-handed and could play third or first which, if he could hang in there with the big club, could be an asset. He has always been significantly better against lefties than righties so he could be useful to help Freddie Freeman make the adjustment to the big leagues at first and he can play third base which would help spell Chipper- particularly coming off ACL surgery- even if he isn’t a terrific defender (by UZR). While Omar Infante is still with the club, Marte could be useful as a corner infielder. Plus, he has shown some minor league power, something the Braves organization could certainly take a chance on.

    The Braves would definitely need to work with him on his flyball tendencies. It looks like the kid swings for the fences too much and if he could just cut a few more of those flyballs into line drives, I think it may be a considerable improvement.

    Anyway, he has shown minor league promise but never turned it into major league success. With some potential upside still remaining, I think he could be a worthwhile MINOR LEAGUE (and minor league only!) contract investment for Atlanta if they see enough to want to bring him back. If nothing else, he could add some organizational depth for 2011.

  6. Guest 5 years ago

    well, he’s got average power, an average eye, and had an average UZR while at 3rd Base this year… why not sign him? probably will never be great, but it won’t cost a team anything to sign him…
    wouldn’t mind seeing him a Brave again, wouldn’t care if he doesn’t become a Brave either…

  7. This comment of mine must now die.

  8. BobbyJohn 5 years ago

    The Rockies could use a 1B/3B backup who hits right-handed. Might be worth a minimal deal to at least bring this guy to camp.

    • They need one that can hit lefties and play well enough to keep Helton rested too, Marte can’t hit and isn’t worth trying to give him the opportunity. He’s at best a depth option in case a team’s #1 3B or 1B goes down and you’ll need another CI just in case.

  9. kipnis4040 5 years ago

    You almost had it at the top… almost… cleveland got shoppach TRADED HIM and got MITCH TALBOT… who hasnt pitched this many inning b4 did well before his arm got tired.. i believe he won 8 or 9 (leanin towards 8) games for the tribe b4 the allstar game (which was an AWFUL offense before the break) but they got quality starts, and andy marte came in for specialty plays in the top of the 9th for instance (not saying he was close to his hype at all) (or that hes omar vizquel for that matter lol (and i know 3b/1b isnt omars pos.)

    • kipnis4040 5 years ago

      marte was what i would call a little less then avg. 2 pos + dh player.

      but talbot is now another arm that isnt a flame thrower on the tribes roster, and i’d like to see him with a spot on the rotation next year.
      Cleveland 6 options
      Carmona–Masterson–Carrasco–Tomlin– Gomez–Talbot

  10. iCracked 5 years ago

    the jurrjens trade was not as much of a win for the braves as an epic loss for the tigers

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